Saturday, April 5, 2008

LOTS Of Progress Done Here!!!!!!!!!!

What to show off what I won on Laura's blog. She had a blog contest and yep I won. So what to show off my gift. Thanks. Laura I was glad to play. Now hoping to do my own blog contest soon. Want to finish up the number one gift before starting the contest.

This is what I won aint it so cute.

I gave it to my daughter Nesa since she haven't been feeling so good from being in the hospital and all plus I got tired of fighting her for it lol. :)

Also Laura sent my girls some hair clips and stickers. Thanks Laura :)My girls love them.

Nice huh.:)

Ok now on with the show. My Swap Swap Gals I want to thank you all for sticking with me in the swap blog and doing everything you all can to keep our swaps going. So far so good this will be our 4th month and we is on a roll this month. There will be 7 of us signed up for our "Purse" swap. Also we have a new member Bennance welcome to our Swap Swap Gals.:) Pretty soon I will be getting started on my swap gifts. So wont be able to show pictures of those until my swap partner gets her gifts so I will try to update with other projects I am working on.

Ok now on with my latest projects. I have been doing a couple of more small projects. I did some more coin purses but, they are envelope coin purses. My mom loved the Lion Suede that I done so I made her a blue one. Here it goes here.



Did another mohair but, envelope coin purse.



Another envelope coin purse done in TLC



All done with a H hook.

I noticed scraps come in handy for something like these. When you have a little extra yarn left and you know it isn't enough for a big project these coin purses comes in handy.

Also wanted to try to do something new. A wallet. So I gave it a try for the first time.

But, for those that was asking how I put my magnet snaps on to my purses this is how

I make some small square like these below. Mainly crochet up a couple of small rows.


With a little extra yarn at the end. I use that extra yarn at the end of the squares so that I can weave it into the crochet stitches on the wallet or purse.

Now here go the wallet


Open now you can see the magnet snaps

Now opened all the way. There is 2 small inside pockets.
Cute huh?

Now after making my first wallet I wanted to make another one but, this one is mines.


Open you can see the magnet snaps.

Opened all the way. Have 2 inside pockets on this one also.

I loved doing these wallets they worked up quickly and done in all one piece.

Now I want to give this wallet a try but, bigger size a checkbook size wallet with more pockets. I know I know will be a little hard but, I can work with it I hope. Practice makes perfect. :)

Also wanted to show off my cards. Everywhere I go people asking me for my number so they can call me to get things sewn or crochet so I got tried of pulling out scraps of paper or trying to find a pen to write down my number so I got me my own cards.

Cute huh?

Thanks everyone for the prayers and great comments on my daughter health she is hanging in there. She has to go to the hospital twice a week now for shots I know she is going to hate the hell out of that. But, she have to go. That surgery she had was a Endoscopy surgery she will have to have that once a month for the next 6 months. Grrrrr I know she will hate that to the fullest. But, we is hanging in there it is stressful but, hoping to not worry to much and think postive.

Thanks for visiting blogger friends. Everyone take care and have a great weekend.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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CraftyAshley said...

What a cute hate you got! And boy lots of coin purses and wallets. I too attach those magnets thingies that way. I bought some blank business cards as well just to have since I got my first money order crochet hook holder. I'm glad Nesa is doing ok. I hope she gets threw those tough days. Take care!

Laurah said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the magnetic snaps! I was wondering how you did those with just a single layer of fabric. Now I see that you make a small swatch.
Love the business cards! That is a nice thing to have for your etsy shop. I like the font you chose for the title name.
Your daughter Nesa is in my thoughts. That is no fun for a little girl to have so many doctor's visits! I hope she gets better and there are no more problems.

Mimi said...

I love your wallets especially the Lion suede ones...Cute business card, we really have to have those ;)

Christina said...

The hat from Laura is great! The wallets are really nice especially with the magnet clasps. Great business cards!

Laura said...

Awww, so your daughter got the hat, huh?! I tend to cave in a lot with my kids too. : ) That's awful that your daughter has to go through so many tests and surgeries. What a huge burden for a kid.

The wallets look great, and so do the business cards. I'm always amazed at how fast you crochet things up!

Sheila said...

A lot of progress going on over there. cute coin purses and the business card looks great. Sorry to hear Nesa has to deal with all the testing and surgeries, and sending out Get Well Wishes. Thanks for the lovely compliment on my sweater. I love the way it turned out and started another, but I think my cables are

Caroline said...

The hat was so cute, perfect for your diaghter. Thxz for the snap tutorial. I just finished my first bag and biught some of those clasps at WalMart.

Zuleika said...

Very cute wallets and coin purses! You've been busy as usual. :-)
I pray Nesa will get along okay with all that's ahead of her. Such a lot for her to go through!
Love the business card! :-)

naida said...

hi Lesa, glad to hear your little one is doing better now.

cute wallets, and very cute hat from Laura :)

enjoy your weekend

Mary Sarah said...

Love the hat you received. What a great prize! Great wallets and cards! I really like them and I'm praying for Nesa. I hope all goes well.

Vicki said...

Good work!! Hope your little girl feels better soon!

gold said...

Thanks for showing us how you put your snaps on your purses!!
I will be praying for your little girl!