Friday, September 26, 2008

And The Winner Is......... (Weekend Projects)

Well I totally had fun making that sudoku blanket and I see a lot of you all had fun also but, I think I made it way to easy lol. I will have to probably do that again but, make a harder one and try to bring in 2009 doing another blog sudoku contest how fun is that but, this time I want to try to write out a pattern. I am always saying that but, yet to do it. I just go for it.

But, anyways I know everyone is wondering who won. Well you still will have to wait I still want to blab a bit first lol. Thanks for everyone that join in on the contest. Oh also everyone that email me there answers everyone got there answers right but, remember the rule the one that sends the email first with the right answers is the winner.

Now on to the winner.

Drum roll please

The winner is a wonderful mother/wife/crocheter/new sewer Ms. Christina.

Congrats Christina you totally won.

Now I know you wondering what your prize is but, that will have to wait until it pops up in your mailbox. I will email you letting you know when I mailed it out so you can have your heads up for it. I will try to mail out between Monday and Wednesday.

Now on with the show. While crocheting a little some some for the winner today. I whipped me up something in the mean time.

Since I can't show off what I am sending to Christina I thought well don't want to have a emtpy blog today so why don't make something for me.

Here goes. A quick and simply made pin cushion that I whipped up in no time COOL huh?

Also my upcoming weekend I want to get started on my hoodie sweatsuit jacket.


Here is the fabric and things I plan to use.
The sweatsuit fabric I got from Walmart for 2 dollars a yard. I got 4 yards I believe I wanted to have a little extra probably for another sewing project. Also the other fabric the blue and gray fabric is for the lining. I really don't need lining inside of the sweatsuit jacket but, I want it anyways mainly for the back and the front inside lining just to give it a little more of a uniqueness to it. Also got a 26 inche zipper and black and blue thread. I just have to now get cutting the fabric and get started. Oh by the way not using a pattern. I am using a old sweatsuit jacket of mines for my pattern so wish me luck.

Ok another project up my sleeves that I have been putting aside for way to long.
Want to start on a jacket this time no chop jacket a long jacket. More like a short like trench jacket.


This is the fabric I am using it's grey. For the inside lining will be grey and white cotton. Also have 6 buttons that I believe is 1/8 in inches. I plan to have 2 square pockets on the outside front of the jacket with 4 buttons for closing the jacket and also black and natural color thread. Little more details but, I will get to that while I am doing the jacket.

Oh by the way no pattern for this one either. I will do the same thing on how I did my chop jacket. I used a old leather jacket of mines for the measurements.

Ok that's it. Don't have much to report been busy on the same things with crocheting but, now working on some other projects that I can't show but, can show in the furture.

Other words hope everyone have a great weekend and take care. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Christina said...

Yay! I'm so excited!!! I'm going to be stalking the mailman. I love sudoku, so that was so much fun tp play.

Caroline said...

Congrats to Christina! Loved your blanket Lesa! I've been keeping up with projects and loved all the clothes you put together this summer. Hope your girls are well!

Aurora said...

I love this game, but missed out......hope to see it again. Congratulations to Christina....and i love your projects, talk about a busy lady.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

You've been tagged girlfriend. See my blog.

Vicki said...

Just came over to see what beautiful things you're working on!

Mimi said...

Congrats to Christina!

Looking forward to the hoodie sweatsuit jacket ;)