Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On A WIP Roll

This weekend has been hecked so I wasn't able to get a lot done as I thought I would. I did get some crocheting done. I can't tell you how much I have missed making things. I like the finish projects and like how calm and relaxing crocheting does.

I was able to finish that girlie baby blanket that has the crochet edging going around it. It came out so pretty love the outcome to it.
I brought 2 yards of the fabric 1 yard on each side with the crochet edging sandwich right between the fabric.
I picked a thinner fabric so it's more of a receiving blanket then a blanket since it will be getting warmer outside dont want anything to thick when summer comes.

On 2 sizes of the blanket I have pink, green then on the other 2 sides I have green, pink. The stitches is small shell stitches that worked up quickly.
I measured the sides by chaining and using the chain row to measure how many stitches I needed.
Used I - hook
Yarn Caron Simply Soft limelight and soft pink. If you look at the picture you will see I am almost done I had to pin it down so I can sew it. I will have to hand sew this so that the yarn wont get stuck in my sewing machine foot so wish me luck with hand sewing lol don't really like hand sewing I guess I will listen to my mp3 player while I sew this.

Now after finishing this blanket for a girl I thought I would do one for a boy as well. So when I came across the blue, white and green frog fabric I was like oh wow. Ok now I can do a boy blanket. Been going though my stitch edge book to see what would like nice for a boy blanket. Haven't decided yet what stitch to do. My fiance told me to do something that is like square like don't do fan or shell stitches for a boy blanket so I am still looking so I won't do anything to girlie for this blanket.

Also I want to do some sewing. Still haven't started on my girls gowns but, will soon. Also while I am doing that I have some ideas on myself a shirt and a dress. Found these 2 pretty fabrics that I love.

The patterns I got for these 2 fabrics both by McCall. M6037 and M5893. I don't know which one I am going to use for which fabric I just liked these plus I want to see if i can handle doing these patterns. Haven't sewn in a very long time so wish me all luck.

Ok thats my update right there so off I go. Since I only go to school twice a week for this term I am going to enjoy sewing, crocheting and trying to catch up on my reading.

Everyone have a great Tuesday and a great week. :) Take care everyone and happy crafting :)

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Andrea Moberly said...

Lovely! That blanket is great :) Love the other fabrics too!

Sheila said...

The baby blanket is sooo adorable... love the crochet border. Also you I like the fabric for your patterns. Looking forward to a finale post.

Aminat said...

Wow the blanket is so beautiful, I love the border too, I wish I know how to make stuffs like this...I have those 2 patterns too and your fabrics are lovely

DanNee said...

very pretty blankets...

Crafty Christina said...

The blanket is great and I love the crochet edging. Attaching it by sewing instead of poking holes is really smart too!

Tanya said...

That is such a cute and quick gift. I will have to remember that for an upcoming baby shower.

Cami said...

wow, I love the receiving blanket edging you did. So creative to make it and sandwich it between the fabric, I've never thought of that but I might have to give it a try. It turned out fantastic!

Zuleika said...

The baby blanket came out so pretty! Good luck with the hand sewing. It's not my fave thing to do either. hehe
Can't wait to see how ur sewing comes out. I'm sure you'll have no problems. :-)

Laura said...

Very pretty blanket! You're a very talented sewer - I'm sure you'll have no problem with those patterns!

micey's place said...

hi like your patterns i have the same two. great choice.