Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Much To Do In So Little Time

Well looks like I got my crocheting mojo back. There is so much I want to make since it's going to be getting colder soon I guess I tend to crochet more when it's colder I've noticed that a lot. Sew in the spring and summer crochet in the fall and winter hmmmmm well I guess that's just me.

Well have a little progress done on many projects. Well did finished that shirt dress for Nellie it's a shirt but, I have it flare out as a dress cute on her. Here she go modeling her shirt.

How cute. Oh, my baby is so toothless. I don't think you all seen a picture of her since her 2 bottom teeth came out. :)



Close up

Don't know what kind of yarn this is got it from a friend and it didn't have a lable on it it was just yarn she didn't want but, I like it I may take it to the yarn store just to find out what kind of yarn this is. It's soft. But, I used no pattern this is a little like her old crochet dress I made awhile back. I just mainly looked at that to get this how I wanted and of course used Nellie to make my measurements.

Done in HDC and SC stitching and crocheted with a H hook.

Now next project has been a working in progress for me I was to finished this last year but, then I just went on to other things and this project got away from me.

This is a hexagon diamond afghan I am working on for my mom just got back to it but, very little progress because I find other things I want to do.


Now this is another hexagon afghan I was also working on I think the last time I posted any information was when I just started doing the hexagon and I probably had like 10 hexagon done. Well been working my hexagon butt off and now I have this to show for.


This I am making for Nesa. I have to say I have had a lot of progress and only been working on it for about 2 days on and off. I am trying to make this as tall as Nesa so hoping some more progress with this comes along this upcoming week.

Now this next project is for me and my bed. I believed I started this this year not so sure don't remember but, I have been working with this on and off for months but, decided to hop to it more a couple days ago. I have to say it's coming along.

View 1 100_1752

View 2 100_1753

As you can see on view 2 it's on my bed I am half way there. It now comes to the middle of my bed now so looks like I am getting closer to being done with this. My goal is to be down with this by the middle of next month like around the 20th or somewhere. But, if I work on it more I may be done with this in a week. Wish me luck.

Now this is another work in progress for me. My goal is to be done by Christmas since I wasn't able to finish my mom hexagon diamand shape afghan last year. I decide to suprise her with this afghan. I am not going to show her this at all it's a suprise. It will be a suprise to me when I finish lol.

I have a couple of quilting books and magazines. I came across this blanket that is called Tropico.
Look below.


I liked the graph to this so I say well I don't quilt but, I crochet so what's wrong with me making those into squares and make that myself. But, in totally different colors then for this quilt. Hmmmm smart huh lol.

So, so far I have this done.


Not much just started Thursday and I say I have about 60 sqaures done so far. So that's good. Don't know how many more I need and I don't want to know. I am just going to do like 3 rows at a time and connect them as I go. I think that's best lol. So really wish me luck on this one. I think I will totally love this project after I am done. I know my mom will she been waiting for me to finish a whole afghan for her for awhile. :)

Ok future upcoming projects. My sister want me to crochet a baby block that rattles for my niece so I will start that soon. Also I wanted to crochet a boy and girl ABC blanket or just a baby blanket and probably sell them. I also want to get started on winter things for me and my girls sewing and crocheting. Probably after I finished my afghan I want to start on my shrug that turns into a vest, scraf, cape, and jacket. My sister want one too. So lots of projects ahead of me.

Well lots to do. I start school again October the 19th so I am getting as much done as I can since I am back at home and I get bored very easy. But, since I have been crocheting I've noticed I do miss it. Love the acomplishment I feel when I finish something that is so suprise and done by me. At times I still can't believe how far I've coming to just starting to crochet by teaching myself thou books and the internet to crocheting a block that wasn't staight for nothing lol to now crocheting things I can't believe I can do even when I do it without a pattern. I am amazed at that so much. Love have a unique talent that I can pass down to my kids then they can pass down to theres as well.

Well enough of my chit chatting let me get off this computer and get crocheting and cook my Sunday dinner. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WOW Where Have The Time GONE

Ok quick update. Been away way to long been so busy this summer. We all went to Indiana, Chicago and other cities in Wisconsin so we have been so busy that I have been behing on blogging for awhile.

Also Nesa been in and out of the hospital for the pass 2 months but, she is doing ok. School starts on the first so she is ready to go back to schoo. This year Nellie will be able to go to school also she will be going to K4 can't wait.

I on the other hand had to put my radiology classes on hold due that they couldn't find my last credits grrrrrr from when I was in school before since the school closed down it's hard to prove my college credits grrr but, oh well that opens the door for me to start my Medical Assistant classes in October and since they made a mistake it's on them and I don't have to worry about that money I own hmmm so it all works out for the better lol. I am happy and can't wait to go back to school also liking that my sister will be also going for the same thing MA also and we will be going to the same school so shoot we never should say that we don't have a study buddy lol when we can study with each other. I am so proud of her for wanting to go back to school oh and myself lol.

But, enough about that.
I haven't been doing any big sewing just been the fixer upper for people that need something fixed up on jeans, shirts, skirts, dress, purses and so on. Mainly the fixer upper type thing since I been so busy I haven't been able to agree to anyone or myself to do a big project.

Well since fall is around the corner I noticed this is the time I start crocheting a lot and I started making a dress for Nellie it's like a shirt where she can wear legging with it. I am also working on my mom's afghan that I have been working on for a year lol oh and also my afghan that I am so trying to finish by December that's my gold.

I have some upcoming crocheting projects I like to do. I was watching Knitting Daily where there was this shrug that turns into a vest, scarf, jacket, cape and more and it was doing in knitting I was like in aww at it and said, I can do that in crocheting so I am going to give that a try soon as I start I will start taking pictures.

No picture update don't have my camera at home with me but, in this upcoming week will try to take pictures of Nellie shirt I am working on and hopefully I can start on some new crocheting projects. I just need crochet juices. LOL

Don't have any sewing projects up my sleeve just yet but, want to make me a couple pair of jeans and some shirts.

Ok that's it.

Sorry I been gone gone gone lol.

Everyone take care and happy crocheting, sewing, knitting whatever you do that is creatived.

Take care everyone.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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