Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Finished 2 of my WIP Crochet

As you can see by now if you been to my blog a lot you should have noticed I love black. lol. New black shrug. I did in single and chain stitches to make the hoops in every row. Also used a M hook. The first row of stitches is triple stitch. The sleeves at the end is short on one sid and long on the other side on both sleeves to make it flare out. Love this shrug.

I love how quick and easy this was love how the hoops is and thinking about doing some living room curtains in this same style.:)

My handbag I quickly did last night. Can't make up my mind if I should add crochet stitches to the handle or keep it like it is it's cute no matter what but, thought I would ask some ladies in a crochet group I am in to see what they all thought. Done this in half double stitches with a M hook.

Finished Black handbag.:)
What you all think?
My WIP list is getting shorter so need to come up with some more things to get crocheting soon going to be starting on my big crochet list mainly a lot of things for the home.:)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Research

Been looking around on DIY (Do It Yourself) channel. I seen on DIY that they was having a super ball knitt for charity. So I went to the website wanted to see what all the shows was going to be about well come to find out they all re-runs but, never hurt those that haven't yet to see them. Wish they can have one for the crocheters. Oh course Vickie Howell will be hosting on Knitty Gritty.:)

While on DIY I always search for some crochet groups that have been shown on Uncommon Thread. I am always looking for Crochet Nation, Crochet Me and forgot the name of her group but, name is Afya she's the auther of "Get Your Crochet On." I know Afya from Myspace she has some great talent and love that she is putting crocheting out there for young and old. I seen her and her friend will be on HGTV on the 2/7/07 so can't miss it. She mainly going to be doing some of her hats and caps from her book like she did most of her hair things the last time she was on there.,3145,HGTV_28476_48974,00.html

Found out that Crochet Nation will be on DIY on 2/2/07 doing some hats and caps. I remember when they was on there before they did a bedroom set and then was on there again with shirt and a shawl.,2046,DIY_14255_44144,00.html

Then found out that Crochet Me will be crocheting for the home on 2/8/07 on DIY.,2046,DIY_14255_44154,00.html

So mainly those are the main groups they do show when it comes to crocheting keep seening these same groups over and over. Don't mind it but, like I've said in other posts need more crocheting on tv. I don't mind watching the Knitting show I one day want to learn how to knitt also but, crochet is my thang right now.

I would love to have a group of crocheters here in Milwaukee but, can't find to many if they are out there not to many is broadcasting lol. Tried find some though yahoo and aol groups but, most of them in the yahoo group haven't sent email in like 8 months and couldn't find any though aol at all that lived in Milwaukee. :)I tired.

I also seen on Uncommon Threads about Tunisian Crochet would like to do that also. Looks like I can get the hang of that. :)

Join a couple of online groups to get more information about crocheting this can help me in the long run to ask questions and so on. :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

WIP in progress/finish projects (Crochet)

WIP / Shrug crochet
This is my shrug haven't yet to go get my eyelash yarn that I need to complete it but, will do before the 3th want to wear it out on the 3th. Love this shrug. I have to complete the other arm making it bell like sleeves so have to keep decreesing in every roll. Plus I want to run the eyelash yarn back around the middle around the opening of the shrug in neckline and below the shrug.
Working with a N hook and single crochet stitch that's on the black yarn (Red Heart) the eyelash fun fur (Lion Brand) is also a N hook but, done in triple stitches to make the rows taller for the bell.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This one was a quick project with some leftover yarn. Did shell stitches using a M hook
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This was the baby blanket my sister was so happy I finished took awhile was working on this one and another big blanket for her at the same time. Done with a K hook have single and triple stitches.
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There you have it:)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Calling all CROCHETER'S

Well is it me or what why can't crocheting be a show like Knitty Gritty would love that. Ever now and then I will see some crocheting on Knitty Gritty or Uncommon Thread but, shoot crochet is just as well known as knitting. I remember on Uncommon Thread they had a group of women from Crochet Nation and they was great wouldn't mind them having there own show on DIY. They gave a lot of bases that I've been using in my own crocheting.

Like I said, calling all Crocheter's
I was self taught don't really follow patterns can't really get the detail of following it but, watching someone teach it is how I like it. The net became my way of getting all that found a couple of website that show you step by set on how to learn different crochet stitches and if there was a crochert show on tv that would be gravy. Seen a lot of crochet clothes in stores all around why should I spend to buy some poncho for about 100.00 when I can make my own with love crocheted into every stitch awww look at me lol.

Also love when other people want to know where I got my shrugs or my girls ponchos, shrugs when I say I did it they mouth drops don't you love that? I know I do have had my sister's friend ask me to do them some baby blankets since they seen my sisters baby blankets they now want some love all the attention don't you?

Plus I would love to pass my crochet and sewing hobbies down to my girls as they group up. My 4 year old she already be sewing with me helped her make a blanket from left over fabric and she love that blanket now she want to help me crochet her a blanket because I told her I will be making her one next month so now she been bugging me to get started on it lol. I will she getting the bases I mainly have her hands on the hook while my hand is on top of hers while crocheting it's a start. My 1 year old to young she just rather play with the yarn then to sit and watch lol. That's kids for you huh?

Right now have 2 projects that I am crocheting mainly 2 shrugs on of my shrugs ran out of eyelash yarn so can't finish my bell sleeves but, hopeful to get back to that one soon want to wear it out on the 3th friends having a party. Have to look nice don't I?

Friday, January 26, 2007

WIP Crochet (Finish Pictures)

WIP Finish Pictures

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My 1 year old daughter and her new poncho pink yarn with pink eyelash yearn. I did this poncho in single stitches with a K hook.

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My 4 year old daughter and her new brown and light brown poncho. I did this poncho in triple crochet stitches with a P hook. I wanted a more open space between the stitch that's why I choice to use a bigger crochet hook. She had a pretty light brown shirt that I brought and I wanted the poncho to go right along with it but, didn't want to cover up her whole new shirt with the poncho.

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My 1 year old daughter and her new pink scarf I made to go with her new coat that is black and pink. I did this scarf in double stitches with a P hook.

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My 4 year old daughter and her new scarf to match her coat. Did this scarf in a double stitch also using a P hook.

Thanks for taking a look. My WIP Crochet trying to get all of my WIP out the way have a lot of WIP for Feb/March more of house projects that I want to get started on soon.

So far got started on my yellow kitchen curtains but, at the same time trying to finish up my black shrug that hoping to be done with soon. Want to wear it out on Feb 3th. :)

Still getting the hang of this crocheting loving it releave a lot of stress. Still trying to learn to read patterns I am that type that don't follow patterns I can look at something and go from there mainly measuring as I go along. All my projects I've done for myself and kids and friends, family I mainly measure as I go along. Kids tired of me telling them to come here ever other second so I can make sure the poncho or shrug fits them just right before going on lol. Kids makes that grrrr sound lol. But, want to know I am doing it right. But, been taking my time out to check out patterns mainly I will read a couple of rows and say oh I can take it from there and then off I go with my own way. :)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

WIP (Sewing)

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Zebra Bag
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dragonfly inside
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dragonfly outside with 2 rings as handles

My daughter's purse demin on the outside with some glitter pink fabric on the
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Made a quick denim purse with the dragonfly fabric on the outside for my daughter's best friend.

Had some quick sewing projects that I finally completed.

Still working on my other WIP for my crochet and sewing. Want to get all those done have some big projects for Feb/March a lot of things I want to do for the house. :) list is to your right.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Boyfriend Back

That was the title to the show on Uncommon Threads today on HGTV.,3145,HGTV_28476_48163,00.html

Today wasn't wanted I expected Allison took over again. Didn't to much like her Tuxedo T not at all. Wont be caught dead wearing that. Wanted to see what the other girls on the show had in mind. I like sewing also and wanted some pointers but, didn't get to much on today's show. Don't get me wrong Allison be having some great ideas but, today just wasn't it at all. Could of came up with something a little bit better and cuter.

Ever since I seen what the title of the show was going to be MY BOYFRIEND BACK that My boy friend back song been playing in my head for a minute now lol.

Hoping tomorrow show be a little bit groovy lol.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

WIP (Work In Progress) Crochet Hair Rap (DONE)

This was one of my WIP (Work In Progress) projects that I finally completed. Didn't take long so I went ahead and finished it last night.
It may not look like anything but, this is my hair rap I've made. To your left that is the whole rap I worked with a P hook and did half double crochet stitches. The P hook came in handle because I wanted to have large stitches I first started to see how it would look with a G hook it was to small and I wanted larger. I worked in a half round every row I kept decreasing to give it that larger to small look. I measured around my head and then added 4 inches more because I have to be able to tie it around my ponytail. The larger ends is what you tie around your ponytail the smaller piece in the middle is what goes over your ponytail. The below pictures will give you a idea.

Now I have it on.
The back where my ponytail is, is the far right pic.

The front you don't have to wear it low on your forehead but, this is how I like it. Black Hair Rap. I don't follow patterns I make my own as I go. I've made plenty of this hair raps for other people but, finally decided to do one for me. Comments are welcome. Thanks. :) Lesalicious

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Crochet Projects

Couple of my crochet projects that has finally been completed.

Here go some crochet projects this black one is a shrug my 4 year old daughters shrug couldn't take pictures while she had it on she's not here gone for the weekend. But, you have a good idea what it is.
It's half double stitch with a P hook.

Close up on the stitches.

Back of the shrug

Black 4 year old daughters shrug.

Rainbow shrug this is also my 4 year old daughters. Done with a N hook half double stitch. Loving that half double lol. To make the part for the wrist I did the triple stitch.
Below is the front above to the right is the back to the left is a close up on the stitches.

A baby blanket I made for my little niece that will be born in April. I worked at least 3 weeks and more on this blanket with a K hook. Tripple crocheting. Pink and white yarn. At the boarder there is a color white with pink, blue, purple in the mix of yarn. Then I laced around the blanket machine stitching.

Whole blanket.

Lesalicious :)

Finished Bags (sewing)

I don't limit myself when it comes to my hobbies. I've been sewing for years now and love to sew handbags, purses, tote bags, baby bags, big, medium, small. Handbags has became a good hobby for me but, I always look to do other things but, here go some handbags I just finished about a day ago. Had myself all worked out for some days.

(Red Fur Ball) LOL loved this fabric when I seen it so had to make a small purse with it.

This is a dark pink bandanna with dark pink denim. Also it has a hard bottom to hold up on it's own. Double interfering and double stitching. I don't just use fabric, fabric I like take bandannas and scarfs whatever catches my eyes. Even old clothes helps also. I have used a lot of old clothes from the 1960's to make some pretty handbags that I've sold. Like I said don't like to be limited to one thing. My hobby is mint to learn from and grow from.

This bag is mines love this bag. It has 2 ring circles used as the handles with fabric around the rings for some comfort in your hands while holding it. Double interfering and double stitching. It is also reverserable so I can just flip it inside out if I like to. It's a hard bottom so that it can stand on it's own. Love this bag. Lot of people will stop me in the stores asking where I get that when I say I made it they be so surprise so then they become a customer of mines.

Thanks for stoping by will have many many more in the known future:)

Lesalicious :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Daughter Shrug (Crochet)

Daughter Shrug (Crochet) Did my 1 year old daughter a crochet shrug. Been crochet for now about 8 months and loving it. I started out sewing for many many years but, wanted to learn something new and crochet became my new hobby that has been helping me to earn some extra money here and there for me to make things for me and my girls that I don't see on other people. I love making baby blankets, shrugs, ponchos, scarfs, hats, purses and more still learning day by day. But, wanted to use my blog for all my hobby creative ideas from my sewing to my crochet work.Digal may not be just right right but, bare with me until I get me a new one.:)

A half double crochet stitch for this shrug.
Multiple color dark pink, light pink, dark purple and light purple.

Back of Shrug

Front of Shrug