Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas. My Christmas is great so far. Hating all this dang snow can't go places like I want to grrrr lol. But, my girls has been enjoying there Christmas here they go here opening up there toys.

Also finally get to say I finished Nellie RR on the 23 don't know the measurement of it but, was just glad to finally have finished it. YAY. Not giving it to Nellie until after we move so going to pack that down. Since I am buying new beds and all wanted her to have something new to go with her new bed. Will hopefully get started on something for Nesa next month or Feb.

Here go the RR
Cute huh.

I also started on me a afghan trying to do a full size one to fit my bed. Here go so far so good.

Started it on the 24 on Christmas Eve. While sitting around watching everyone else cook I had to keep my hands busy. I yet to cook for Christmas but, hopefully next year I can finally cook a Christmas dinner wish me luck on that next year lol.

But, cute so far. Have ways to go. Close up

I noticed now that it is the end of the year. I have so much unfinish projects.

My new years resolution will to finish what I start lol. So hoping to do that.
Also want to add more to that list.
To lost weight
Be more outgoing. Friends say I don't open up much.

For my crocheting and sewing list.
To advance in both.:)

Ok wont be able to update until after the New Years so wanted to say.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Everyone bring in 2009 with a blaze.:)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not So Much

To report. Well been so busy around this house lately cleaning and so on. I have a couple of friends and my boyfriend coming in for Christmas staying for a week or so. So trying to get my house together for all the company I am going to have.

Also I have been thinking about moving to Green Bay or De Pere Wisconsin. I have been doing some research on houses there and making sure there are some good schools there for my girls. I always loved it up there it is up north so that means it will be much colder then then here in Milwaukee but, shoot oh well change is change and hoping it will be for the better. Plus I need a change completely. My family is ok with it and my girls so want to go. So never know I just may go sometime around spring. So around Feb next year me and my BF will be looking for a house. I will surely take pictures of our choices because Green Bay and De Pere has some wonderful houses. Plus I want my kids to grow up in a house with a big back yard and all. Right now they is grown up in a townhouse it's a ok area but, way to much crime going on here in Milwaukee.

But, anyways enough about that. I have been reading a lot more again. I finished 3 books in the pass 4 days and on to another book today. I haven't been doing much crocheting or sewing. Just don't have that mojo. I have been having way to much on my mind lately.

But, I know you all probably tired of this afghan so am I just yet not done with it yet have this last color to add to it then I am done. I just have to find more time in my day to work on it like I want to.

But, here it goes.

Also went to the movies to see "The Day The Earth Stood Still" it was a ok movie. Can't really say to much about it but, ok I will give it 3 stars.

This pass weekend nothing much just house cleaning the kids running around the house trying to find out where I hide there toys. One place they wont never find it is in my sewing room my living room under my cutting table they know they can't go messing with things in there so they wont never find there toys. LOL I would of done a tree but, don't have any room in my home to do a tree. That's another reason why I would love a house to do all those wonderful things like put a Christmas tree up. :)

Ok that's all just wanted to update my blog so you all wont thinking I am missing in action. Still around just in the background. Now have to check out my blogger friends blogs so I can try to get my mojo back in gear. :)

Everyone take care. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Monday, December 8, 2008

This Post Is To Christina

Ok for those that want to know who is Christina. She's a lovely mom, wife, daughter, sister oh and a internet friend can't forget that lol. That loves crocheting her butt off lol.

Thanks Christina for the lovely things you sent my girls. They love the color pencils, stitckers and coloring books and I love the kitten ornaments. Thanks a lot.

Oh here go the goodies. :)

Plus my girls wanted to send you a couple of kisses lol:)

Aint they cute lol.

Ok sorry no updates on any sewing or crocheting projects. Just got back from Green Bay around 11pm last night. Not much crocheting on the road was busy a lot while there in Green Bay. But, going to rest up for the night and get back to my sewing tomorrow afternoon. We supposed to get from 6 to 10 inches of snow so that means I will be indoors for awhile. Went to do my food shopping today so there wont be no need to leave unless I have to leave.

So time to curl up in my bed with my crochet hook in hand a good book and some hot cocoa in hand and get to work lol.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I know I had a good weekend. A little getaway on my own for a while.

Ok got to go help Nesa with her homework. Take care everyone. Thanks for visiting.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

What's Up Blogging Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey blogging friends. Well it's finally December, Christmas is just around the corner. I've been shopping a bit was going to be making a lot for this Christmas but, decided not to do to much since I have been moving around ever weekend I haven't been able to crochet and sew like I want to lately. So I decided to do a bit of shopping around this Christmas and make a few items.

I wanted to do a quick update today. I am leaving to go to Green Bay, WI this weekend to visit friends and my special friend if you all know what I mean. We have been having a long distance type of thing going on for a very long time. I try to visit every other weekend and he try to visit every other weekend or so. My kids likes him a lot but, anyways leaving this weekend for a little getaway that's all. So wanted to show what I have been working on this pass week or so.

I know you all remember the afghan I said, I wanted to finish this afghan for my mom by Christmas but, haven't been working on it as much as I was supposed to but, after reading Christina talking about working on her moms scrapghan gave me the idea to get on the roll with things. Thanks Christina :)

So I went to laid the hexagons down on the floor to see how I was going to put them together as you can see here in the picture below. I do have about 10 more hexagons in red that I have to whip up in order to complete the diamond shape that I am shooting for.

Here I put all the orange hexagons together.
It's coming along nicely. Now I have to get started on putting the red ones together. After putting them all together I still have a lot more to go. I will be working around the diamond in half double crochet stitches until the length that I want it to be. So have a lot to do. So now my deadline may be Feb or March yet to know. My plan is to work on it everyday if possible.

Ok on with this ripple round 12 point afghan I am doing for Nellie. I am almost done with this. I have 2 more whole yarns to go and that is the dark purple then I will be ending it off.

So far so good.

On with my sewing. Not much to say about my sewing but, here goes. I have been working on a trench jacket for myself done in grey. I probably showed the fabric before but, just started finally sewing it up.

Here is the front of the jacket. So far so good. I have 4 pockets 2 below and 2 top pockets. I have to put more details in the pockets for some design.

Here is the back of the jacket. So far so good.
I yet to piece the front to the back yet.

Oh also by the way NO PATTERN FOLLOWED FOR THIS TRENCH JACKET. :) I took a old jacket and used that as my guildline. :) COOL HUH?

What I have to do to finish.
I have to serger in the inside of the jacket to hide the lining stitches of the jacket.
I have to add the collar.
Do belt hoops.
Do a belt.
Add buttons for closure.
Add buttons to the pockets for details.
Can't forget the sleeves.
Stitching/sergering the bottom of the jacket to the lining of the jacket.

Pretty much that's it. Then I am done.

So there you have it. My crocheting update and sewing update. Hoping to get back to sewing next week. Monday or Tuesday.

Crocheting I will be doing this weekend. Probably while on the Greyhound bus tomorrow. I can get in 2 hours of crocheting on Nellie Ripple Round afghan. So hopefully by next week. I can show that that is finished.

Ok now off I go. Hope everyone have a great weekend. Take care.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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