Monday, February 5, 2007

Still Working On My WIP Crochet

My WIP Crochet list is becoming longer and longer. Now have more things on my list can't never finish anything because I am always starting on another project. Is it me or what start but, then stop in the middle and go to another project or doing at least 5 at a time. I have a notebook so I can write down what project it is and the hook size for that project and what stitch I am using so then I won't get confuse when I go back to it. Notebook coming in handy. My sister now begging me to do her a scarf and a hair rap like the one I made myself. My other sister want another baby blanket. I am doing my kitchen curtains, my tank top, trying to finish up a shrug I have still have to finish up the fun fur on the sleeves oh and doing one of my daughter's blanket. SO much on my plate huh lol. Then probably will be sewing sometime next week have some girls I know want me to make them some handbags. Also prom is coming up and that is the time I make a lot of money with doing my little clutches for prom. :)

Still want to get started on my January/February squares from the Ville I went on ahead and accepted the challenge in doing a month squares I know it's not January but, I still would like the January squares want to get started with this challenge sometimes this weekend. Looking forward to finishing my sister scarf and hair rap by tomorrow night hopeful.:)

Someone asked in this crochet group Iam in where is the weirds place you crochet at? I didn't know because I always crochet at home or my moms house. But, today found myself crocheting in the line at Time Warner Cable while waiting to pay my bill. lol Then I also was crocheting at the WIC office. Now I know the answer to the question huh?

So what about you your weirds place?

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Kim Wyatt said...

LOL, My WIP collection has some things it it that I don't even remember what they were supposed to be, much less what color & dye lot or hook size I used. I like your notebook idea a lot.