Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blankie Crazy!!!!!

Ok Nesa surgery went fine still no differents with her veins. Right now they want to keep her on the liver transplanet list but, she's not in the top of the list due that she isn't in danger right now. So still have to keep doing her month injections to help keep her veins from bleeding. So hoping that all goes well like it did today. Glad to be home after I am done updating my blog I am off to sleep. Been at the hosptial since 6 am and I am tried.

But, this will be the last time you all see this blanket. Totally now done with Nesa blanket.

Here go Nesa at the hospital waiting to go to surgery. See look at how long this blanket is. This is how I wanted it to be able to fit the hosptial bed.


Here go Nesa after her surgery sleeping like a little baby. You only can see her hair she wasn't ready to get up yet, to the left is her dad just waiting her is little girl to wake up.:) awwww


So there you have it you got to see the finish project of this blanket. Thanks to all the lovely ladies that sent all the pretty squares to make this blanket for my baby girl.

For all the squares that was to big or I got after the 20th of July I will still use them to do Nesa a pillow to go with her blanket.:) Thanks ladies.

Now on to another project. A blogger friend of mines name Katrina had her 4th child a little girl by the name of Kalynn Jai, congrats Katrina. Well while I was waiting for some yarn that I got off of ebay to come hoping to get it before Katrina popped lol but, it was to late she popped before I got my yarn. One reason was because I wanted to make her new baby girl Kalynn something. T the time I didn't know what to make her baby girl but, after getting my yarn I had finally figured out to make her a little baby blanket. I went on Ravelry and a couple other websites to get inspired to figure out how I wanted the blanket done. So I figured out I will do this.

See so cute

No pattern followed sorry. I did get inspired by Mary Jane Merry Go Round Blanket, I think that is what it is called but, I didn't do it like that. I made folds in the blanket as it goes around I increased to have fold creses in the blanket. It took me awhile to figure out how to do this but, after awhile I got the hang of it and whipped it up in no time.

Close up on center

Yarn, Sayelle, Baby Pastel and Red Heart Soft, White
Stitches, SC, Triple, DC
Started July 17, 2008
Finished July 18, 2008
WOW didn't take long at all

Cute aint it.

Ok while due that blanket my sister just loved it and wanted me to do her a blanket. But, I didn't want to do the same blanket.

I remember looking around on Ravelry I noticed that the starghans was very well known. So I decided to do one but, my own way to the star. So here is how it looks so far not done yet.


I decided to do more of a 3D kind of star. Not done but, I made it so that this can also have folds but, higher up folds where that after I am done it will be pushed down and sewn into the blanket where it would look like a star inside of a star but, also on top of a star. Different huh?

Close up

Started on July 19
Took a brake on July 20, 21 and 22 Start back on 23th

Give you all another update when I am totally done with this.:)

I don't know if you all remember that I was trying to do a Sudoku blanket awhile ago. I gave up on it due to that I just didn't want to do it lol. But, I decided to give it a try again but, this time I am doing it totally different then before. Before I crochet the numbers in but, this time decided to stitch in the numbers. It save time for me I thought that would go quickier have to say I has went quick. To complete the whole unsolve Sudoku puzzle I need to do 36 white squares and 45 black squares. With black numbers on the white squaures and white numbers on the black squares with grey border around all the squares. Then I have to put them all together then work the outter part of the blanket in grey, blanket and white. So this will take some time but, have to say so far it has went quick see.

See so far got all the white squares done. I hope those numbers look right what you all think?


What I had plan after this blanket is due I wanted to post it on my blog as a contest. So for those that know how to play Sudoku or for those that want to give it a try you can solve my blanket and the first one that can solve the whole puzzle will get a gift box from me with some goodies in it. So for those that want to give it a try hoping to be done with this blanket by the middle of August keeping my fingers cross.:)

Ok no more crochet update sorry not sewing update haven't got back to my sewing yet. But, that's all for now my latest.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Reading, Crocheting, Sewing and Playing With My Yarn

How is everyone doing this week so far so good? Well everything is going ok on my end. Kids doing good mainly being kids as always. This month is going fast already pretty soon Nesa next surgery will be around the corner. Well on the 23th Nesa has another surgery to determine what they will do next. So keeping my fingers cross and praying every night that all goes well. Have to meet with the tranplants plant team that day also while she is in surgery they just want to talk about what will be next and so on and so on. Nesa blanket is coming along nicely would like to thank the latest lovely ladies that sent Nesa some wonderful squares. Tinabrook from the Ville, and Nicole from the Ville and Thekidneybean (Laura) one of my blogger friends thanks. You like to check out the squares that Laura sent me you can click HERE. She made some wonderful squares. I didn't take pictures of every squares I got due to that more uploading pictures and me an my time schedule it just wont do. But, here is the whole blanket to give you a overall on what it looks like so far.

Cute huh? One part of the blanket

Another part/view of blanket


Now Nesa chilling on her blanket


I have much more to do and hoping by the 20th that all the squares will be here so I could put them all on to the blanket. And hoping by the 21 I can then start going around the blanket to add a little bit of a border to it.

Now KristieMN from the Ville sent my girls some lovely things. How nice of her.


See all the lovely things she sent. Thanks Kristie.

Also on with my crocheting but, first let me brag a bit lol. Was so happy to finally get my package from a Ebay seller. I was bidding on a yarn mix lot on ebay fighting for it. I so wanted it so badly. It was 18 pounds of yarn. I liked all the colors and everything so I bidded and bidded trying to not go over my limit but, had finally got it. So now let me show off what I got.



Hummmmmmm don't you just love all of that yarn. A lot of it is vintage yarn, yarn I haven't never seen but, by reading the tags on most of the yarn you can tell that they are old. I even went looking online to look them up and most of them isn't made anymore. So I have to try to do the best I can with what I have huh. But, so far my mom came over saying omg you is going yarn crazy lol but, then later she pointing at the yarn she wants for me to make her a throw blanket for when she is laying in her lazyboy chair. But, first I have some things I want to do first.

I decided to use this yarn to make me a shrug jacket.


So far so good, doing in mesh stitching.


Have a lot more to do for this one but, so far so good here.

Now on to my reading, Well I used to read a lot lot but, due that I don't have that much time in the day I did put a bit of my reading on hold. But, when my friends came up for the 4th of July weekend it brought back memories. Back in high school and college when we was always reading and talking about what was going on in the books we was reading. Exchanging books and so on and so on. They was talking about books and things when they was here I couldn't relate because I haven't been reading or trying to read but, they got me hooked again. I have a library full of books and most of them just collecting dust day in and day out. But, they was kind enough to get me a few books so. I started back reading. I am more of a urban book reader. So far I finished one book in 2 days called Sistah For Sale it was a ok book I'll give it 3 stars. Now I am on to another book called Diamond Playgirls so far so good. This book has 4 of my favorite authors in one. But, other then that I want to read a lot more. If I have to read while crocheting then that is what I have to do lol.

Ok on with my sewing. Not much sewing. Started on a shirt for me. Have to finish up the back part of the shirt then I will be done with that.

Here go a sneak preview


So far so good.

There you have it my Reading, Crocheting, Sewing and Playing with yarn lol.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First July Post (Still Kicking and Screaming)

I'm around. Got a couple of emails everyone concern and hoping all was well. Everything is ok. My girls and I are doing fine. My girls was gone for the 4th of July weekend and I had time to myself. Got to go out have a little fun with some friends. But, all is well. Been working on putting Nesa blanket together that is coming along quickly. I am giving myself until the 20th to have it completely done. More lovely ladies is sending more squares so as they come I just get weaving them on. Thanks to all the lovely ladies from the CVille Criskad (Christina), Titus2woman, Pineknott, Ms Danny and Mom w/a motif. Thanks ladies.

Here is the update on Nesa's blanket so far so good. So cute.:)

Still a work in progress

These 3 rows to the left I have to add on to the blanket

But, everyone get the idea on how it's coming along.:)

Also got to do me some sewing. I brought these plain white capris. I wanted to make me some white capris but, couldn't find no plain white double knitted fabric anywhere. Everywhere I went they had the printed white mixed with other colors. So I decided to buy me some plain white capris to go with the shirt I had in mind to make for me.

So I took some DMC floss and did a little stitching at the end and on the upper part of the pocket just to add a little pink to it.


So now on with my shirt. Here is the fabric I have in mind to make for my shirt. Don't know what kind of fabric but, it looks like some knitting kind of fabric that I fell in love with when I seen it at Walmart for 1 dollar a yard but, I knew I would have to wear something under it due to that you can see everything though the fabric. But, I knew I had a pink tank top at home that would look nice with this fabric.

So I whipped up my shirt see. (


Front, has a long V cut
Started on July 7, 2008
Finished on July 7, 2008
Took about 1 hour and a half or so to finish
No pattern followed just used a old shirt as I draft for this shirt

Yet another front view

And Back
You see how I did the half circle in the front and the back of the bottom of the shirt to give it more on my on style. Liked how it came out. Curves on my butt lol.:)

Also the purse to go with my new outfit. It has a zipper and some melt round chains for design:) Don't mind my mom's face in the corner of the picture.

Inside purse

Also since I am the main steamstress in the family everyone is hitting me up to do them something. My cousin liked the tinkerbell summer dresses I made my girls. My cousin wanted one also. So I whip this up for her.



Started June 9, 2008
Finished June 9, 2008
Took about 20 minutes or so to sew up the back and the helm at the bottom.


Lookie Lookie cute aint it.

So what you all think?

There you all have it my latest updated. Not much crocheting been going on. Well a little here and there still waiting on my loads of yarn to come in then I will be on a crochet roader coaster. Have many projects in mind. Don't you just hate when you is in your crochet mojo but, don't have all the supplies you need to get started grrr. LOL:)

Everyone take care have a great week. I am still around and doing my thang lol.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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