Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey everyone. Everythings going good here just have a quick crochet project update. I've been done with my latest crochet projects since November but, never had time to post the pictures due to so much other things most of you all know.

But, I did Ms. Nellie a hat and scarf

Done with a I hook
Ripple stitch
Caron Simply (Grape)




They Nesa scarf she didn't want a hat.
Done with a I hook
Alternate stitch
Caron Simply (Soft Pink) and (Rose Violet)



Also Nesa is now toothless lol. How cute is that.
As you can see she is still on oxygen 24 7 but, she went down to 2 liters instead of 3 liters so the less she needs is good hoping soon she wont need any oxygen at all.


Nesa doing good no nothing manger. She just happy to be home. I am to. Nellie miss Nesa so much. I get to finally go Christmas shopping Thursday been putting it on hold due to our hospital stays.
We just hoping she can spend Christmas at home.

I've been doing ok. Just started back crocheting to help with my stress. I read from time to time it helps me go into another world so I won't have so much on my mind. But I thank everyone for all the prayers thanks a bunch.

I am hoping all goes well in due time.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yet Another Update

Well Nesa is doing ok. We is back in the hospital due that there was a small infection that can be treated by antibotics. Plus with all the 3 times a week visit to check her blood work to make sure her liver is still working. Also she had to get a liver biopsy due to her liver count wasn't looking right and they was concern about it so the biopsy can show more in details and it did.

But, other words Nesa is doing ok just smiling and playing and wondering why she is here so much when she said, she don't feel sick.

She also gaining weight and that is a good thing her face looks fuller and she is looking so cute and healthy.

The new liver she got is smaller so her belly has went down a lot. They took the saples out yesterday so that was good.

Other words we is hoping she don't have to be admitted again cause Christmas is around the corner and she wants to be at home she said, I missed Thanksgiving I don't want to miss Christmas lol. She is so crazy.

I thanks everyone for the prayers thanks a bunch.

I will update before Christmas.
I am hanging in there the best I can it's very stressfull when you can't sleep and then I sometimes feel guilty when Nellie asking me why she don't see me and trying to explain that I am in the hospital with her sister she say "Again" but, hanging in there schooling, very little home life, hosptial life just life all together.

Ok off I go hoping Nesa can be discharged today.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update With Pictures

Well here are the pictures. Just a couple.

Nesa want to do her own scrapbook so I took plenty of pictures but, I am only show a few for now.

All my pictures I don't have cause I used my cell phone to take these pictures. But, these I was able to manage. Some I just couldn't but, Nesa wanted pictures for herself.

When she came to the ICU. Right after the transplant.

Her belly with the 38 saples and the 2 draining tubes on the side.

She got out the ICU Sunday

She is now moving around a bit.

She will still go home on the oxygen until her lungs heel of the lung diesase. She still have one of her drains in her belly for the next week. The saples will come out in 2 more weeks. But, looks like we will be heading home Friday.

She's able to eat and she just been playing her little butt off lol. She is hating the 15 meds she have to take but, oh well she has to take it. I don't know why she putting up a fight when she been taking meds since birth lol. But, I guess kids never gets used to it.

But, here she is today just playing her little heart out.

The doctors said, she has done so well since her transplant. I am so proud of her though all of this she still manage to make me smile.

Oh by the way she is starting to be tooth-less lol. One missing tooth instead of money she got her a liver the next day. How cool is that. :)

Thanks everyone for the prayers and all. I am so glad to see my girl doing so well.

I also hate that I have to be away from Nellie for so long since I am here so much but, I went to pick her up and took her out to eat and brought her a doll so she wont feel left out I also explain to her what is going on with Nesa and why I am away so much.

But, other words thanks everyone again for the great comments and prayers.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Liver

Sunday morning Nesa was sleep when we got the call. A liver transplant nurse called saying they have good news.

First when we got the call I didn't think nothing of it because I was given a pager and thought it would go thou the pager so when this call happen and the nurse asked me questions like.

Is Nesa sick do she have a cold runny nose and so on and so on. I said, no, no, no, no and no to ever question.

She says well we have wonderful news we have a new liver for Nesa.

Soon as she said, that I nearly fall off my feet because remind you I wasn't sitting down I was walking though my house doing earlier morning cleaning while my girls was still in the bed then I was going to start on breakfast.

She asked has Nesa ate I said, nope she is still sleep she said, well go ahead and you all package and I will give you a call back in 30 minutes to tell you what room Nesa will be admitted to.

So I am running thou the house packing and yelling said, Nesa you go a new liver. She all happy she going to get her toys and all telling me what clothes she wants to wear.

30 minutes same nurse called, we was giving details on what to do.

So we arrive at the hospital around 11 am or so. They running tests x-rays, ultrasounds, blood work all of that. I was told she probably wont be going into surgery until close to midnight.

Her liver came from Oregon is all the information we was given. But, we also was given if we want to get in touch with the donors family I can write a letter give it to her transplant team and they will send to the donors family and if the family wants to get in touch with us they can respond.

But, all we know is her liver was fewn in from Oregon.

Monday morning 12 am/midnight November 23, 2009 Nesa was wheeled into the surgery.

I didn't leave the surgery waiting area. I slept right there on the floor and waited. They kept us updated by calling the phone that is localed in the waiting area to let us know what is going on.

The finally called, came at 8:30 am saying that Nesa is doing well and will be sent up to ICU shortly.

Around 11 am I finally got to see her because they had to do so much and we wasn't allowed in the ICU at that time.

I totally cried my eyes out seeting all those tubes in my baby. But, after awhile I got myself together and calm down but, I still find myself braking down.

While she in the ICU they want to montor everything from ultrasounds to x-rays to blood work and so on.

So they come in to do a ultrasound.
BAD NEWS the arthies and veins that is pumping blood thoughout the liver has a blood clot.

So they tell me the that she has to go back into surgery so they can fixed that.

So around 1 pm she is back in there and I am waiting and waiting. Mind you I don't care about no damn sleep I slept on the floor and wasn't even sleep it was like a nap.

So around 3:30 pm she is back in ICU this time I beat there to her room so I can see her come in though the doors.

They fixed it it's ok now.

As of Tuesday November 24, 2009 Nesa is still on the vent machine to help her breath they was going to take her off of it today but, due that Nesa has that lung disease her oxygen levels was dropping doing the night and they is concern about that and want the vent in until probably Friday or Saturday. Her blood work is looking good the liver is working and the ultrasound for today showing that she has flow thoughout her veins.
So all that is good.

The down part is that they is hoping that her lungs approve with the new liver and that she wont have low oxygen.

NESA - she is responding alot she cant talk due that she still on heavy meds and have the tube down her throat. But, when I say her name and tell her I love her she looks at me and shakes her head. She is able to point to where she is itching of where it hurts like feeling funny to her.

Me - I am hanging in there able to not cry as much as before. I've cried so much that my face looks dry and no matter if I put lotion on or not I dry the lotion out. But, I am hanging in there and watching my baby. Hate that she has to go though this but, it's good for her that she got a new liver.

I took lots of pictures a couple of before pictures and after pictures. I am not able to post them now because while I am typing this I am still at the hosptial. I wont be going home to get extra clothes until Friday or so then I can post pictures then.

Nesa has a scrap book she wanted to keep progress of her waiting for her liver and then when she get her liver. When we was at home Sunday she said, mom don't forget to get your camera I want you to get pictures. I said, ok I will.

But, on the good note she is hanging in there and I miss her saying Mom, mom, mom lol. I am missing her saying, Mom Nellie keep messing with me lol. Mom I wont that I wont that lol.

But, her school princple called saying that she wish Nesa the best and that she will come and see Nesa when she get out the ICU and also other good news she put Nesa down in this wishing like well thing where ever princple thoughout Milwaukee can nomtie a child for to get whatever that child wants as a wish like a make a wish foundation.

So I told her all the things Nesa likes and it would be nice if Nesa did get to have her wishes come true.

Nesa wanted a lot of toys girly stuff I knew that. Also a WII game, she want her own bed lol cause she tried of sharing a bed with Nellie lol and she want to go back to Disney World. I knew all of this so I just told her princple.

So we wait and see if Nesa's wishes can come true. It would be nice as a Christmas wish for her.

So aint no telling how long we will be here it goes by how long Nesa body is able to start working on its own and she starts doing things on her own. So she won't be able to do much until the vent is taken out.

But, I am here talking to her every step of the way. Telling her what is what even though she falls back to sleep she still hears me.

She made me laugh today. I asked her "Nesa is you tired of me calling your name?"

She shook her head yeah. And then a smile came across her face then she shook her head No.

LOL I had to laugh.

She even making me laugh while she is the one going to the worst thing ever that a 7 year old can go though.

Ok enough of my typing I think I have wrote a book lol.

I will update with plenty of pictures. Before and after pictures. Also they took the bandages off her belly it's looking good but, the saples will be in another week. So I will try to let everyone know step by step how things are going.

I tend to wonder around the building or stand by her bed but, when I stand there tears starts to roll down my eyes so I try to stay busy here at much as possible thats whey I am updating my blog. Journal writing does helps a lot I have to do this more often (AGAIN)

My friends and family is here as well to support me as well. Since I know so much about Nesa condition sometimes telling friends and family over and over it tends to get me to brake down again and again. So I sum it up and tell them the main details to whats going on.

But, on that note let me get back to her room be glad typing this only took me about 10 minutes glad I am a fast typer lol.

Everyone take care. Wish Nesa luck.
Thanks for all the prayers everyone sending.
Posting pictures soon.

Or for those that want me to send them pictures because, I email pictures from my phone to my email then I can fwd to whoever wants to see them thats the only way you can email me at that's the only way I can do it for now. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still Waiting

Well I've got some great emails with people leaving prayers and hoping for the best for my daughter Nesa thanks everyone.

I've been trying to hand in there right along with Nesa. It has now been a little over a month and aint no telling when she will get a new liver. They have had offers but, those was turned down due to that there was problems with the donors. But, Nesa is still number one in the region and we is just waiting. I am trying my best to keep her from getting ill. She got her flu shot and her H1N1 shot so thats good. When we out in public I am making she to wipe things down before she touch them just incase.

But, other words. I am doing good. I started back crocheting a few things. Hat and scarf for Nellie because since I be so busy with attending to Nesa I try my best to make sure that Nellie isnt forgotten she gets a bit upset at that. Shes only 4 so trying to explain to her why Nesa is to tired to play why Nesa is always in the hospital. Why Nesa takinig so much medicines.

But, I am still in school trying my best to hand in there. I only go 4 days a week but, soon 2 times a week due that Nesa have appointments ever week. She has about 2 to 3 a day I try to schedule as many in one day so we wont have to travel back and forth for 2 or 3 days in a row. Hmmm good thinking huh lol.

They want to run some EKG scans on Nesa's heart due that her heart is now rating way to high and they concern about that. Also want to do some brain scans since Nesa is low oxygen even though she is on a oxygen machine 24 7 they want to make sure that the low oxygen isn't causing any damage to her brain.

Nesa is homeschooled now but, her teachers miss her they stop by to check on her ever now and then and Nesa is able to go to the school and visit whenever she wants. Sometime next week before Thanksgiving I want to take her to her school so she can go to the library she love books just like me.

Ok well I think that is it. I will post pictures of my crochet projects soon. I been crocheting and reading to keep my mind busy from worry.

Everyone take care and thanks for the prayers and best wishes thanks.

Oh by the way I have a new email address incase those that want to contact me though email

Take care everyone. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Been A Long Time Coming

Ok I've been on a totally emotionally roader coaster for weeks now. Not to many of you known about my daughter Nesa and her condition a quick sums up on Nesa.
Nesa was born with a liver disease called Biliary Atresia to get more information you can click. But, Nesa had a surgery called a Kasai back when she was only a month old to correct her bile ducts. Ok that did great but, for many years she kept getting a infection due to her liver disease. She was hospitalize many many times I lost track a long time ago. But, her GI dr did endoscopy produce to help close up her veins that went down thou her month and down towards her stomach. This was done ever 2 to 3 months for the pass 3 years in a half this was to help open up her veins a little so that they want open to much or close to much closing can cause blood clots and opening way to much can cause her to bleed to death.

Now that was going soso but, then Nesa started coming down with this horrible cough this summer that just wouldn't go away then she started having trouble breathing. Then on top of that she was sleeping way to much and didn't want to go out and play or do anything that kids like to do. So I took her for her check up with her pedicitan and her dr said, that Nesa has low oxygen level and she thought it maybe asthma so she gave us inhalers and a machine for Nesa also told us to go to children hospital because she didn't like how low Nesa oxygen levels was. Also I told her about the sleeping that lead her doctor to think she maybe depressed and to see a physiogist. Ok so then Nesa was admitted to the hospital for the low oxygen that lead to them keeping her for 5 days to get her oxygen level back up it went back up and they said, it's asthma. Ok I thought we was done with that.

Nope we wasn't done with that about around the start of September Nesa had to go for her surgery with her GI doctor so we went. The nurse did Nesa's vitals and noticed Nesa oxygen level was way to low. She asked me was Nesa running before she came to seat down. I said, no why you ask. She said, because her oxygen level isn't normal her level is 79. I was like wow.
Now for those that don't know oxygen level is supposed to be in the late 90's up to 100 now Nesa was way to low.
Now after her GI doctor gets the news he decided to call off the surgery they didn't want to put her to sleep into they found out what it was that was causing her oxygen to be so low. I explain to him about we found out that she now have asthma could that be it he said, no that can't be it but, that doesn't means she don't have asthma and he want her to see a cardiologist.

Ok so we go and see a cardiologist but, in the mean time I am so worry and stress and hoping my baby is ok. Cause when I hear cardiologist I think of the heart. Now she set up to do a echo scan and do this bubble test to see how much bubbles go to her heart and leaves her heart and travel to her lungs.
They found out that only about 20% of the bubbles is traveling to her lungs and that isn't good when at least 90% to 100% supposed to make it to the lungs this is what is causing her to have low oxygen.

Now we wait to see what is next but, why we is waiting. I end up rushing Nesa to the hospital fast because she complaining she can't breath and that cough has gotten worster and worster to the point she was throwing up with her coughs. A high fever at 103.8. We get to the hosptial and her oxygen level way way to low and she's put on oxygen fast and for the next week and a half we in the hospital I get information after information about why this happened to Nesa.

Ok on top of the liver diease Nesa was dignosed with Pulmonary Arteriovenouse Malformation I was like what. So other words to sum that up. The veins that connects to Nesa heart that leaves to her lungs not pumping enough blood to make into oxygen to send to her lungs. Thats why she short out of breath or barely can walk up 8 steps and why she so tired a lot.

Now the liver transplant teams come into Nesa hospital room and introduce there self I knew this was coming but, I didn't want it to get to this point. They have to give her a new liver due to the low oxygen her liver just wont be able to take it and also this can help reverse her low oxygen problem. They said, some kids with Biliary Atresia this can happen to it's a low percent of kids that this can happen to so it happen that my daughter is one of the low percent. For days Nesa on the oxygen in the hospital and I am getting schooled on what will happen before, during and after the transplant. Then I am trying to explain the best way I can to Nesa about what is going on and what will happen. That's hard to do with a 7 year old. Nesa knowns she is different but, now trying to explain to her the reason why she gets tired just by taking 10 steps from her hospital bed to the bedroom.

As of October 9, 2009 Nesa was put on the liver transplant list. UNOS the transplant network.
We is finally home after all this time but, why we is home Nesa has to stay on oxygen until a new liver comes available 24-7 she is on oxygen so that means no school she will have to be home school the social workers at the hosptial is taking care of that. Also she has to be on her pulse opt machine thoughout the night and of course take all her meds and try to stay healthy until a new liver comes available.

The downfall to this is trying my best to explain to Nesa. Also waiting for 3-6 months or a liver to possible come availabe for her. Also our hospital here don't do living donors and family memebers and friends as welling to get tested to see if they can donoate to Nesa. Also waiting on someone else to die grrrr. Also Nesa complaining about her oxygen nasal cords. Also me trying to hang in there. Also afterwards she still in the danger zone with rejection or infection and don't want to think about the negative outcome pass that.

The good thing about this is my baby can get health again. Play again be a kid, kid again.
Also Nesa want to know the donors family and I like that she cares that much to want to know them.

Nesa and my conversation:
When I was explaining to her about her getting a new liver. She said, mom how they go live without a liver if I can't?
I said, well whoever liver you get will be gone up to heaven that person have to die first.
My Thoughts: How else do you supposed to tell a child that the person you getting a liver from will be dead.
She said, won't there's be dirty?
I said, well the doctors will clean it the best they can but, to keep the new liver working in you, you have to take care of yourself by taking all your meds and staying clean.
She said, I will.
Then one thing she said, that really caught me off guard but, I loved that she cared.
She said, Mom can I tell her mom thank you for the liver?
How I react and my thoughts: I just broke down crying. Telling you the truth I wasn't trying to be selfish but, I was so concern about my child I knew someone has to die in order for my child to get a liver but, I never thought of wanting to know the donors family until Nesa said, something.
I said, yeah we can see if we can get to know the person that gives you a liver family.

Well right now in this region Nesa is at the bottom of the list her doctors working on within a week or so getting her to be number 1 on the list in our region so I am keeping my fingers cross and prayer that she be listed as number 1.

So now you all see why I haven't been around much lately. Not to much of sewing or crocheting going on. To keep my mind busy I've been reading a lot either novels or reading up on transplants and all of that.

But, in the mean time I am trying to keep my head up and spend plenty of time with my girls. We try to go out to the movies and out the eat as much as possible. I try to keep Nesa walking limited as much as possible. She misses school but, Monday I am taking her to say goodbye to her teachers and classmates for now.

Oh also Nesa and I started a book it's like a count down to her new liver. Everyday she will write how she feels I am helping her to try to keep track of all her meds when she supposed to take them and stuff like that. She get to ask me questions as much as she wants. I thought this would be nice for her to keep track of how she feels and also for me to know what meds she is on for that day and doctors appts and so on.

So wanted to update you all and let everyone know why I've been missing in action yet again. So will be taking a brake from blogging I won't for good will catch everyone up on what is going on from time to time. Or if I am working on something will update you all on that. I am working on finishing up Nesa afghan I want her to take it with her to the hosptial for when she gets a new liver. Other words I am trying to hang in there lots on my mind but, I am hanging in there as much as possible. School for me starts October 19 my mom will help to watch Nesa while I am gone. Working with be no longer for me right now cause all my focus is on Nesa and her getting well and I want to be around her as much as possible. School is only for 4 hours a day Monday-Friday and my school willing to work with me when Nesa is in the hosptial for any reasons.

If anyone like to contact me at anytime you can do so. My email address is at the top of my blog. Questions or just want to talk that is cool. I try to check my emails a couple times a week depending on how I feel.

But, here go a few pictures of Nesa just took today so you can see she is doing ok just taking it easy until that time comes.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Much To Do In So Little Time

Well looks like I got my crocheting mojo back. There is so much I want to make since it's going to be getting colder soon I guess I tend to crochet more when it's colder I've noticed that a lot. Sew in the spring and summer crochet in the fall and winter hmmmmm well I guess that's just me.

Well have a little progress done on many projects. Well did finished that shirt dress for Nellie it's a shirt but, I have it flare out as a dress cute on her. Here she go modeling her shirt.

How cute. Oh, my baby is so toothless. I don't think you all seen a picture of her since her 2 bottom teeth came out. :)



Close up

Don't know what kind of yarn this is got it from a friend and it didn't have a lable on it it was just yarn she didn't want but, I like it I may take it to the yarn store just to find out what kind of yarn this is. It's soft. But, I used no pattern this is a little like her old crochet dress I made awhile back. I just mainly looked at that to get this how I wanted and of course used Nellie to make my measurements.

Done in HDC and SC stitching and crocheted with a H hook.

Now next project has been a working in progress for me I was to finished this last year but, then I just went on to other things and this project got away from me.

This is a hexagon diamond afghan I am working on for my mom just got back to it but, very little progress because I find other things I want to do.


Now this is another hexagon afghan I was also working on I think the last time I posted any information was when I just started doing the hexagon and I probably had like 10 hexagon done. Well been working my hexagon butt off and now I have this to show for.


This I am making for Nesa. I have to say I have had a lot of progress and only been working on it for about 2 days on and off. I am trying to make this as tall as Nesa so hoping some more progress with this comes along this upcoming week.

Now this next project is for me and my bed. I believed I started this this year not so sure don't remember but, I have been working with this on and off for months but, decided to hop to it more a couple days ago. I have to say it's coming along.

View 1 100_1752

View 2 100_1753

As you can see on view 2 it's on my bed I am half way there. It now comes to the middle of my bed now so looks like I am getting closer to being done with this. My goal is to be down with this by the middle of next month like around the 20th or somewhere. But, if I work on it more I may be done with this in a week. Wish me luck.

Now this is another work in progress for me. My goal is to be done by Christmas since I wasn't able to finish my mom hexagon diamand shape afghan last year. I decide to suprise her with this afghan. I am not going to show her this at all it's a suprise. It will be a suprise to me when I finish lol.

I have a couple of quilting books and magazines. I came across this blanket that is called Tropico.
Look below.


I liked the graph to this so I say well I don't quilt but, I crochet so what's wrong with me making those into squares and make that myself. But, in totally different colors then for this quilt. Hmmmm smart huh lol.

So, so far I have this done.


Not much just started Thursday and I say I have about 60 sqaures done so far. So that's good. Don't know how many more I need and I don't want to know. I am just going to do like 3 rows at a time and connect them as I go. I think that's best lol. So really wish me luck on this one. I think I will totally love this project after I am done. I know my mom will she been waiting for me to finish a whole afghan for her for awhile. :)

Ok future upcoming projects. My sister want me to crochet a baby block that rattles for my niece so I will start that soon. Also I wanted to crochet a boy and girl ABC blanket or just a baby blanket and probably sell them. I also want to get started on winter things for me and my girls sewing and crocheting. Probably after I finished my afghan I want to start on my shrug that turns into a vest, scraf, cape, and jacket. My sister want one too. So lots of projects ahead of me.

Well lots to do. I start school again October the 19th so I am getting as much done as I can since I am back at home and I get bored very easy. But, since I have been crocheting I've noticed I do miss it. Love the acomplishment I feel when I finish something that is so suprise and done by me. At times I still can't believe how far I've coming to just starting to crochet by teaching myself thou books and the internet to crocheting a block that wasn't staight for nothing lol to now crocheting things I can't believe I can do even when I do it without a pattern. I am amazed at that so much. Love have a unique talent that I can pass down to my kids then they can pass down to theres as well.

Well enough of my chit chatting let me get off this computer and get crocheting and cook my Sunday dinner. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WOW Where Have The Time GONE

Ok quick update. Been away way to long been so busy this summer. We all went to Indiana, Chicago and other cities in Wisconsin so we have been so busy that I have been behing on blogging for awhile.

Also Nesa been in and out of the hospital for the pass 2 months but, she is doing ok. School starts on the first so she is ready to go back to schoo. This year Nellie will be able to go to school also she will be going to K4 can't wait.

I on the other hand had to put my radiology classes on hold due that they couldn't find my last credits grrrrrr from when I was in school before since the school closed down it's hard to prove my college credits grrr but, oh well that opens the door for me to start my Medical Assistant classes in October and since they made a mistake it's on them and I don't have to worry about that money I own hmmm so it all works out for the better lol. I am happy and can't wait to go back to school also liking that my sister will be also going for the same thing MA also and we will be going to the same school so shoot we never should say that we don't have a study buddy lol when we can study with each other. I am so proud of her for wanting to go back to school oh and myself lol.

But, enough about that.
I haven't been doing any big sewing just been the fixer upper for people that need something fixed up on jeans, shirts, skirts, dress, purses and so on. Mainly the fixer upper type thing since I been so busy I haven't been able to agree to anyone or myself to do a big project.

Well since fall is around the corner I noticed this is the time I start crocheting a lot and I started making a dress for Nellie it's like a shirt where she can wear legging with it. I am also working on my mom's afghan that I have been working on for a year lol oh and also my afghan that I am so trying to finish by December that's my gold.

I have some upcoming crocheting projects I like to do. I was watching Knitting Daily where there was this shrug that turns into a vest, scarf, jacket, cape and more and it was doing in knitting I was like in aww at it and said, I can do that in crocheting so I am going to give that a try soon as I start I will start taking pictures.

No picture update don't have my camera at home with me but, in this upcoming week will try to take pictures of Nellie shirt I am working on and hopefully I can start on some new crocheting projects. I just need crochet juices. LOL

Don't have any sewing projects up my sleeve just yet but, want to make me a couple pair of jeans and some shirts.

Ok that's it.

Sorry I been gone gone gone lol.

Everyone take care and happy crocheting, sewing, knitting whatever you do that is creatived.

Take care everyone.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Monday, July 6, 2009

I've Been Sewing My Butt Off

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. My family and I had a great time eatting up a storm lol.

But, I got to get in a bit of sewing this pass weekend. So wanted to show you all my latest projects.

I did me some gaucho pants and a shirt. Did Nesa 2 outfits.

But, first let me run you down about mines.

My gaucho pants that I so love. Done with McCall 5251


Now here go my shirt. I did this from Butterrick 5001 but, the pattern is a dress I only did the top part for my shirt and added more fabric to make a fuller shirt that hangs on the left side of the shirt. Love this fabric and love how I made this pattern my own.

While it is tied on the side of the shirt. It can be tied and untied.
As you can see in the back I love reading lol.

Now on with the show with Nesa outfit. No pattern done here. I used some old shorts of Nesa's for my draft. Alsot his fabric I only had 1 yard of it and I made it worth it. Used flannel for this outfit. It's a short and a short sleeve jacket/bolero. Size 6, 7

The bottom of the shorts has 2 ribbon bows on both sides of the legs. Jacket/bolero is shorter in the front but, made it longer in the back.

Close up on jacket/bolero
Close up on shorts

I liked this fabric for this next outfit that I did for Nesa. I also didn't use a pattern just used Nesa as my model for her outfit. Also had 1 yard of this fabric as well. I call this school girl outfit. Nesa wanted a skirt and I thought of those school uniforms for this outfit. It's down in pleats.

Skirt and bolero/jacket shorter bolero/jacket. This outfit can be wored with out the jacket as well but, thinking about added a button to the bottom of the jacket.

Don't mind the shirt she will really wear this with a plain white shirt.


Ok I guess that is all for now. I also been crocheting but, didn't want to update with my crocheting until I am done with it completely wanted on on something for Nesa with those pink crochet squares I showed before that was a start but, I am a little farther ahead now.

Sorry that most of the pictures are so big. Didn't get a chance to edit the pictures and crop them up sorry. :) But, I think you all get the point of the pics.

Thanks for dropping in. Hope everyone have a great week. Take care. Now got to go and look at my fellow bloggers blogs. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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