Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Another Friday

I didn't do much crocheting this weekend like I thought I was going to do but, I did get some things done.

But, first let me point out that I did a blog review over at Andrea's blog Knits and Knots. So if you all like to check it out you totally can do so HERE

Now time for me to go to my show and tell. Have a couple of things to show.
My first show and tell is my mom's fun fur purse. She fell in love with those fun fur purses I did to sell in the boutique so I whipped my mom up one for herself.
She wanted a purse where it can have a long strap that can go around her head and arm.


Here it goes right here. I made this purse a little longer then the other fun fur purses. Also this purse have a zip.
Started May 24, 2008
Finished May 25, 2008
Took a little brake
Yarn Red Heart, Zebra and Lion Brand, Black and Lava
H hook
Single, Double stitches

Close up

Don't you like it so cute. My mom like it she haven't yet to put it down, while when she is sleeping she have to lol.

But, here is another proudest moment of mines. My winging it is still coming in handy.

I made my daughter Nellie a halter top.

So here goes.


Started May 28, 2008
Finished May 29, 2008
Took a little brake from here and there
Yarn, Caron Simply and Soft, Blue Country
H hook
Single, Double stitches


Close up on front top stitches


Close up on front bottom stitches


Back, it lacy down and ties up at the bottom. It also ties up at the top around her neck.


Close up on back stitches

See aint it so pretty. Nellie totally loves it she didn't want to take it off. It's not hot enough for her to wear this yet but, shoot who says, I can't get all her summer clothes crocheted or sewn up now.

I want her to wear this with a little blue jean skirt. I think it would look nice with a blue jean skirt.

I also started on a purse but, haven't finished it yet. I am just getting started on something different then want I have done before.


I know by looking at this you wont know that this is a start of a purse so after I am done you all will be amazed at how it turns out lol.

Also back to a little sewing.


This is a start of a purse but, have to put in the lining and the snap for closure then I will be done with this.

There you have it yet another Friday. So everyone have a great weekend take care of yourselves and family.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Mimi said...

I would also be smiling ear to ear like Nellie if I had that halter top! So cute, I am liking the look at the back so much.
I can't wait to see how the purse look like, that is a peek-a-boo design ;)

Caroline said...

Your purses look great and I love the way you have the boutique set up. I hope everything is going well for you!

Laurah said...

That halter is too cute! I love the neck strap and the lace-up back. Very cute and it would looks really nice with a jean skirt.
I saw your reveiw on Andrea's blog! That's so great and I loved learning a little bit more about you.

Anonymous said...

That halter is adorable! Such beautiful work :)

gold said...

Girl you are so busy!!I am loving that halter you made for dd.The color is so cute.I am going to have to try and make one for my dd.That purse you made for your Mom is so cute.

Christina said...

Nice purse for mom! I love the halter! Your girls look so cute in everything you make them.

Gina said...

Just adore the halter's back laces. Looks so feminine. Keep up the good work!

Laura said...

Beautiful projects! I especially love the halter top and the purse you're sewing.

Zuleika said...

Very cute purse! Nellie looks very happy with her top. :-)
Can't wait to see how that purse turns out.

Bennance said...

I love how your girls always have big smiles on their faces when they're wearing your creations. They must love telling everyone at school, "My mom made this!" Great job also on the purses. Your purses are so much fun.

Lovely stuff at the boutique, also. I hope that goes really well for you.

Cami said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! She looks so cute in the stuff you make her. I love the purse too!

C. Dishmey said...

I love when you dress the kiddies! So precious :-)