Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brake is now over

Took a big brake from crocheting and sewing. Mainly because my left wrist was hunting me so bad thinking I can have carpal tuner however that is spelled lol. But, now it's getting better and everyone is hunting me down from me to sew or crochet something for them so want to make me some extra money and get back into the groove of things. Wrist not hurting as much as before. Got to finish up a crochet rap for my sister yesterday and also she wants me to teach her how to crochet she was going though a couple of my crochet books and there was so much in the book she wants to try to make for herself one day so first she have to know the basics and go from there. So for she know how to chain and the single stitches and some other stitches she still learning but, I think I am a good teacher lol.:) Don't mind showing her how I learn. I showed her a couple of the websites I learn from and I also recorded some of the Uncommon Thread shows that has crocheting in it. So she watched and listen and asked me questions:) Wouldn't mind show whoever want to learn. Have some people I know wanting me to make them some purses so have to also dust off my sewing machine and getting to sewing up some thangs haven't done that in a minute also. :) so wish me luck got to get my crochet on.

I did this before sent in a suggestion to DIY in having them do a Crochet Show but, I also did it again a woman in one of my email groups said something about it so I went ahead and did it again the link is below we all know we need to see more crocheting on tv. DIY have 2 Knitting shows and at times for us crocheters we have to try to catch when Uncommon Thread has a crochet group on and at times that is at least 2 to 3 times a month at times.:)


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