Monday, February 11, 2008

Lookie Lookie

Hey everyone. My weekend was ok mostly slow but, was a ok weekend mainly crocheted a bit. No sewing done due to me wanting for my new sewing machine plus I packed up my old sewing machine that I will give to my little sister. I order my sewing machine and serger on Friday and hoping to have it within 5 to 7 days depending on how slow UPS is.

Lookie Lookie show and telling. Got my yarn from Smiley's Yarn the other day. Didn't take long at all. My mom asked me what I am going to do with all that yarn. She was like it aint like you don't have much already lol, I said, well ummmm I have to look at the yarns and feel the yarns and figure that out knowning me my WIP list will get bigger in my head.

See lookie lookie

Well started and finished on a kitchen rug to match all the kitchen things I receieved from Ashley for my swap. So I wanted to do a nice kitchen rug that I so like it's cute and of course it matches. Orange, yellow, and white. Use Sugar 'N" Cream.

Aint it cute

Close up

Also did another purse, I know I know me and these purses, they are so quick to whip up so I just had to do another one.

This one is a smaller purse with one shoulder strap. Also on the end of the straps are these 2 round melt things that I crochet around and attached them to the purse for a little bit more design to the purse.




Close up

Purse done in double strands including the rope like straps.

Also got me a couple of sewing patterns from ebay. Sewing pattern collection is by Khaliah Ali love her patterns they are mainly made for plus size women from 18 and up. Haven't made anything by Khaliah Ali in a very very long time but, since I am upgrading my machine I felt it's time to do more sewing for me. Plus going to my blogger friend Sheila and Gold blog they have inspired me with there sewing projects.

Went on ebay and found a ebay seller selling all of Khaliah Ali patterns for 2.99 each so I had to get all 5 of these. Still looking for more of Khaliah Ali collection that I like.


Ok now the rest of this week I want to do some things for my swap for my Swap Swap Gal our theme is "All About Hearts" so need to get started on that soon. Christina is who I am sending a swap to and I want to make a special special package for her. I also want to finish a purse for a friend of mines mom and start on a pull over sweater for Nellie. WOW lots to do huh. Want to get all these out the way before my sewing machine comes because then my sister and I will start or little sewing challenge.:)

Ok that's it for now. Everyone have a great day.:) take care. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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gold said...

Lovin all that yarn you received in the mail!And that purse you made is so cute.I have never crocheted a purse, I am going to have to try making one.

Laura said...

Glad to hear you got your yarn! : ) Very cute rug, and purse!

CraftyAshley said...

Cute rug! It matches perfectly! Oh and love all the yarn. Hope you are able to get your new sewing machine and serger soon.

Laurah said...

Look at all the yarn! Looks like you have a lot of projects ahead of you.
The rug is really nice. Your kitchen is going to be all matching and so pretty with handmade decorations.
Oh, and the purse is nice, too. I like the circle rings on the handle.

Christina said...

Love the purse and the rug. It matches perfectly with the other kitchen things. Check out all that yummy yarn! Talk about fibery goodness!

Debbi said...

Love the box of yarn! Wow. I could go crazy adding wips. Love the purse. I also enjoy making purses. And the rug is so nice too, matches the swap items perfectly.

naida said...

such yummy yarn! great purse too :)

Sheila said...

Awww thanks for the shout-out. You really went on a yarn binge. Looking forward to your projects. You have a great selection of Khaliah Ali patterns.