Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick Update NO Pictures

I am still around. After my sewing marathon I guess I needed a little brake. Plus I have been busy traveling back and forth to Green Bay, WI.

Also Nellie bday was March 4th and her bday party was on the 6th sorry no pictures I left my dang camera at home grrrr but, Nellie had a ball at Chuck E Cheese. It was a great bday party for her.

I haven't been sewing or crocheting for awhile I am in the process of spring cleaning and decided to get a lot of things out of my house before I move. So wanted to let those that may want some things know that right now I am selling my Brothers serger on ebay soon I wanted to sell a few crochet and sewing books. But, first my serger so if those that may want a serger here is where I posted it.

Brother 1034D Serger

I thank everyone for all the great feedback on all my latest sewing projects. I will soon get back into sewing soon right now been so busy to even sit down long enough at the sewing machine.

Like right now on my way out the house Nesa have a denist appointment.

So everyone take care. Thanks for stopping by.

Just want to let everyone know I am still doing ok just busy much.:)

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