Thursday, August 21, 2008

WOW Where Have The Time Went

Well can't stay gone to long. Ok a little behind on all of my projects that I had in mind to try to finish up soon. Nesa haven't been feeling to good for the pass week or so then she had to have another surgery August 20th so I have been keeping a good eye on her and not to much on my hooks or sewing machine.

My Carebear blanket that I was trying to finish up by the 24th has been put on hold so wont be finishing that anytime soon for the 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece over on the Ville.

Way behind on that but, still want to make that a goal for myself to finish.

Ok on with a little crocheting that I was able to do real quick. My Sudoku throw/blanket. Well was able to start putting together a bit here and there so this is what I have so far.



Then here go more squares that need to be put together.


I had to do 35 white square that has black numbers and grey border.
I had to do 45 black square that has white numbers and grey border.

Now I can start piecing them together to make the puzzle and hopeful sometime by September I can put it up on my blog to have a contest. Still be saying I was going to do a contest for months and yet to do one so this time I really have to get it done for sure. Also have to come up with some things to crochet or sew up for the winner of that contest.

Ok like I said, before Nesa haven't been feeling to good lately so my sewing mojo hasn't been what I wanted it to be. Did some checking in on most of my blogger friends and said, I need my sewing mojo back. So went to my sewing room looking at old projects that I haven't yet to finish that I needed to do right now. So I went back to my shirt I know you all remember this shirt.


So here go the finish look of it.


Close up on front

Oh by the way there is a black tank top under my new shirt I made. I used silk satin fabric I believe, it was so easy to work with.

Also no pattern used, this is my own.

Couldn't get no back view of it because Nesa was my camera person and everytime I turn so she can get a back view she keep snap down at the floor lol. But, have to say she did good on these pictures but, it took 20 something trys lol. She trying to be a camera pro lol. :) GOOD JOB NESA!!!!

I always noticed when I put a project aside I come back to it and then see that it wasn't that much to finish and wonder why I took so long to get back to it. Crazy huh?

But, now that I am getting a bit of my sewing mojo back I want to start this pattern I showed it before but, here is pattern.


It's the main shirt with the tie in the front. I want to use this fabric for this shirt. This will be my first time doing this shirt so wish me luck because I need all the luck I can get with this. :)


I also have more patterns up my sleeve sometime in the future.

I keep finding myself ordering more patterns or bidding on them on ebay or find myself picking up some from Walmart or Joanne's. But, yet to use the ones I already have totally need my sewing mojo back soon. Because fall is coming soon and I have a lot of stuff I want to make for me and my girls. My family already looking for me to make them things for the fall also as if I am the famous sewer in our family lol. :)

But, that's all for now wanted to let everyone know I am still around not much I can say I have done but, still here hanging on the best I can. So now off to find a movie and get started on putting my sudoku blanket together some more.

Everyone take care hope all is doing great, thanks for stopping by to read me talk about blah lol. :) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Christina said...

As always Lesa, your projects are awesome. The shirt looks great on you! The Sudoku blanket is coming along really nicely too. Big hugs to Nesa. Sounds like she's having a rough summer.

Christy said...

You are so talented. I don't think I could come up with a shirt that pretty without a pattern.

Hope Nessa gets to feeling better.

Mimi said...

Its always nice to visit your blog, to know what's going on and see your latest projects. I love your shirt, its very pretty!
Hope Nesa is recovering well from surgery. *hugs*

Sheila said...

Sorry to hear Nesa is under the weather and sending her Get Well Soon Wishes. I'm sure once Nesa is feeling much better you will have your sewing & crocheting mojo

naida said...

hi lesa, I hope Nesa feels better.

your projects are amazing as always.

Crochet Goddess said...

I really like the top. You have a lot of great projects. I hope Nessa feels better soon.

Laura said...

Very pretty top! I like the fabric for the other one a lot too.

I hope Nesa is doing better.

Zuleika said...

You're at it again Lesa! Great work as always. So sorry to hear your little one hasn't been feeling well. I pray things turn around for her soon. :-)

gold said...

I will be praying that Nesa will be feeling better soon.