Monday, May 5, 2008

Work In Progress, All Done

Just another day in my crochet world. Today I finally can report that I finished Nesa tank top or you can say tube top either or works for me. I had a lot of work on this one due to Nesa belly being so big I had a lot of incresing to do on a couple of rows and a lot of trying it on her to make sure that it fits her right and not to tight. So here is Ms. Nesa showing off her fly tank top/tube top.



Close Up on stitches on the back
I love how this turned out on the back.

I also took the time out to make a cute little headband to go with her tank top. Whip this up in like 20 minutes.


I used Bernat Cool Crochet yarn with a H hook. Done in single for the front top part, double for the shell stitches at the bottom, and chain stitches for the back part.

I also had to do me a head thing which it isn't a hair rap or a headband it's a hair band. I made it just for me done with CSS done with a H hook also.



To my beloved crochet friends out there have to ask a couple of questions.

1) What crochet hook size do you find yourself working with the most without even thinking about it you find yourself picking up the most?

2) What is your favorite thing to crochet the most?

3) What would you like to crochet that you never crochet before?

4) Do you think you will pass down your love of crocheting down to your kids/nieces or sisters?

5) What is the craziest thing you ever heard someone say to you about you crocheting?

To answer those questions you can copy and paste those to your blog and answer them at anytime. Your choice. Just thought this would be nice to get to know a little bit about my crochet friends out there.

So let me answer my own questions.

1) I have to say the H hook, it's not to big or not to small just right. I have more H hooks then any other hooks.

2) I have to say purses. But, if I could choice more then one I will say purses, and wearable for my girls.

3) I will say some dolls for my girls.

4) I would love to pass it down to my girls. I want my girls to learn it someday and pass it down to there kids then there kids, kids. I think it would be nice. Nothing was pass down to my family like that so I would like to start it with my girls.

5) The craziest I heard from my little cousin. Old people do that why you doing it. LOL

So there you have it thanks for stopping by my blog. Everyone have a great day, night whatever.

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Christina said...

The top looks great on Nesa and she looks very happy to be modeling it! Love the hair wrap too! I'll try to answer your questions on my blog later tonight.

CraftyAshley said...

Those projects look great! Nesa looks darling and very fab-u-lous! Will answer your questions on my next post!

Mimi said...

What a cute summer outfit for Nesa!
My favorite hook is any size from 1.5mm to 6mm Tulip hook. I've been so used to my Tulip hooks.
So far, I have no one in the family to pass on crocheting...and so far, I haven't heard anything crazy about my crocheting. Though, hardly do I get compliments here either.

gold said...

That tank top you made for your dd is awesome!!!I just finished making one for my dd after she saw the last one you made your dd.

Laurah said...

The headband is so pretty! I also love the stitch you used for the black hat! Very cool. My cable hat is finally geting too hot to wear and I'm going to try a more siry hat myself. Your daughter Nesa is one very lucky girl to have a mother make her all those hamd-made clothes! She looks great in the halter and I also really like the back stitch detail. I've never seen that sort of detail on a shirt before.

Laura said...

How cute that is, and such a nice picture of your daughter! I love the granny-type design on the bottom. The headbands are very cute too!

I also have some Bernat Cool Crochet (the Neopolitan color - got it from Walmart last year for $1.50 each), but I have yet to use it for anything yet. It'll hopefully become a top for me.

I'll try to answer your questions on my blog too - so many things going on this week, that I feel like I barely have time to breathe!

Zuleika said...

I love the top Nesa is very happily modeling! So cute! I'll answer the questions on my post tomorrow.

Suni said...

wow you are uber-creative. Such great talent here. I am really glad you found me through 43 things.

naida said...

hi Lesa, very cute outfit for your daughter :)

I like the questions idea, I'll post them on my blog too.
lol... about your answer to 5, thats a common misconception about crochet.

enjoy your weekend

C. Dishmey said...

Nesa is so adorable in that top. She loves that camera! BTW You've been tagged

Cami said...

Nesa looks so cute in this! Love it! Great colors.