Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey everyone. Everythings going good here just have a quick crochet project update. I've been done with my latest crochet projects since November but, never had time to post the pictures due to so much other things most of you all know.

But, I did Ms. Nellie a hat and scarf

Done with a I hook
Ripple stitch
Caron Simply (Grape)




They Nesa scarf she didn't want a hat.
Done with a I hook
Alternate stitch
Caron Simply (Soft Pink) and (Rose Violet)



Also Nesa is now toothless lol. How cute is that.
As you can see she is still on oxygen 24 7 but, she went down to 2 liters instead of 3 liters so the less she needs is good hoping soon she wont need any oxygen at all.


Nesa doing good no nothing manger. She just happy to be home. I am to. Nellie miss Nesa so much. I get to finally go Christmas shopping Thursday been putting it on hold due to our hospital stays.
We just hoping she can spend Christmas at home.

I've been doing ok. Just started back crocheting to help with my stress. I read from time to time it helps me go into another world so I won't have so much on my mind. But I thank everyone for all the prayers thanks a bunch.

I am hoping all goes well in due time.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yet Another Update

Well Nesa is doing ok. We is back in the hospital due that there was a small infection that can be treated by antibotics. Plus with all the 3 times a week visit to check her blood work to make sure her liver is still working. Also she had to get a liver biopsy due to her liver count wasn't looking right and they was concern about it so the biopsy can show more in details and it did.

But, other words Nesa is doing ok just smiling and playing and wondering why she is here so much when she said, she don't feel sick.

She also gaining weight and that is a good thing her face looks fuller and she is looking so cute and healthy.

The new liver she got is smaller so her belly has went down a lot. They took the saples out yesterday so that was good.

Other words we is hoping she don't have to be admitted again cause Christmas is around the corner and she wants to be at home she said, I missed Thanksgiving I don't want to miss Christmas lol. She is so crazy.

I thanks everyone for the prayers thanks a bunch.

I will update before Christmas.
I am hanging in there the best I can it's very stressfull when you can't sleep and then I sometimes feel guilty when Nellie asking me why she don't see me and trying to explain that I am in the hospital with her sister she say "Again" but, hanging in there schooling, very little home life, hosptial life just life all together.

Ok off I go hoping Nesa can be discharged today.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update With Pictures

Well here are the pictures. Just a couple.

Nesa want to do her own scrapbook so I took plenty of pictures but, I am only show a few for now.

All my pictures I don't have cause I used my cell phone to take these pictures. But, these I was able to manage. Some I just couldn't but, Nesa wanted pictures for herself.

When she came to the ICU. Right after the transplant.

Her belly with the 38 saples and the 2 draining tubes on the side.

She got out the ICU Sunday

She is now moving around a bit.

She will still go home on the oxygen until her lungs heel of the lung diesase. She still have one of her drains in her belly for the next week. The saples will come out in 2 more weeks. But, looks like we will be heading home Friday.

She's able to eat and she just been playing her little butt off lol. She is hating the 15 meds she have to take but, oh well she has to take it. I don't know why she putting up a fight when she been taking meds since birth lol. But, I guess kids never gets used to it.

But, here she is today just playing her little heart out.

The doctors said, she has done so well since her transplant. I am so proud of her though all of this she still manage to make me smile.

Oh by the way she is starting to be tooth-less lol. One missing tooth instead of money she got her a liver the next day. How cool is that. :)

Thanks everyone for the prayers and all. I am so glad to see my girl doing so well.

I also hate that I have to be away from Nellie for so long since I am here so much but, I went to pick her up and took her out to eat and brought her a doll so she wont feel left out I also explain to her what is going on with Nesa and why I am away so much.

But, other words thanks everyone again for the great comments and prayers.
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