Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween blogging friends.
Hope everyone have a great upcoming weekend. It's so closed to Thanksgiving. WOW how time flies by so fast.

Hope everyone getting out and voting Tuesday I know I will be there. November 4th don't you all forget it.

Well on to my projects. I don't have much so show because I haven't been crocheting as much as I normal like to do. Or sewing. I have been a little lazy lately sitting around reading alot lately so I decided while I am reading to go ahead and finish up this bag that I was winging up as I went.

I didn't know what I was doing I was just going with the flow of it.

So I know you all remember this picture of the twists I was working on.

After noticing that I will need to pieces I decided to whip up a second piece so I can have a front and back piece.

I had half of a circle that is what it started to turn out to be so I was like ok then I will be having 2 circle pieces.
Here go one of the pieces that have the half of the circle.

I had to connect the half of the circle to make a full circle.
Like here.

But, still wasn't done because if I have that big hole in the middle nothing wont stay in the bag at all lol.
Closed up the hole here to both pieces.
I also crochet around both circles but, only crocheting in the backloop to make the sides and the top of the bag to help with the zipper and the closing when I whip stitch it closed.

Here is where I put in the zipper. I couldn't use a tan color zipper didn't have one so I had to go with the black zipper.
After adding the zipper I turn it inside out and crochet the whole bag closed.

Here you can see the zipper all in and working.

Cute bag huh?

Close up?

So what do you all think cute huh? Sorry no pattern. Just wing it. I worked by turning and working crochet stitches in the front of the bag more like post stitching to the bag.

Ok nothing much more to share. But, I did rearrange my sewing area. I noticed since I rearranged it I haven't much sewn in there yet. But, want to give you all a tour.

First let me give you a little bit of glimps of my yarn stash.
I have got to much to the point I have to put some in bags and in crates.

This is where my sewing magic is made. Where I get to watch a bit of tv and sew away. See I have cut out my fabric to my jacket but, yet to see it it's just sitting there waiting to be sewn up. Soon so soon.

Here is my cutting and iron table. Look at my board in the background that is my WIP board but, yet to put any work on there yet.

Here is where my fabric and nick nacks are. I have boxes and containers full of fabrics.

Here is where I keep my serger, threads and more nick nacks including more boxes of fabrics and my clothing rack.

So let me give you a overall of the right side.

Now a overall of the left side.

Just to all let you know this is supposed to be my living room that I basely took over and made it into my sewing room. Poor living room had to become my crafting around.

But, It get more used now then it did when it was a living room lol.:)

My upcoming weekend.
Saturday take my grandmom shopping, go by Barnes and Nobles with Nesa's aunt on her dad's side. I have game nights at my house with friends and family
Sunday not much going on just probably laying back and watching tv and reading, oh have to pick up Nesa from her dad's house.
Monday ummmmmm sewing, crocheting hopefully
Tuesday go and vote, more sewing and crocheting
Wednesday Nesa have surgery
Thursday go food shopping and sewing or crocheting, or reading which everone comes first
Friday hoping to have some update on a project

Shoot when you have to think about it you don't know how it is lol.

Oh by the way thanks to all the lovely ladies that join Women That Crochets. Glad you all could join.
Ok that's all have to get going have some shopping to do today. So hope everyone have a great weekend. Take care. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Christina said...

Great purse. I love the texture. Looks like you have a nice setup with all your crafts.

Have a great weekend. Game night are so much fun!

Anonymous said...

OOOOO!!! You got heads!!! I need one, I have been wanting to make masks for So long!! And that purse is awesome!!!

Mimi said...

Happy halloween!
Cute and unique bag! It inspires me to add more texture to the bags I make...
Nice crafting room! I'm so tempted to make my tiny living room into a craft room I can set up a sewing machine and start on sewing projects. I guess your daughters don't have any objection to your crafty invasion of the living room, but my sons would surely object :p

Laura said...

How cute is that purse?! You're come up with the most original ideas!

My yarn and crochet projects have been taking over my house too.

I'm glad to hear you're voting! I've been getting yelled at by cranky voters every day for the past few weeks. I have an absentee ballot, but I'm so tired of hearing/talking about ballots all day that I haven't even filled it out yet. I'll be soooo glad when this election is over.

Have a good weekend!

Sheila said...

The purse came out awesome and the cables really add texture. Sending prayers to Nesa and hoping all goes well with the surgery.

Sheila said...

The purse came out awesome and the cables really add texture. Sending prayers to Nesa and hoping all goes well with the surgery.

Tanya said...

Awesome purse, you are truly gifted, good work area too, if you have take over space I say go for it, there's nothing like having your own space to create.

Aurora said...

I love the purse!!! I love looking at your pictures, you do such amazing work and are one talented lady.

naida said...

great purse Lesa!
and nice pics of your craft area too. enjoy your weekend :)
I hope all goes well with Nesas surgery (((hugs)))

artist1lisa said...

I'm sending well wishes to Nesa.
I love to see where creative women do their work(or play).That purse is adorable.I like the shaping and texture.