Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Reading, Crocheting, Sewing and Playing With My Yarn

How is everyone doing this week so far so good? Well everything is going ok on my end. Kids doing good mainly being kids as always. This month is going fast already pretty soon Nesa next surgery will be around the corner. Well on the 23th Nesa has another surgery to determine what they will do next. So keeping my fingers cross and praying every night that all goes well. Have to meet with the tranplants plant team that day also while she is in surgery they just want to talk about what will be next and so on and so on. Nesa blanket is coming along nicely would like to thank the latest lovely ladies that sent Nesa some wonderful squares. Tinabrook from the Ville, and Nicole from the Ville and Thekidneybean (Laura) one of my blogger friends thanks. You like to check out the squares that Laura sent me you can click HERE. She made some wonderful squares. I didn't take pictures of every squares I got due to that more uploading pictures and me an my time schedule it just wont do. But, here is the whole blanket to give you a overall on what it looks like so far.

Cute huh? One part of the blanket

Another part/view of blanket


Now Nesa chilling on her blanket


I have much more to do and hoping by the 20th that all the squares will be here so I could put them all on to the blanket. And hoping by the 21 I can then start going around the blanket to add a little bit of a border to it.

Now KristieMN from the Ville sent my girls some lovely things. How nice of her.


See all the lovely things she sent. Thanks Kristie.

Also on with my crocheting but, first let me brag a bit lol. Was so happy to finally get my package from a Ebay seller. I was bidding on a yarn mix lot on ebay fighting for it. I so wanted it so badly. It was 18 pounds of yarn. I liked all the colors and everything so I bidded and bidded trying to not go over my limit but, had finally got it. So now let me show off what I got.



Hummmmmmm don't you just love all of that yarn. A lot of it is vintage yarn, yarn I haven't never seen but, by reading the tags on most of the yarn you can tell that they are old. I even went looking online to look them up and most of them isn't made anymore. So I have to try to do the best I can with what I have huh. But, so far my mom came over saying omg you is going yarn crazy lol but, then later she pointing at the yarn she wants for me to make her a throw blanket for when she is laying in her lazyboy chair. But, first I have some things I want to do first.

I decided to use this yarn to make me a shrug jacket.


So far so good, doing in mesh stitching.


Have a lot more to do for this one but, so far so good here.

Now on to my reading, Well I used to read a lot lot but, due that I don't have that much time in the day I did put a bit of my reading on hold. But, when my friends came up for the 4th of July weekend it brought back memories. Back in high school and college when we was always reading and talking about what was going on in the books we was reading. Exchanging books and so on and so on. They was talking about books and things when they was here I couldn't relate because I haven't been reading or trying to read but, they got me hooked again. I have a library full of books and most of them just collecting dust day in and day out. But, they was kind enough to get me a few books so. I started back reading. I am more of a urban book reader. So far I finished one book in 2 days called Sistah For Sale it was a ok book I'll give it 3 stars. Now I am on to another book called Diamond Playgirls so far so good. This book has 4 of my favorite authors in one. But, other then that I want to read a lot more. If I have to read while crocheting then that is what I have to do lol.

Ok on with my sewing. Not much sewing. Started on a shirt for me. Have to finish up the back part of the shirt then I will be done with that.

Here go a sneak preview


So far so good.

There you have it my Reading, Crocheting, Sewing and Playing with yarn lol.

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Christina said...

Nesa's blanket looks awesome! Whoa, you hit the yarn jackpot! That's awesome! Love the shirt you're sewing so far.

Laura said...

The shirt is so pretty so far, and the blanket is coming along so cute!

That's a lot of yarn! Lucky you! The trick to bidding on Ebay for something you really gotta have is to wait until the last 5 minutes of so of the auction, so you can see what the final price is, and don't get outbid early on.

I know what you mean about reading - I don't read nearly as much as I used to since I started crocheting. : )

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nesa's surgery will go well, and she'll be able to get the transplant.

Terri said...

Keeping Nesa in my prayers.

Love how the blanket came out. It looks fantastic.

And I am envious of that yarn. How beautiful.

Laurah said...

The blanket is looking great! I'm really glad you like the squares I sent.
You must be busy with the blanket, Nesa's upcoming surgery and all that yarn! I also don't read as much as I used to. Sometimes I listen to books on tape or cd from my library. If it's a fiction book, it can be nice to crochet to. I don't really like to listen to non-fiction on cd though. I'd rather read those than listen to them. Have a good time reading and crocheting!

Zuleika said...

The blanket is looking great! Oooh I so wish I'd gotten that yarn! You really cleaned up there! :-)

You're all still in my prayers and I hope all goes well.
I don't read as much as I used to either, and should find the time to. Enjoy! :-)

Mimi said...

I'm loving your pink shrug/jacket...nice yarns!
Nesa's blanket is looking awesome - and what a sweet smile she has :)

naida said...

awwwww...the blanket is beautiful and your little on looks like she loves it.

18 pounds of yarn! heavenly.

Mary Sarah said...

You get so much done! I'm amazed! Nesa looks so cute on her new blanket. Your new shrug is gonna be great and all that yarn is too much fun! I love to read too. I don't read as much as I'd like to , but I love it! Great new top too!

Sheila said...

That lovely blanket is Nesa is going to love rather she is loving it now I'm sure. Did you receive my squares?

You are now Queened the Yarn

Keeping Nesa in my prayers.