Thursday, November 27, 2008

Latest Projects/Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was ok. Not exciting but, ok. I mainly spend time with my kids and there dad's side of the family. Got my eat on but, not to much since I am trying to watch what I eat.

But, got a bit of crocheting done. I got to do some kitchen towels and kitchen scrubbers for dishes. Nothing that fancy. Put a hold to alot of other crocheting projects due to be getting upset at the yarns lol.

Here go my latest kitchen towels.
One is shaped like a diamond another a circle that is a scrubber and another that is a long square. Sorry no blocking done on either one since they going to be getting wet anyway lol.

Also another crochet project is a Round Ripple 12 point Afghan that I am doing for Nellie. I have so much of my yarn that I got from ebay and decided to put it to use now. So going to work this in light, medium and dark purple. It's coming along nicely and just started it about 2 hours ago. So whatcha all think?

No sewing done this week. Haven't been having no sewing mojo this week. But, Saturday I found out that there is going to be a marthorn of Project Runway so hoping to sit down by my sewing machine Saturday and get some stuff done while watching it.

So hope all had a great Thanksgiving.:)
Everyone take care have a great weekend.:) I know I will.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF (Friday) YAY

Week has been very grrr crazy. Monday meeting with the state for Kindship. On Tuesday meeting with Child Protective Services they wanted to ask my cousin questions about the things that went on in my aunt house to cause her to want to leave. Wedensday I had a doctors appointment just a little check up. Thursday Nellie had to go to the dentist and now today Friday Nellie had to get a couple of her teeth pulled out.

So let me show before and after pictures of my baby girl.

Before don't mind her eye she woke up with the pink eye grrr.:(

Now After
Awww my baby :( is tooth-less. She not in to much pain she has been sleeping since we got home and companing that it don't feel right. But, she is a trooper.

She had to get her 2 front teeth pull do to a little infection she had in her gums so glad that these are her baby teeth.

Ok a bit of my week crafting.
I worked on some slippers for me, Nesa and Nellie. No pattern followed just used our feet as guide. They came out nicely I believe.

Don't mind our ashy legs.:)LOL

Oh also I forgot that I made Nesa a scarf to go with her coat I made a couple of weeks ago so I took a quick picture of it.:)

Ok I took my girls to the Children's Museum. They have free family night's on the
3rd Thursday of ever month and we haven't been in a very long time so thought it would be nice to take my girls my niece and nephew plus my mom and sisters went also. The kids had a ball as you can see in all the pictures below.

Other then that I had fun.

Everyone take of themselves. Have a great weekend.:) I surely would try to myself.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back To Crafting/But Still Reading

A little bit back into my crafting. For those that read my last post I am still reading I have finished 2 books since my last post and plan to try to read these 2 books here this week. If you didn't know now you know I am a urban and fiction reader. I have been checking out my blogger friends blog. I see I am not the only one behind on my crocheting and sewing while I read. So now I don't feel guilty at all lol. :)

But, back to crafting. Only work I got done was a little crocheting. I have missed it a bit. I have been getting packages from Annie's Hook and Needle Kit Club for now 3 months. They send you yarn and a pattern that you can do. Loved this pattern I got this month. It was of a table runner. Very cute. I have been thinking about changing my dinning room colors but, didn't know what I wanted it to be so this gave me a good idea. Light and dark brown with a bit of green and blue. So I made this table runner here.

Also here is the little fringes at the end of the table runner.
This pattern worked up quick only need to know 2 bases steps and I went for it. Finished in about 1 hour and a half or so due to me chasing after my kids lol.:) Overall love how it looks.

Here is the picture of the table runner of the pattern. I didn't do all the rows that the pattern asked for because I didn't want it to wide because I wanted enough room on my table for the placemats that I have plans to do.

So here will be the colors I used for my dinning room. Have plans to do some placemats also.

Also my mom gave be a pretty green stand for the bathroom. Due that my bathroom colors are blue this helps me also to change my bathroom colors. So have plans to change it to blueish, green.

So I got started on some mats to go on the stand for a little of deco. Also have plans to crochet a couple of towels for my bathroom.

So far so good. Have my own kind of pattern I am following just winging it so afterwards you all will see the finish project.

Other then that I am just trying to hang in there. Having a lot of issues with my cousin that lives with me. OMG I am so glad Nesa and Nellie have a long time before they are teens because I totally can't deal with this at times. Me and my cousin had a little falling out due that I said, that her boyfriend can't stay here. What I look like having my 16 year old cousin and her 16 year old boyfriend staying under my roof doing god only knowns what and she wants to have a hissy fit at me because he can't live here. She then wants to threaten to leave asking me can I get information about her going to a group home. So I got the information after the woman from the state told her that if she goes to a group home she wont never get to see her boyfriend. The woman said, that is a stupid reason to leave. The rules there are much worster then my rules. All I ask of her is 2 rules don't get pregnant so I made sure she got on the depo shot and the second rule is to go to school. Those are some simple rules. Now I didn't say her boyfriend can't come and visit but, after she talked to the woman from the state she then changed her mind and went to unpack. Also she know this from watching news that a teenage girl 15 years old homeless girl was raped and murder last week here where we live. What I don't understand is that she watched the news with me and said, that was sad but, she want to go out there and take that chance is what I don't understand.

I wanted to make sure she knew where I was coming from so I called up a friend of mines that is a counselor at a all boys group home things at the boys group home isn't no different then the all girls group home. He wanted to set her straight. So we went to his job. She then got to see that you don't have a room to yourself you will be sharing a room with about 3 to 4 other teenager girls. It maybe about 15 teenagers living there all at once. That you is most likely to end up fighting because there other teenagers come from some ruffer homes then she due and they are welling to protect what is there at no means. He let her know you can't eat when you want to you eat when everyone else eats. You can't come and go when you want to. You only leave to go to school but, if you in a group home where they teach you in the group home then you don't leave unless you live with the counselors. No company at all unless it is a family member. You can't be on the phone all times of the day. Or on the internet all day. There is only 1 TV and you have to watch what everybody else watch. You have to be in the bed by 9;30PM. You can't get a job unless you have a good grade point averge. He walked us though the group home and she just starts crying because she knew that if she went to a group home she wont have all the freedom that she have now. Dang teenagers. She stays with me she has her own room, phone, internet, cable, food she can eat when she is hungry her school is just 3 blocks from the house. I buy her all her personally things she needs clothes shoes and all. I told her you should be greatful that I am welling to take you into my home with my 2 kids and rise you like my own even though she is my little cousin.

She said, she is gratefully I said, I don't want you to say it I want you to prove to me you is gratefully by staying here and finishing schools and don't get pregnant. That is all I ask of her.

I asked my mom was I like that when I was a teen because if I was I am truely sorry. She said, I wasn't like that at all. I am like what the hell is happening to all these damn teenagers now days. They can't get they way they want to make everyone else feel guilty. Grrrrrrr.

Grr sorry had to vent there a little bit. But, that has been stressful. Me upset and crying hoping she don't make the wrong choice but, all I can do is hope and pray that she makes the right choice. I said, all I could say so I just have to sit back and wait.

But, that's all blog readers. Thanks for stopping by to here me go on and on about my crafts and my life. I can't believe that it will be 2 years in January that I have been blogging. WOW amazing how time flies by.:)
Everyone take care have a great weekend. I will totally try my damnest to do the same. Now got to go watch Spondebob Squarepants with Nellie and crochet lol.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Sorry ever since Halloween I haven't been sewing or crocheting haven't had any mojo for either lately but,I noticed that I have been reading a lot more lately. Finished 2 books in less then a week and about to finish another one sometime tonight. So I see that I got that mojo back. Plus it takes me to another world even though it's fiction it let's me see that others have problems besides me crazy huh?

I have been so busy with life it has been so stressful. I am trying to get kinship of my cousin due to some family issues and it has caused a lot of grief with my aunt so that has been so damn stressful when you have to tell a 40 something woman to take care of her damn kids. But, enough about that. I am just hoping everything goes well with that soon.

So don't have no pictures of any sewing or crocheting projects. I did start on a hat for Nesa but, I have to say that I only started on it but, yet to get in 5 rows crazy huh lol. Yet to sew in awhile but, hoping to get myself back on the roll with that.

Nesa couldn't have her surgery Wednesday due to a cold she had so that had to be changed to December the 3th. She is doing ok other words just a little cold that all our kids gets nothing bad so that's a good thing just from the weather changing.

So let me leave you with a picture of my day contents to relieve some stress for my early morning and late nights while the girls are sleeping. To go into another world is that just me or what lol?

Ok my kids wanted to say hi in there own way lol.:)

Everyone take care got to go. Hope everyone have a great upcoming week. I will try to get my mojo back I have a lot of running around this week hopefully I can sit by my sewing machine sometime this week or pick up my hooks again. I know they have got way to cold lately.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


History In The Making:)
Introducing Our 44th President

Woo Hoo :)