Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daughter's Charity Blanket Update

As some lovely ladies from the CVille and friends from the blogging world donated my daugther some cute crochet and knit squares. I put them together as they come in the mail.

So far so good. It's coming along great. Loving all the squares that is being donated. My daughter Nesa is so happy as more packages roll up and she get to see all the cute squares. She sits right by me while I put the squares together asking me when can I have it. lol

Hoping to be done with her blanket/afghan by the 20th so she can take it with her to her next surgery on the 23th.

I would like to thanks so far for the squares that we got from Cindybmv2004, Jessicagal, MarleenCrochets, Peggy85225, Pat54 all from the CVille. Thanks ladies.

Here go the progress so far.
So cute aint it?

So far so good. As the squares come I been putting them all together. Will keep updating my blog on how the blanket/afghan is coming along. As you can see Nesa love Mickey Mouse.

While making this blanket made me think back to when we had went to Disney World for Nesa's "Make A Wish" At Give Kids A World.

Here go a couple old pics for our Disney World trip.

Nesa had a ball.

When we first got there Nesa was happy to get Mickey and Minnie Mouse:)

And here she goes. Taking pictures with the characters from Lion King sorry don't remember there names LOL:)

And with Tiger:)

and with Winnie The Pooh.

This was back when Nesa was 3 but, she remember it. She keep asking when can we go back to Disney World.:) So for her "Make A Wish" It was free I didn't have to come not one dime out of my pocket but, one day one day hoping we can go back.:)

Really haven't been doing a lot of other projects. Getting Nesa blanket has been number 1 lately. But, a couple of future projects has got started a little bit. That is another afghan but, for me. Didn't know how much easy it would be to do a afghan never done one bigger then a small baby blanket so decide to do one for me to throw across my bed. Also another afghan for Nellie. So so far have 3 afghans to try to do all at once.

Also hoping to start working on a cardigan for me. Waiting for some yarn I got from Ebay to come. OMG I can't wait until all this yarn I got come I want to take pictures because it's a LOT. But, I already have plans for most of the yarn and I havne't got it yet lol. So when that come in want to start whipping me up a cardigan. I want one due to when Nesa is in the hospital it tends to get cold to me and thought instead of walking around with a blanket around me I could have a cardigan to wear around the hosptial. Something not to hot but, can keep me from being a little cold.

So that's that for now.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weave Away/Crochet WIP

Totally not talking about hair weave. So this is what I have been working on.

I decided to try something new yet different with fabric. I've always liked how weaving looked in baskets. But, I yet to give it a try. So I cut up some stretch denim into strips

As you can see here:


I cut a lot of strips.

So now work with me so you all can see what is this going to be.
No not a basket lol.

Here I laid it out into the weaving order.
Pinning it into place and top stitching over it to keep all the strips in place.


Still wonder hummmm what am I doing.

Here I then cut out the pattern I wanted. Can you tell what it is?


Now you can see what it really was.


See some capris shorts whatever you like to call them lol.


Cute aint it.
Started on June 23, 2008
Finished June 24, 2008
Took some brakes in between time but, got to finish around 1 am
No pattern followed
Use stretch blue denim


I just was trying something new yet different. Liked how this turned out. But, now I would like to give this a try again but, with like 4 or 5 different color denims to make me a short denim skirt. I thought that would look oh so nice.

I did get this idea from watching way to much Project Runway can't wait until the new season starts next month. :)

I did have to put in linning in the inside of that one weaved part to keep from seening my skin though the gaps in between the weaving.

But, this did come out nice. Liked how it turned out.

So what you all think?

Also a quick update on the WIP on Nesa's blanket so far. I got the center piece done.

See here: Photobucket

Also got to do some squares

See here:Photobucket

Now have more squares to do and waiting for some lovely squares from some lovely ladies from the Ville.:)

There you have it.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Update Nesa/Crochet/Sewing

Well TGIF :)

A quick update on my daughter Nesa. Well finally decided to update my blog been feeling all down and mopping around the house lately can't sleep due to me worrying to much but, trying to stay strong.

Well Nesa had yet another surgery on Tuesday. It went somewhat ok but, not what I thought it would be. I was told by her GI doctor that due to Nesa's veins in her chest and stomach growing to big that they can burst and she can bleed to death. Now that set me off right there. They have been doing these little surgeries where they go in and inject Nesa's veins to keep them from not getting bigger but, it seems to not be working so now the next step is to put Nesa back on the liver transplant list. That was the last choice so that is what they have to do.

Me hearing this just set me off all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have been worring keeping a very close eye on Nesa. Making sure she wont bleed. Grrr me typing this just making me ball out in tears.

But, I decided to do my baby girl a crochet blanket to take with her everytime she go to the hospital. There was some lovely ladies from Crochetville that sent me squares last year to do Nesa a very colorful blanket that Nesa takes with her everytime we go to the hospital but, I decided to do her another one with my special touch to it by putting words on her blanket in the middle center piece. "My Lovely Girl Nesa"

But, getting a little help from some lovely ladies from the Ville.
More information on that is here Charity Squres For Nesa That will tell a little more to what I am doing for Nesa blanket. Thanks Christina I seen you was one of the lovely ladies that would like to pitch in. :)

So that is the latest update. They plan to do the injection every month until they can find a liver. But, first next month me and my family will all go for testing. They like to start with family first and go from there. I will totally try to keep everyone updated.

Now I did get to get in a bit of crocheting and sewing. Due to me stressing sewing and crocheting kept me together late at night when I couldn't sleep.

So I got to finish me a shrug. Also a tank top.
Warning the top is the same fabric from another shirt I made.
I had extra fabric left and didn't want it to go to waste.
So I used it to make a quick tank top.
I made the shrug due to me not liking to showing off all of my arms they way to flabby lol:)

Front of tank top and shrug
No pattern used for tank top or shrug
Started the shrug on June 16, 2008
Finished the shrug on June 18, 2008
Took brakes in between
Started on tank top June 19, 2008
Finished tank top June 19, 2008
Took about 1 hour or so to finish


This is a picture of a button I put on my tank top straps so I can put the button in between the crochet stitches. I decided to due this due to everytime I make me a shrug it tends to fall off at the shoulders one point or another so putting the button helps to keep the shrug from falling off.

Close up on shrug stitches:)

so there you have it. Thanks for stopping by blogger friends.:) Have any questions on how to do the charity squares for my daughter please contact me the more squares the merry.:) thanks. Contact Me button is at the top of my blog.:)

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just Hanging Around

Well now it is summer vacation for Nesa. She is happy to be out of school. Now I have 2 to drive me crazy lol. But, hope everyone is having a great weekend. So far so good. Me and my girls plan on going to the zoo sometime this week. They more want to go to the water parks to get wet. Our weather here in Milwaukee is to confusing for me to have them going to get wet.

Nesa have another surgery coming up this Tuesday so I wanted to update my blog this weekend because aint not telling when I will have time again. But, I do get to get in some crocheting from time to time.

I was supposed to had put my hook down for awhile, while I worked on some sewing projects but, I found myself picking up my hook again from time to time at night while watching tv. I guess I couldn't keep the hook out of my hand to long.

So here are my latest crochet projects. Have to say I totally loved how Nellie outfit came out.

I made her a belly tank top that ties around her neck and tie up down the back. I liked what I did to her other tank so I decided to do another one but, a little different as you can see. Oh also made her a skirt.

Awww look at Nellie.

Skirt, tank top
Started on skirt on May 30, 2008 Finished June 7, 2008. Took a couple of days of brake for this.
Started on tank on June 8, 2008 Finished June 10, 2008. Again took a brake from time to time.
Both done with a H hook
Done with single, double and treble stitches
Yarn used was Caron Simply and Soft in purple and white


Close up on skirt

Close up on belly tank

Now I decided to do me another outfit. Wasn't so glad about how the shirt turned out I know next time not to use Sheer fabric again. But, I worked with it hoping it paid off and it pay off ok. I changed up the sleeves a bit then what the pattern asks for. I cut if father up I liked it that way more.

Midnight sewing/getting my sewing on while the girls are sleeping.

Pattern used for shirt


Front of shirt and capris, no pattern used for the capris
Shirt took about 2 to 3 hours worked on it on and off this shirt gave me a hard time.
Fabric sheer for shirt
Fabric for capris double knit
Time on capris was about 1 hour or so

Front again


There you have it my latest projects, sewing and crocheting. I have another sewing for myself hoping to get started on it sometime Sunday or Monday. First hoping to make my dressform since I haven't been able to buy one that I like. I decided to make me one. Duct tape is the key lol.

I have a couple of small projects to do while I am at Nesa's surgery something to keep me busy doing that time.

Other words hope everyone have a great weekend. Take care.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday/Sewing Update

June 10th was my baby girl Nesa's bday she is now 6 years old. Awwww. My baby is growing up so fast.:)

Here go Nesa's cake aint it cute.:)

It says Happy Birthday Anissia, Anissia is Nesa's first name:)
Nesa picked out her own cake.:)
She had a little bday party at school with her friends.:)

There she go and Nellie sitting right next to her big sister. They both in there new outfits I made this pass weekend.


So now on with my pass weekend projects.:) Sewing projects.

Here go Nesa cute little Tinkerbell dress I made for her and a matching one for Nellie.



Now here go Nellie



Now here go another outfit I made for Nesa.

Skirt and shirt
Started on June 8, 2008
Finished on June 8, 2008
Worked on both on and off


Close up on shirt
The shirt has ribbons for the tie on the shoulders.

Close up on skirt
Skirt has a little ribbon around the skirt at the bottom for a little design with a bow.:)

The pattern I followed for both of these I can't find a picture of it on Simplicity. That must means it's a old pattern or something.

But, other then that. I am sewing a couple more outfits for Nesa and Nellie. I started cutting out a pattern for me another outfit. I also been picking up my crochet hook from time to time at night when I am curled up in the bed with a good movie. I am working out a little some some for Nellie. Hoping to be done with it by this weekend or say.:)

So there you all have it my latest update. Everyone have a great week.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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