Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hats Hats And More Hats

Ok been back from my weekend getaway. Did a little shopping while in Green Bay, WI found some lovely fabrics that I now have to figure out what to do with all this fabric. I also got some patterns of all kinds. My plan this spring is to start sewing alot more and hopefully sell a few things from time to time. Thinking about jackets ranging from size 12 and up. First have to get more a couple of dressforms sometime this month.

But, here is a few fabrics and patterns my sweetheart got for me after batting my eyes and saying you know you want to get it for me lol.



Ok also I made me a few hats for myself a Newsboy (Women) hat and a cap. I got a couple of responds about my hats people wondering where I got them from but, after saying I made them myself there goes a ramp-page I have been sewing hats since Sunday night. Sold about 6 so far have a couple left that I thought I would put on my Etsy shop and see how it goes on there, since I haven't been sewing on Etsy I mainly been doing a lot of person to person selling but, thought well why not. So taking a leap.

The description to ever hat is in my Etsy Shop if you like more details about them all. I also want to try to do custom made orders by have different fabrics and the customer picks the fabric they want from the fabric swags I email if someone want a custom order done. I also want to add some more hats with matching purses to my shop soon. :)

Here is a few of the hats I whipped up. I have been sewing my butt off going to take a 2 day brake of sewing and start reading since I got more books that I added to my collection.






I did 2 Newsboy (Women) hats and 4 caps with buttons on the side for a little design. They all ranges in size small to medium. From 22 inches to 23 1/2 inches for sizes.

Patterns I followed are from McCall 5541 with a little alternation I did on the caps and other pattern is from Simplicity 2808 with also more alternations.

Here go 2 hats I made for myself. 1 is the Newsboy hat and the other is the cap. The newsboy hat is a large due that I have lots of braids, and the cap is a medium I haven't wore it yet will wear it after I take my braids out.



Well ok I think that is all for now just a quick update on my latest projects. No crocheting lately but, have to get back to that this week since I am still working on that afghan for myself and I started on a wrap/shawl something of my own pattern I am whipping up.

So everyone have a great week, take care of yourself. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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gloria said...



Anonymous said...

They are excellent!

Tanya said...

Love the hats and we think a lot alike I have two of the McCalls patterns, we'll have to see who gets to them first lol. I'm still waiting on your denim caplet, I think it would be really cute in a denim.

Debbi-a1 said...

Love the hats. You are a great sewer.

Sheila said...

Those hats are definitely rocking... must add those patterns to my to sew list.

The really look great.

Susan said...

Great job on all of your hats! Can't wait to see your new FOs with the fabulous fabrics you picked.

Christina said...

Those hats absolutely rock!!!

Sewuptight said...

Oooh, those are soooo cute.

Laura said...

Those are great hats! I'm amazed at how quickly you whipped those up!

CraftyAshley said...

Goodness you have been busy! Are your fingers still connected? They look great!

Lisa H. said...

Lesa,You never cease to amaze me with all your talent.WOW,those hats are fabulous.Please consider modeling them.

Zu said...

Love the hats! I never thought of sewing hats like that. Is there nothing you can't do!? :-)

Ciaran said...

I have something for you on my blog, please visit and see what it is. ;)

naida said...

lesa those hats are wonderful!!!

Zu said...

Hi Lesa, drop by my blog when you can. You have an award to pick up. ;-)

Marie Anne said...

You're so talented, Lesa. Love the purple fabric.

I'm tagging you....go to my blog and follow the rules for the 6th picture challenge!

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Aminat said...

Girl, you are so talented, those hats are gorgeous......and I love the purple fabric too. You are a born crafter.