Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yet Another Update

Well Nesa is doing ok. We is back in the hospital due that there was a small infection that can be treated by antibotics. Plus with all the 3 times a week visit to check her blood work to make sure her liver is still working. Also she had to get a liver biopsy due to her liver count wasn't looking right and they was concern about it so the biopsy can show more in details and it did.

But, other words Nesa is doing ok just smiling and playing and wondering why she is here so much when she said, she don't feel sick.

She also gaining weight and that is a good thing her face looks fuller and she is looking so cute and healthy.

The new liver she got is smaller so her belly has went down a lot. They took the saples out yesterday so that was good.

Other words we is hoping she don't have to be admitted again cause Christmas is around the corner and she wants to be at home she said, I missed Thanksgiving I don't want to miss Christmas lol. She is so crazy.

I thanks everyone for the prayers thanks a bunch.

I will update before Christmas.
I am hanging in there the best I can it's very stressfull when you can't sleep and then I sometimes feel guilty when Nellie asking me why she don't see me and trying to explain that I am in the hospital with her sister she say "Again" but, hanging in there schooling, very little home life, hosptial life just life all together.

Ok off I go hoping Nesa can be discharged today.

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Crafty Christina said...

Lesa, I'm glad to hear Nesa is doing well! I'll be praying that she makes it home for Christmas.

Anonymous said...


Zu said...

I pray you guys get to spend Christmas at home. Glad she's still in good spirits. :-)