Monday, February 26, 2007

Quick WIP Project/ 2 Drawstring Camera Cases

First camera case has some charms on it a heart and a diva charm. I did with a K hook Single Stitches the first 3 rows then Single Stitches in the back hoop all the other stitches to make that ruffy look in the yarn.
I did a long row of 30 single stitches and used a safty pin to guide the yarn though the back to make it that look like a drawstring.

Second camera case is much different I made this one different more of a 2 piece that I crocheted together. The first 3 rows is done in single stitch the rest of the rows are also single but, I also chain 3 stitches and skip a hoop. I started off with change 9 witht he first piece and change 10 witht he second piece to make the second piece more wider in width. I crochet around to correct them together in a more of a oval shape then a round shape guess hard to explain but, I mainly work with what I got I more practice and keep on practing until I get what I like after I am finished. And loved this one. By skipping a stitch it made the whole in between ever stitch so when you look at the case you can see inside the case.:)

I did the same thing by chaining some stitches to make a long drawstring to use with a safty pin to guide though the bag the drawstring is used to close it up and also to use as to hold the case.:)

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