Friday, September 5, 2008

Reuse. Recycle - Make Something New

Well my title says it all reuse, recycle make something new and that is just want I did.

I visit the Thift Store a couple of days ago and found a lot of things I liked. For example like these jeans here:


These jeans I so fall in love with because I like how it's all patchy made with about 5 different color denims in one. I knew I wouldn't be buying them to wear them they was way small for me but, the prize was just right 3.99. Can't beat that huh? Soon as I seen these jeans I knew what I wanted to make those jeans into.

Drum Roll Please



A purse for guess who ME.

I haven't made myself a purse in awhile. I totally needed one.

See look aint it so cute.


Made a bucket like purse with one strap, a pocket in the inside with a metal snap to close.

Inside of purse


I also decided why just make me a purse when I also need a change purse to go with it.


Cute aint it. Has a blue zipper.

Ok still not done. Here go some old jeans of mines. My cousin loved my purse so much she asked me to make her a messager bag. One where the strap is long enough to go around her head and shoulders.


So these are the jeans that will be a messager bag.
I also had a little of the denim left from my purse so I also used that for this messager bag.


This messager bag has a flap, long strap, 2 pockets under the flap that came off the back of the jeans, also lining with 2 more pockets on the inside. On the outside for a pretty design that she picked out is the world LOVE with hearts.:)



Flap open


That's all with my sewing projects. No crocheting update. Oh by the way done with my Sudoku throw/blanket but, wont be putting it up until next week still trying to come up with somethings to send to the winner of that contest coming soon.

Oh also here is a picture of Nesa on her first day to 1st grade on Tuesday.



How they grow up so fast. 1st grade OMG.:)

That's all folks. Thanks for visiting. Everyone have a great weekend, take care. Off to sew and crochet.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Melissa said...

I love your new purse. That turned out great.

Christina said...

Look at how adorable Nesa is! They sure do grow up fast. Great purse. The jeans were a great patchwork!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.You have a great blog too :)
your new purse looks so cool.What a nice idea !

Mimi said...

Love your bucket bag and matching change purse, Lesa! I have been thinking of making recycled denim projects (have saved a lot of old denim pants), but don't have such a creative sewing talent such as yours.
Nesa looks so nice going to school - cute outfit :)

Laura said...

How cute those bags came out, especially the messenger bag! And how awesome that you were able to make two bags for $3.99 - can't beat that!

Nesa looks so excited to go to school. The time is just going to zoom by now!

Christy said...

Dang girl!

You go!

naida said...

great purse!

Monica-FC said...

I do love the purse you made and and the change purse to go with it also. Boy are you ever wonderful at sewing, i must say. you could prfessional.

RecycleCindy said...

I love the denim purse. I especially like the lining you used. It's so pretty. And the messenger bag is cool too. You are just so creative! Hope Nesa's doing well and I will continue to remember her in my prayers. Take care,

Debbi-a1 said...

Love the bags! You have such great vision. Nesa is so cute.

Zuleika said...

Love the bags! I have a lot of denim in my closet from old jeans and such, but was thinking of making a quilt from them. I need a decent sewing machine though.

Her first day of school! Time's moving fast huh!? :-)

Tinks Spin said...

love the things you made with jeans, I have got a stack of them, I am inspired :)