Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Been Awhile HUH?

Well I've been oh so busy with cleaning my house throwing away things I don't want and trying to sell a couple of things on ebay. But, I am back and want to show off my gift I got from Christina for our Swap Swap Gals "Purse" Swap for April. Oh by the way Christina you did great on the lining of the purses great job.:)

So for those that don't know Swap Swap Gals had a purse swap for April and everyone was partner up with who they will send gifts to and who they will receive gifts from. Christina is the one that is to send to me so I want to show what I got. Also to my Swap Swap Gals, our new theme is up and sign up has now started.:)

Ooooooooo look at all the goodies. I got 2 purses, soome candy love me some Twix, thanks for the little dolls and stickers for Nesa and Nellie they love them. I got some purse handles, and a crochet purse pattern they I know I will try to make and some lovely soft yarn.

Lookie lookie purse 1

Lookie purse 2

Lookie all my other goodies

Thanks again Christina

I see everyone was looking Nellie tank top I got started on Nesa's awhile ago but, due to me beening so busy these days I haven't yet to finish it but, I am still working toward trying to finish it. Don't know about this weekend because she will be gone this weekend and I will need her to keep trying it on to see how it fits. I have to work more with Nesa when it comes to me sewing or crocheting her tops due to her belly being so big I have to try to not make it tight on her belly so far so good.

Here go what I have so far. I make it in a long piece and crochet it together on both ends for the back. I have to increase most of the rows that goes around her belly. I can't do to much open stitches Nesa don't like to show off her belly well her scar so I understand that. but, trying to make it look nice as much as I can.

This part will be in the back.

Ok now on with my inspiring projects. I got a couple of books in the mail from ummmm dang somewhere. It when you feel out that little postcard by picking things you like but, you only have to pay a small amount after you get your product. Well I order me 4 books.

This is one of my books.


This book is totally inspiring me. But, one thing is that most of the things I come across are things I would love to make for Nesa and Nellie. But, all those things are adult patterns so I guess I may have to work with the sizing to get it to be more for smaller girls.

But, here go a couple that inspire me.








Ok thanks for stopping by blogger friends. Don't have much more to say but, oh have a couple more words to say. Everyone have a great weekend I know I will. I plan on going to see "Ironman" tonight. Mainly taking my mom she wants to see it so it's like a early Mother's Day thing for her.

Again have a great weekend.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Zuleika said...

Wow, you got a lot of great stuff!!
I really like the two trendy tops pattern. Can't wait to see what you make after all that inspiration. :-)

Mimi said...

Those are cute purses!
And those are lovely tops, can't wait to see your FOs.

Laurah said...

Christina did a great job on your swap package! I love that variegated yarn. I couldn't see the vaiegated pattern on her blog, but it's a really pretty pattern and color! Lucky you and your daughteres must be so happy to get the dolls!
Can't wait to see what you pick to make first from your new crochet book!

Christina said...

You're welcome Lesa! I'm glad you like everything! Nice books...can't wait to see the tops!

Sheila said...

Lovely swap package and really like the trendy crochet top.

Laura said...

I have that 100 Crochet Patterns book too - my mom got it from a book club and gave it to me. There are some pretty designs, but most are too complicated for me. : (

I understand about Nesa and the scars - my stomach is all scarred up too from two colon surgeries. Not that it matters I guess, because it's too chubby to bare anyway, LOL!

I can't wait to see the tank top - you do such great work!

Caroline said...

Cute purses from Christina! I'm with you some of the projects have me inspired. The tank tops are really cute! Can't wait to see some of 'em!

CraftyAshley said...

My hubby said he wants to go see the movie with you. lol That is a great package you got there! And that book looks great can't wait to see what you come up with!

C. Dishmey said...

I heard the movie was awesome! Enjoy.