Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

On Crochetville I decide to join in on the fun. The 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece. All you have to do is start a crochet project and try to finish it by the 24th. So I decided to do a afghan. I am on "Team Afghan" The afghan I am doing is a Carebear "Funshine" It is challenging for me because I am crocheting the background and cross stitching the bear into the middle. Really not a cross stitcher at all but, it is coming along very well. Started my afghan on the 8th and I have to say I have got a lot done in just that amount of time. I have a game plan going on. I would crochet about 10 rows then cross stitch those rows then crochet about 10 more rows then cross stitch those rows. It is whipping up quicker then I thought. I was going to crochet the whole background but, after noticing that I can get lost on the rows I decided on my plan B. I think plan B is better.

This is a picture graph of what I am hoping to finish by the 24th.


Here is the picture of the whole afghan that I am expecting to do.
Got the pattern from Leisure Book Art. The afghan is chain 111 so that is 110 across and 158 rows going down but, that don't include the border I believe the border is about 10 rows around not sure haven't got that far. :)


So here is what I have done so far. Lookie Lookie


As you can see I have scraps of yarn going around the ends I did that because I am not into tallying up my rows as I go so by me putting in scraps of yarn helps me to just count those to see how many rows I have. So just don't mind the scraps of yarn when I get to the border those will be cut off. I just felt that, that was easier on me when it came to counting the rows.

Close up on "Funshine" Carebear.

So just wanted to update real quick that is all I have been working on since the 8th and maybe my only project for awhile. My goal is to get the whole bear cross stitched in my Wednesday then start on the letters. And hopefully to get those done by next Saturday then start on the border hoping to stay ahead of my own plans as I go. Because I do tend to get bored out after awhile and trying not to. But, don't want to start another project because I have a feeling I wouldn't want to come back to this one for awhile.

Wish me luck

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Christina said...

The afghan looks great so far! I'm amazed at how quickly you work!

Zuleika said...

Care bears care!!! lol I used to hate care bears, but absolutely love your afghan. :-) I was a tomboy and passed the time with G.I. Joes instead of dolls and things. ;-)
Hope you finish in time; I'm totally positive you will though. :-)

Sheila said...

You are moving fast on that and to think you just started. I know your hook his I love it and know that you will finish it in time. How are your princesses doing?

Aurora said...

WOW you move fast lady. I love the afghan so far.............I can't wait to see it finished.

gold said...

You are good!!That is turning out nice!

Debbi-a1 said...

Wow! You are giong along great on this afghan! I see you finishing it in no time.

naida said...

wow lesa, great work! you go!

Mimi said...

Good luck on the afghan, its cute!

Ciaran said...

I found the link to your blog on Ravelry. Wow, you make great stuff!
The afghan is sooo cute!!!
I'm only a crochet beginner and I'm self-taught like you as I read in your Ravelry profile.

Hello from Germany
says Ciaran :)