Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Work In Progress

After all these months I finally get to say I have some WIP projects. Well working on some long term and short term projects. I went looking on Ravelry looking at a few of my low term projects that I want to finish up. Like this
Tropico Afghan that I started back in August that I wanted to finish for Christmas for my mom but, now I will have to try to finish it before her bday June. She don't know I am making it for her all this time I have kept it a secret so she will be really suprise when I give it to her. I've made plenty of squares but, here is what I am working on from a cross stitch book.

This was the work in progress the last time I took pictures so hoping to come along soon. I just haven't been putting together the squares just crocheting them up first.

Now here is another long term project I've been on and off working on since February 2009 OMG that's been awhille lol. Here is when I had about 50% done but, now I would say I have 75% done.
When I am finally done I will be so happy lol. The biggest project I've ever done will be this one. I think I would have been down a long time ago if I didn't had to take months and months of brakes but, I had to when I had so much going on.

Here is some short term WIP projects.

I wanted to do my little niece a tank top and when I seen this Patron yarn I totally love the color so cute.

Here is my niece and myself with her cute self. And the tank top that I haven't yet had her put on so my next post I will have it on her. So you all can see how it really looks.

I am also working on doing a throw blanket for my couch. I now have read couches and thought that making a pretty crochet throw blanket for it would be nice. Plus working on a long term project with the same color red and white yarn I want to do a latch hook rug wall hanging. So far I started off on it and I see how much I missed crafting so much.

For the latch hook I want all white circles with red background. So far but, aint not telling how long this project will be.

I also have a idea with this pink, white and green fabric that has some cute little frogs on it. I also got some pink and green Caron Simply Soft yarn I want to crochet some edging and sew it to the fabric to make a cute receiving blanket. I have a couple of friends and family memebers that is pregnant and want to see how this turn out and if it turns out ok I will give it to one of them for there baby. Just trying to use that crafty side of me that I haven't been using lately. LOL

I have a sewing project in mind also that is to make my girls some night gowns for the summer they have all these pj's that is pants and long sleeve shirts I wanted to make some summer wear for bed.

Since my house as been rearranged a lot my living room area is now a living room lol so no sewing machine in here anymore so now I have to find a corner to put my sewing area at so I can get back to sewing yet again. I totally miss sewing and crocheting.

Oh also as you can see I thought I will start my blog off on a new leaf with a new style and change it up a bit with the background. Cute aint it lol? :)

Ok off I go hoping to catch up with everyone else on there blogs. Glad to be back yet again. :) everyone take care. Have a great day and week. Happy 420 everyone.

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Aminat said...

Thanks Lesa, I am so glad you are back...How are you doing and your DD as well.. Do have a pleasant week

Crafty Christina said...

Hey Lesa! You've been busy with your WIPS. I can never keep up with you! Glad to see you around and to hear your babies are doing well.

Alviana said...

I got as much WIP projects as you have. glad u back and good luck :)

Mimi said...

Hi Lesa! So nice to see you blogging again - I love the new look...
Nice pics, your girls look adorable as always (you and your niece too! ;))

Tanya said...

Very promising, can't wait to see what you come up with I know it will be great. Your niece is adorable.