Sunday, June 28, 2009

McCall 4764

My latest project is finally done. I whipped it up today. I been had it all cut out but, finally since I don't have school on my mind I was able to get it finished. Oh congrats to me. I was taking a small CNA class while I was taking up my Radiologist classes. I took my state examine test yesterday and I passed so I am a CNA I am waiting for my name to pop up on the CNA list for the state. That is proof that I am a CNA and can work in any health care place. I wanted to do this while I finished up school for Radiologist. YAY ME.

Ok no with the outfit I made for Nesa.

McCalls 4764



Close up on shirt

Close up on skirt

I did the skirt with the 2 tiers and a shirt from this same pattern.

I will put my review in as well.

Pattern Description: 2 tier skirt with a shirt

Pattern Sizing: the skirt is a size 7 and the shirt is a 8

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? some what I changed the pattern a bit.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes very easy

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I didn't have any dislikes. I liked the 2 tier on the skirt first time doing a 2 tier.

Fabric Used: cotton and satin ribbon for the bottom of the shirt. Ribbon 1 1/2

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: Did the double tier but, made the top part of the tier in a shorter way then what the pattern asked for. Did elastic in the waist band of the skirt since my daughter is smaller in the waist.

For the shirt didn't do the side ties since my daughter has a fuller belly it didn't look right. Also added ribbon to the bottom of the shirt to give it a bit of design.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, would sew it again in a different fabric. I do recommend

Conclusion: Loved how it turned out my daughter loves the sunflower fabric I that was used. Great for a little girl.

Also I have some upcoming projects that I want to sew for myself.

I need to buy some fabric so I can make me a couple of work srubs for when I go find me a CNA job.

But, I want to make these that is in this picture.
Some gauchos and a wrap shirt the pattern shows a dress but, I wasn't going to make the dress I was going to make the shirt part of the dress I will figure it out.


I hope everyone is doing great I am hanging in there trying to keep my hobbies in mind so I want go crazy.

Everyone have a great week take care. :)

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi You All

A very quick update on what has been going on. I have been reading a lot lately finished up 5 books in about 1 week wow on a roll lol. I have a big test coming up next week Friday so I will be studying for that for the next week.

Well update on my girls. Nesa bday was June 10th my baby is now 7 years old. We had her a bday BBQ party on June 12. Nesa had a Hannah Montana bday theme.


Then on June 13th my friend daughter had a bday pool party so my girls had so much fun both days. Here go my girls having fun. I liked this pool place it's located inside of a hotel and I like that the water isn't as high. The highest is 3'6 and they have lifeguards so the girls had a ball. We supposed to go back probably July 3 or the 4th just so the girls can have them a ball.

I have been crocheting a little here and there. I am in the progress on doing Nesa a afghan in like 8 different colors. Since I did Nellie one a long time ago lol I finally decided to get started on Nesa one. So far I have the hot pink squares done. I am going to figure out as I go how I will do this.

Also I am finished with crocheting for my small pillows for my couch. I just have to block it and I need some more tan fabric so I can make the pillow and use this as the outside decor of the pillow. I am doing 2 of them. First need to block these.

Also I am trying to get back into my sewing. I was going to finished up Nesa a bday outfit but, time got away from me I never had time to get started on it. So I went on ahead and cut out what I want to make but, yet to get started sewing. I will soon.

Well that's my update. We is doing great over here.

Everyone have a great weekend and take care. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Before and After (Couch and Chair Remodel)

Well I am back wasn't gone long got to squeeze in more of my crafts this week. I am going to give you all before and after pictures warning watching all my pictures of my before and after may get you to be more crafty lol. :)

Well I have been gone Craigslist crazy lately. I never thought to use Craigslist until one of the girls in my class was telling me about things she got off of Craigslist. I was like girl you better watch yourself. Because a couple months ago there was some crazy man on Craigslist meeting women and killing them but, she let me know when she go pick up the things she buy she makes sure not to go alone. So I applaue her for that right there.

I been wanting to start on my living room to get me a living room set but, I wasn't trying to spend 500.00 dollars or more just on a couch and chair. So after searching Craigslist list I found a great size couch and chair and the owner just wanted 35.00 dollars for it. YEP that's right 35.00 dollars incase you didn't get that the first time lol. I was like what the hack. I was like what could be wrong with this couch and chair. So I email her and went on ahead taking my sister and friend with me just incase. We seen the set and it wasn't much wrong with it just needed to be cleaned and plus her family moved out the house and didn't want to take it with them. So I got it and was like ok I can do something with this. I am a sewer so I can put in my little touches into this couch.

So here go the before picture. I didn't take the pictures I got the couch and chair and go working on it before I took the before pictures so I email the owner asking her if she can send me the pics that she had on Craigslist.

Before Chair

After Chair

After Chair again

Before Couch

After Couch

After Couch again

If you look close you can see that the couch and chair seating pillows are a tan. I changed those as well.

This fabric is on the back of couch and chair. Cute huh

Also I have this same fabric at the bottom of the couch and chair as well.

Cute button aint it. I took all the buttons off the couch and chair and cover it with the fabric and resewn it back onto the couch and chair.

My fingers are now tired and hurting. I did all this by sewing with a big eye knead and with embroderying thread. That was some work there but, the after pictures paid off.

I had so many pillows from when I had my old living room set that I kept. I decided to take some of my pillows and cover them with the fabric so it can go with the couch and chair.

See the before pillow

After pillow

I also cover up pillows with that tan fabric.

I am also doing more for my new/used couch and chair. I am going to make some armrest with some tan fabric for the armrest of the couch and chair. I also want to cover up more pillows with fabric.

Iam also working on some crochet things to add to my set. Here below is the start of some mini pillows that is a fan design.
Cute so far. I need to block this. I have more work to do with this one. I want to do 2 pillows in this fan design.

I also want to take that same design and make a throw using the colors that I have in the fabrics. Tan, brown, cream and blue. So that can be something you can toss on the couch. :)

So what you all think. My mom came by and see what I did now she want me to fix up her couch oh by the way she also got her a new/used couch great deal as well. :)

Thanks for looking. Hope everyone have a great weekend. My weekend is to start cutting out fabric to try to get started on a outfit for Nesa her bday is Wednesday and I wanted her to wear something nice on her bday. I am having her a bday BBQ party at my house Friday the 12th and she can't wait. But, this weekend I want to try to catch up on my reading and catch up on my shows on my DVR so everyone take care this weekend. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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