Monday, July 6, 2009

I've Been Sewing My Butt Off

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. My family and I had a great time eatting up a storm lol.

But, I got to get in a bit of sewing this pass weekend. So wanted to show you all my latest projects.

I did me some gaucho pants and a shirt. Did Nesa 2 outfits.

But, first let me run you down about mines.

My gaucho pants that I so love. Done with McCall 5251


Now here go my shirt. I did this from Butterrick 5001 but, the pattern is a dress I only did the top part for my shirt and added more fabric to make a fuller shirt that hangs on the left side of the shirt. Love this fabric and love how I made this pattern my own.

While it is tied on the side of the shirt. It can be tied and untied.
As you can see in the back I love reading lol.

Now on with the show with Nesa outfit. No pattern done here. I used some old shorts of Nesa's for my draft. Alsot his fabric I only had 1 yard of it and I made it worth it. Used flannel for this outfit. It's a short and a short sleeve jacket/bolero. Size 6, 7

The bottom of the shorts has 2 ribbon bows on both sides of the legs. Jacket/bolero is shorter in the front but, made it longer in the back.

Close up on jacket/bolero
Close up on shorts

I liked this fabric for this next outfit that I did for Nesa. I also didn't use a pattern just used Nesa as my model for her outfit. Also had 1 yard of this fabric as well. I call this school girl outfit. Nesa wanted a skirt and I thought of those school uniforms for this outfit. It's down in pleats.

Skirt and bolero/jacket shorter bolero/jacket. This outfit can be wored with out the jacket as well but, thinking about added a button to the bottom of the jacket.

Don't mind the shirt she will really wear this with a plain white shirt.


Ok I guess that is all for now. I also been crocheting but, didn't want to update with my crocheting until I am done with it completely wanted on on something for Nesa with those pink crochet squares I showed before that was a start but, I am a little farther ahead now.

Sorry that most of the pictures are so big. Didn't get a chance to edit the pictures and crop them up sorry. :) But, I think you all get the point of the pics.

Thanks for dropping in. Hope everyone have a great week. Take care. Now got to go and look at my fellow bloggers blogs. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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