Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sew So Sew I am So Finally Done

Well with my hoodie jacket. I can finally say I am done with it. I slept most of my night last night sewing and sewing and sewing to make sure I got this jacket done. I have to say I am very pleased with how it turned out. It turned out very nice. I did started getting mad at it for awhile due that the zipper wasn't acting right. I wanted to throw the zipper across the room but, I had said, ok I can do this after taking my stitches out for the second time it finally paid off and worked like I wanted it to. So let me take you to the world of my sewing with this jacket.

Ok here is the fabric I said, I was going to used with the thread and zipper.

After doing all my cutting I got the back and the 2 front pieces on just like I wanted it. I even added a 3 inch strip of fabric on both ends of the front so that will be where the zipper will lay. Also you can see that my pockets are pinned in just waiting to get sewn down.

Here if you look I now have the lining in. The lining is just the back and the 2 front piece I didn't want to use it for the hood or sleeves. But, also I now have the sleeves on. Almost there.

Here I am now completely done. The hood is attached the bottom ends not raw anymore the end of the sleeves not raw. The zipper is now in after a big fight we had lol.
Front here.

Back piece here.

Inside here. So cute huh lol.



Front with hood, What you finally can see my face lol. Don't mind my smile I was cracking up at Nellie making faces behind my mom lol. :)

Back with hood

Now I can finally say I am done. I worn it today it feels so warm and soft. My sister now wont me to do her one also. She wants the same black but, a different lining for the inside. I will see lol. That means I will have to fight again with a zipper lol.

Also my sister found out that she will be having a girl so she expect me to be making baby blankets. The day she found out she brought this fleece fabric over.

Cute huh? I have lots of rolls of lace and I thought I will add some lace to this fleece to make her a baby blanket. She now have plans to go buy about 7 more fleece so I can make more lol. She said, shoot. I have a sister that sew why go buy a blanket that cost 15 to 20 dollars when I can go get 2 yards of fleece for 2 dollars and say here big sis lol. So looks like I will be making lots of baby stuff these next couple of months. I don't mind. I like that my sister thinking outside of the box to help her save. Don't mind at all. Because that is what I do. Save save save.

Example the sweatsuit fabric for my jacket cost 2 dollars a yard. I got 3 yards but, I only used 2 yards so that was 4 dollars the lining cost 1 dollar a yard I got 3 yards due that I wanted some extra for something else but, I only used 2 yards at the most don't think it was 2 but, rounding it to 2 anyway. Ok the thread don't count because I already had the thread the zipper was 1.50. So my total for my jacket was 7.50 cool huh. Now think about if I brought that in the store. Save a lot.

Ok enough about money hope I didn't hurt anyones head out there lol.

But, a little crocheting update.

I started on a jacket for Nellie. Thinking about adding a hood haven't yet decided if I want to add a hood, due that I may have to wing it as I go. I still debating on zipper or buttons hmmmmmm I will hope to figure that out by time I am done.

But, so far I am working the the back so far. Then have to get the 2 front pieces the 2 sleeves and will go from there on.

Haven't much been crocheting lately like I want to been trying to find some quick and easy crocheting projects so I can step away from the 2 afghans I am working on. Oh by the way working this jacket in seed stitch. :) Love this yarn so soft and bulk.:)

So that is my update for now. Hope everyone have a great weekend. I have sewing and crocheting to do. Take care ta ta for now.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Christina said...

Lesa, that hoodie is awesome! It looks like you bought it in the store! Its really great, Your lining fabric is the same one I used for my tote bag! Great minds think alike!

Ciaran said...

Wow, I love the hoodie!!! Great job! I wish I could sew. Hurry up with the jacket for Nellie! I want to see what it looks like when it's finished!!! ;)


Sheila said...

Love the Jacket and now you have me thinking about making a Jacket. I was beaming in on your pocket technique, I'm working on a jacket and would like to add pockets although the pattern doesn't call for it. You did a fabulous job.

Cami said...

Wow, it turned out amazing. I wish I could sew clothing and stuff, but I'm not so good at following patterns.

Zuleika said...

You made a hoodie! That is so cool! It really looks great Lesa, and it also looks great on you. :-)

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Great job on the jacket! It really came out nice!

You look just like an older version of Nesa, LOL!

I'm looking forward to seeing the crocheted jacket (you know how much I love pink!).

Have a good weekend!

Caroline said...

Your hoodie is awesome. What a talent you have! You have a good eye for selecting the right fabric for each project.

Monica-FC said...

that hoodie looks like the ones you buy in a store. you did a great job on it. cool.

Lory said...

So cute!!!


Melissa said...

You did a great job on the jacket! The inside fabrick looks like one of my son's baby blankets. LOL Too cute. I wish I knew how to sew.

Aurora said...

i love how the jacket turned out......I wish I could sew! LOL

artist1lisa said...

Wow! You have been busy.Your jacket looks great.I tagged you.