Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's Happening In The Blogging World

Well on my in everything is just peachy. Had slept a couple more days in the hospital with Nesa will catch you all up on that a little bit later at the end of my post.

But, wanted to show off my latest sewing project. I started on a chop jacket for myself you know one of those small jackets. I started on it last Saturday trying to finish it up by Sunday night but, come Sunday morning I had to rush Nesa to the hospital.

But, I started this jacket off with no pattern. I had a very old leather jacket that I had for years that just been sitting in the closet going to waste. So since I wasn't wearing it no more due to it started to fall apart. I decided to cut it carefully so I can use it as a pattern for a jacket.

Here go the jacket right after I cut it up I remember I didn't take no picture of it. So I laid it out on the table in pieces and got a couple of pics.


But, since I was making a chop jacket I only needed the top half of the jacket.

My work in progress as I go on and on.

This is what I had so far after cutting out the back the 2 front pieces even the lining pieces.


Here is after adding my lining:)
Cute huh? By the way that fabric is from a old shirt I have so much of that fabric that I decided what better way to use it then to use it for a lining.


The back, I added some long darts down the back to give it that fit feeling to my body so it wont be to loose and flabby in the back.


Ok I far here added one sleeve


Fold out half of the collar part and did some seam ironing here.
Here I added on the back collar: Oh by the way the whole jacket have 2 different color denims the fold front collar and the back collar denim on the inside is a light faded black. The outside denim jacket is blue.


Ok again the lining but, this time the collar is attached


The back part of the collar

Ok enough about the collar lol.

I wanted to do a quick try on to see how it is all coming along.
So here is a quick try on of the jacket.

As you can see still not done here have to add the bottom piece of the jacket. Sew up my raw edges to the sleeves and add buttons and button holes.


Quick update as I work in progress

As you can see still going.


But, now done.
100_1144 100_1151

100_1149 100_1152

I just so love this jacket I put a lot of work into it did a lot of tailoring as I went thought about it as I sewn it up. So was happy to finally finish this jacket.
I added 2 buttons to the front of the jacket it can be worn out or close depending on how I feel that day. I also added a nice button in the back with a detachment so it can be unbutton but, that button the the back is more for a design I won't use that much.

Lovely huh?

Have some more sewing in progress coming up soon.

I have a couple of recon/reuse projects in mind so stay tune for that.

Also I enter 2 sewing contests over at

One is Sewing for Kids
The other one is Stash Pattern

Sewing for kids haven't yet to decide what I am going to do just yet. It starts on the first we have a whole month to finish so have plenty of time. But, I know I want to sew for Nesa since school is coming soon. I wanted to add some more clothes to her wardobe.

I found these patterns at Walmart and this Mickey Mouse fabric. I haven't yet decided which pattern to use. I know I want to do one of those shirts haven't decided. Or decided if I am going to do her a skirt, capris or some jeans hmmmmmmmm have a lot of thinking this weekend.


And for the Stash Pattern haven't decided on that either was thinking about doing that shirt that I keep talking about that I yet to cut out the fabric lol.

Ok now on with Nesa. I am going to try to keep this short because just talking about it just makes tears come to my eyes.

Well Nesa wasn't feeling good Sunday morning around 2am she was moaning and crying that her belly hurt. Since this has a enlarge liver I have to concern what can happen just by her having belly pain. But, she also felt hot to the touch checked her temp, her temp was 102.5 so I called, the on call GI doctor they told me to bring her in.

Soon as we get there she goes back to the ER. Nesa started throwing up everywhere. They checking her heartrate, temp everything. Her heartrate was way to high they hook her up to a machine to keep a eye on how high her heartrate is going. They they noticed her oxgyen level is to low so they put a oxgyen mask on her. I was so scared just watching all this. She got CT scans, Xrays and Ulrasounds so they can make sure her liver wasn't failing so quickly.

They then gave her a room while we wait for her tests to come back. They thinking she had MRSA but, it turned out to be C Difficile a infection to her intestinal tract.

This picture here is when Nesa was first in the hospital in the ER

My baby:(

Now Nesa after 4 days of pain meds and antibiotics.


See look at her all better now eatting away at her pizza.

I am just glad she is back at home. She still have to take antibiotics until this goes away. Which doctors don't think it will go to far due that it can keep coming back. So I am hoping it don't because Nesa already having diffcult time as it is with just her liver now she can have problems with her intestinal tract which way to much for a 6 year old.

She is happy and glad to be back home. School started Tuesday so I can't wait and she can't wait either.

I hope everyone have a great weekend I know I will.

Sorry no crocheting update will update with my Sudoku throw blanket soon as I am done.:)

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

WOW Where Have The Time Went

Well can't stay gone to long. Ok a little behind on all of my projects that I had in mind to try to finish up soon. Nesa haven't been feeling to good for the pass week or so then she had to have another surgery August 20th so I have been keeping a good eye on her and not to much on my hooks or sewing machine.

My Carebear blanket that I was trying to finish up by the 24th has been put on hold so wont be finishing that anytime soon for the 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece over on the Ville.

Way behind on that but, still want to make that a goal for myself to finish.

Ok on with a little crocheting that I was able to do real quick. My Sudoku throw/blanket. Well was able to start putting together a bit here and there so this is what I have so far.



Then here go more squares that need to be put together.


I had to do 35 white square that has black numbers and grey border.
I had to do 45 black square that has white numbers and grey border.

Now I can start piecing them together to make the puzzle and hopeful sometime by September I can put it up on my blog to have a contest. Still be saying I was going to do a contest for months and yet to do one so this time I really have to get it done for sure. Also have to come up with some things to crochet or sew up for the winner of that contest.

Ok like I said, before Nesa haven't been feeling to good lately so my sewing mojo hasn't been what I wanted it to be. Did some checking in on most of my blogger friends and said, I need my sewing mojo back. So went to my sewing room looking at old projects that I haven't yet to finish that I needed to do right now. So I went back to my shirt I know you all remember this shirt.


So here go the finish look of it.


Close up on front

Oh by the way there is a black tank top under my new shirt I made. I used silk satin fabric I believe, it was so easy to work with.

Also no pattern used, this is my own.

Couldn't get no back view of it because Nesa was my camera person and everytime I turn so she can get a back view she keep snap down at the floor lol. But, have to say she did good on these pictures but, it took 20 something trys lol. She trying to be a camera pro lol. :) GOOD JOB NESA!!!!

I always noticed when I put a project aside I come back to it and then see that it wasn't that much to finish and wonder why I took so long to get back to it. Crazy huh?

But, now that I am getting a bit of my sewing mojo back I want to start this pattern I showed it before but, here is pattern.


It's the main shirt with the tie in the front. I want to use this fabric for this shirt. This will be my first time doing this shirt so wish me luck because I need all the luck I can get with this. :)


I also have more patterns up my sleeve sometime in the future.

I keep finding myself ordering more patterns or bidding on them on ebay or find myself picking up some from Walmart or Joanne's. But, yet to use the ones I already have totally need my sewing mojo back soon. Because fall is coming soon and I have a lot of stuff I want to make for me and my girls. My family already looking for me to make them things for the fall also as if I am the famous sewer in our family lol. :)

But, that's all for now wanted to let everyone know I am still around not much I can say I have done but, still here hanging on the best I can. So now off to find a movie and get started on putting my sudoku blanket together some more.

Everyone take care hope all is doing great, thanks for stopping by to read me talk about blah lol. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

On Crochetville I decide to join in on the fun. The 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece. All you have to do is start a crochet project and try to finish it by the 24th. So I decided to do a afghan. I am on "Team Afghan" The afghan I am doing is a Carebear "Funshine" It is challenging for me because I am crocheting the background and cross stitching the bear into the middle. Really not a cross stitcher at all but, it is coming along very well. Started my afghan on the 8th and I have to say I have got a lot done in just that amount of time. I have a game plan going on. I would crochet about 10 rows then cross stitch those rows then crochet about 10 more rows then cross stitch those rows. It is whipping up quicker then I thought. I was going to crochet the whole background but, after noticing that I can get lost on the rows I decided on my plan B. I think plan B is better.

This is a picture graph of what I am hoping to finish by the 24th.


Here is the picture of the whole afghan that I am expecting to do.
Got the pattern from Leisure Book Art. The afghan is chain 111 so that is 110 across and 158 rows going down but, that don't include the border I believe the border is about 10 rows around not sure haven't got that far. :)


So here is what I have done so far. Lookie Lookie


As you can see I have scraps of yarn going around the ends I did that because I am not into tallying up my rows as I go so by me putting in scraps of yarn helps me to just count those to see how many rows I have. So just don't mind the scraps of yarn when I get to the border those will be cut off. I just felt that, that was easier on me when it came to counting the rows.

Close up on "Funshine" Carebear.

So just wanted to update real quick that is all I have been working on since the 8th and maybe my only project for awhile. My goal is to get the whole bear cross stitched in my Wednesday then start on the letters. And hopefully to get those done by next Saturday then start on the border hoping to stay ahead of my own plans as I go. Because I do tend to get bored out after awhile and trying not to. But, don't want to start another project because I have a feeling I wouldn't want to come back to this one for awhile.

Wish me luck

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Well it haven't been that long. Just been having some family issues everyone know how that can get. It's summer and lots of people I know is moving in and moving out so been helping family and friends move. Nesa and Nellie been having fun with there dads so I have been having sometime to myself mainly out going to clubs, going out to eat and to the movies so been having a little ball for awhile. I have noticed that I haven't been doing much crocheting last time I crochet was July 23th and that is when I finished up my shrug jacket I was working on. So here is my latest crochet project.


My shrug jacket
Started on it July 8th then stopped for awhile and started back on it July 23th
Finished it late on July 23th
Done with Bernat Cotton yarn called, Frost Cherry
Done with a H - hook
Stitches are double, single and chain




Close up

Also decided to crochet on some flip flops seeeeeeee:

Before picture:

After picture:

Done it with single crochet chain 2 then single crochet around. Whatcha think?

Oh finished my sister baby blanket finished that also awhile ago
On July 23.


Here goes
Yarn used, Sayelle called True Blue and also Yellow
Stitches are double and single
K - Hook

Close up

I haven't finished sewing my shirt that I had put on hold for so long decided to get back to sewing it sometime this week it's been laying on the table just laughing at me because I don't have much to do with it but, I just been holding out on it.

There go my latest update have another week to myself so I will have all the fun I can have until the girls come home. We supposed to be going to 6 Flags Great American hopefuly this weekend coming up. That would be fun.

What's on my crochet hook.
Well right now started on another shrug jacket done in mohair.
Also working on and off on my sudoku blanket.
Also have to get started on my moms throw blanket.
My cousin wants me to do her a cardigan wrap.
I have some other blankets/afghans in mind to do that I want to sell.

Trying not to overload myself so I will have to come up with a small project soon. Doing so many big projects and not small projects I tend to get overhelmed.

What's on my sewing table.
Right now working on cutting out the pattern to this one.


I picked some blue and brown fabric for that main shirt on the pattern. Love this shirt hoping to comes out right.

Now other patterns in my future line up to try is.

A trend coat. Want to try to do this around fall time.

More line up sewing projects.


Would like to try this pattern to do the denim jacket and the long leg pants.



Would like to try the pants that has the zipper below this will also help me with doing pockets on pants and zippers on pants haven't yet to do that yet.

Also one of my cousins has some patterns of her own that she want me to do somethings for her. My family is totally loving my talent lol, using me to make something smaller or bigger for them.

Also on my sewing table is me a chopped denim jacket I yet to sew up. A baby bag for my sisters friend. I haven't sewing a purse or bag in awhile so that would give me a little of a different pace there. A lot of other baby stuff sometime before this year is over. Because my sister is due in Februry and I know she is going to want somethings she already been naming things she want and picking out sewing patterns. Hummmm I think that is it for now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Will try to update again by next weekend first I have to pick up the pace on my hobbies again. :) everyone take care.

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