Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Friday In My World Of Crafting

Just another Friday have a bit to report not much. My wrist has been killing me badly doctor says I have carpal tunnel due to me crocheting and typing way to much. She said, I need to slow down a bit. I am like easy said, then done. What she don't get is that my crocheting is stress relief for me. I left the doctor office and went to buy me a wrist wrap to wrap around my wrist for when I am crocheting and typing. She said, that will help my wrist not to bend to much while crocheting and typing. So I took her advice. I also noticed my wrist hurts more after crocheting something that takes double strand. I noticed that when it's single strand my wrist don't hurt as much. "Damn carpal tunnel" Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

But, I am taking her advice. I just have to remember to put it on before crocheting or typing.

Other words on with the show. I see a lot of bloggers have a couple of blogging contests going on I want to do one myself but, waiting until a couple of other bloggers I know contests to end then I want to give my idea for a contest a try so look for that soon. Hints mines going to be for crocheters only sorry to my sewer bloggers out there. I will give everyone 1 week that's 7 days to finish up for the contest. Also the winner will get the grand prize but, there will also be a prize for the second and third place. Of course everyone get's to vote to figure out the winners. All prizes will be made by you know ME. That's it that's it that's enough hints lol. So sometime next week I will list my first blog contest.

Also still debating if my sister and I going to do our contest she and I been so busy we haven't yet to get on the same page. I told her I think she just scared that's all lol.

About my black jacket I was doing. I decided to put that down for this weekend and try to get back to it next week or so. I got tried of fighting with it lol.

Since spring is here I wanted to start on sewing a couple of spring and summer outfits for my girls so have to go fabric shopping. I have a lot of ideas in my head for some outfits for my girls. Plus you know me I do recyle/recon work so some of there jeans and shirts they have now they will still wear in the summer but, it will be all redone over.

Now on with some updated projects I worked on for the pass 2 days. I am still in my crocheting purses rut if that's what you want to call it. Haven't thought of much other things to crochet and the things I do think of is all something wearable that I know will take much time so trying to stick with some simple projects.

I did this pretty purse.


Close up


Lookie Lookie snap

Done in double strand with a H hook, yarn is TLC Heathers called French Laverder

Ok had to do another purse somewhat like the first purse but, different in yarns and different on design.


Close up


Done in single strand with a J hook, yarn is Lion Suede called Ebony

There you have it my latest crochet projects.

Now on with a quick sewing project.

I needed a new dinning area curtain so I whipped this up real quick. Found the fabric at Walmart for a dollar a yard so I got 2 yards.

Love this fabric it isn't to to white it's a cream frosty type color. Since my dinning room is a cream and red color this fabric came in handle. Didn't have much as you can see on the picture it was long enough but, not as wide as I thought it would be. I was thinking about crocheting up some tassles or something for the side of the curtain.

I tried out one of my stitches from my Brother's sewing machine on the curtain so it wont look so plain. I totally love my new sewing machine at times can't make up my mind what stitch to use. I am not done with stitch pattern have a lot more to do but, wanted to give you all a tester first on how the stitch pattern will look.

Here go the curtain

Here go the close up on the stitch pattern

This stitch pattern will be thoughout the whole curtain ever 3 to 4 inches this stitch pattern will repeat.

Ok there go my updated sewing project.

My upcoming weekend projects are.

Crocheting will be to crochet with thread a head wrap and work with beads to see how that turns out on the head wrap.

Of course another purse but, for my Secret Pen Pal on the Ville.

And to do Nellie a crochet ribbon tank top.

Sewing will be to sew 2 crochet hook cases.

My upcoming week projects are to finish all my weekend projects of course.

Crocheting will be to start crocheting my bathroom rugs.

Sewing will be to start cutting out fabric for Nesa and Nellie a couple of spring and summer outfits.

Also to cut out fabric and start sewing for me some pj's.

Also to come up with a gift for the winner for my upcoming blog contest and for the second and third place a gift also.

Oh and fight my jacket some more.

Ok that's it.

Everyone have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. BIG HUGS. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Debbi-a1 said...

Love the purses! It's great that you can sew and make your daughters some clothes.

Laurah said...

Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel! The first time I made a double stranded blanket it was for a christmas present and I had a time limit. I worked on it non-stop, but my shoulder got hurt. I had to stop crocheting fr about three months and it still comes back if I crochet too much. I think the brace will help, though.

I love what you did with the purses! The metal rings are a really neat idea. I have a few of those magnetic snaps that I salvaged from old bags, but I'm not qite sure how to fasten them without a lining.

Oh, and the stitch on your curtains is so cute! My mom is a big sewer and when she got a new machine four years ago she made this fabric book with all the stitches and their numbers. She said it was helpful, but she mostly made it to have fun using all the different stitches.

Good luck with the jacket!

RecycleCindy said...

I love the purple purse with the magnetic closure. I've got to try one of those on my next project. Best wishes!

Caroline said...

Hey, so sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel.....I know you won't let it keep ya down, but take care of yourself so you can keep your 2 favorite hobbies close to your heart.

Love the purses, especially the purple, I'm gonna have to try my hand at one. The curtains are darling!

I'll post some of my sewing projects as soon as I get them in the mail to my secret pal!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the purses very much! Great job!!

Christina said...

Oh Lesa! Take it easy on your wrist. I know its hard but just make sure you stop if it starts to hurt.

I love the purses. The metal rings make them look like something out of a department store! So nice

Mimi said...

I love your purses, just the right size and they're cute!
sorry to hear about the carpal... mine is arthritis and my right thumb hurts, so I couldn't crochet as much as I used to...

C. Dishmey said...

Aww Lesa I'm so sorry about the CT :-(

When I was making my bathing suit, I thought I was going to develop it too. I eventually stopped "hooking" with my wrist and instead I just used my fingers - meaning I moved the hand with the garment more than the hand that holds the hook(if that makes sense). Maybe that might help some :-)

Laura said...

Wow, you have so much stuff going on! The purses and the curtains look great! I'm sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel. I broke my right wrist a year ago, and it still hurts on occasion, so I understand your frustration. I actually learned to crochet with a brace (a long one that stretched up to my forearm) on (I got a brace after my cast was removed), and it really does help. I kept wearing for crocheting for a few months after the doctor said I didn't need it anymore.

I hope you feel better soon.

gold said...

Take it easy with that wrist!Yes I think you need to slow down a bit!!I know how it feels to be in pain, but don't want to stop doing your craft.My doctor told be to slow down with my leg and put sewing on hold for a while.I think I stop sewing for about two weeks!!That was hard,but I did pick up that crocheting needle and did that instead.

Aurora said...

Sorry about the carpal hands are always swollen and cramped up, I can hear my wrist make a "snapping" noise when I crochet!! I hope the wrist wrap helps.

I can't wait for the contest and absolutely LOVE your purses.

CraftyAshley said...

That sucks about the carpal tunnel! I hope you can stand to have it take a little break. I don't know what I would if I had it. I love my brother's machine. I'm glad yours is good to you. That is a way cute stitch I don't have that stitch. Since so many have show their machines I want to show mine soon too! Hope your having a good weekend!

Terri said...

Sorry about the carpal tunnel. I'm sure the wrist bands/straps will help. They helped me when I had a touch of it. Not crochet related, but work related.

Love the purses. They look fabulous.

Kylie B said...

Thoses crochet bags are wonderful, :)

Kylie B said...

Thoses crochet bags are wonderful, :)

Crochet Goddess said...

Hi, Leslie I love the purses and the curtains. Sorry to hear about the Carpel Tunnel. I hope you are not in too much pain. I hope you had a great weekend.

Sheila said...

Sorry about the carpal tunnel! Have you tried using Icey Hot cream, especially after doing a lot of crocheting it lessens the pain.

Multifuncional said...

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Zuleika said...

Oh no! Carpel tunnel must be like the kiss of death for you! I hope it gets a bit better and that you can crochet comfortably soon. Those purses are really cute! I look forward to seeing what you create for your daughters. This reminds me, I need to get started on my quilt! :-)

naida said...

hi lesa, sorry to hear bout your carpal tunnel, I'm afraid I'm heading that way too.
enjoy your weekend, your contest sounds like it will be fun.

great projects as always.

Cami said...

Love the purses! YOur work is flawless, I love seeing what you are making cause it is always so beautiful!