Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF (Friday) YAY

Week has been very grrr crazy. Monday meeting with the state for Kindship. On Tuesday meeting with Child Protective Services they wanted to ask my cousin questions about the things that went on in my aunt house to cause her to want to leave. Wedensday I had a doctors appointment just a little check up. Thursday Nellie had to go to the dentist and now today Friday Nellie had to get a couple of her teeth pulled out.

So let me show before and after pictures of my baby girl.

Before don't mind her eye she woke up with the pink eye grrr.:(

Now After
Awww my baby :( is tooth-less. She not in to much pain she has been sleeping since we got home and companing that it don't feel right. But, she is a trooper.

She had to get her 2 front teeth pull do to a little infection she had in her gums so glad that these are her baby teeth.

Ok a bit of my week crafting.
I worked on some slippers for me, Nesa and Nellie. No pattern followed just used our feet as guide. They came out nicely I believe.

Don't mind our ashy legs.:)LOL

Oh also I forgot that I made Nesa a scarf to go with her coat I made a couple of weeks ago so I took a quick picture of it.:)

Ok I took my girls to the Children's Museum. They have free family night's on the
3rd Thursday of ever month and we haven't been in a very long time so thought it would be nice to take my girls my niece and nephew plus my mom and sisters went also. The kids had a ball as you can see in all the pictures below.

Other then that I had fun.

Everyone take of themselves. Have a great weekend.:) I surely would try to myself.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Christina said...

Sorry to hear you've had such a tough week. I hope Nellie feels better soon. Its awful when kids have to get their teeth pulled. When Pi had to do it, it wasn't fun. Great slippers and looks like you guys had a blast at the museum.

Zuleika said...

oh no! DENTISTS ARE SCARY! lol She is such a trooper, and I'm glad the dental visit went well.

Love the slippers, and all the photos. The kiddies really look like they had fun. :-)
I hope this week is a bit calm for you, but not boring though. ;-)

Laura said...

The scarf is really cute, as are the slippers!

I hope Nesa is feeling better. I've never had any teeth pulled, and the thought of ever having it done scares me! Nellie is brave to go through it!

Our Children's Museum here in Cleveland is pitiful compared to ones in other cities. It's OK for babies and toddlers, but there's really not much there for school-aged kids. It looks like yours there in Milwaukee is pretty nice.

I hope Nesa and Nellie are feeling better. I got pink eye about 5 years ago, and it was miserable.

Caroline said...

Your slippers are darling....good work! The girls look like they ahd a lot of fun at the museum....good for you getting them out into the world!!! Hope Nellie's mouth is doing better, Devin lost bith his front teeth this past summer and he is still toothless. Hey Santa, bring us some teeth!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics, they are great! And I love the slippers you made.

CraftyAshley said...

That sounds like a CRAZY week! Wew, that wore me out just reading all the appointments you had. And through it all you made some slippers. lol They look very nice. Hope you have a nice weekend!

naida said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lesa :)

very cute slippers!
Nice pics, we went to a childrens museum recently too, it looks like the same thing.

Jeannette said...

The slippers are really cute!! The family trip looks like it was a blast!