Saturday, February 2, 2008

Small Progress/Hanging On

Well not much sewing or crocheting progress be cleaning the whole house since I am ready to get a lot of new things so haven't had much much time. To really sit down and enjoy my hobbies. Also have so many big projects lined up to the point I had to give those a brake and do a couple of small tiny projects so I wont overwhelm myself.

Last night while laying in the bed I did a wrist pin cushion so here it go. Need a small project that wont take forever to do.




I made a crochet button hole on one end and a crochet button on the other end so it can close around my wrist.:) I just love pin cushions as you all can see lol.
Don't it look oh so cute

Also another small project that I started earlier this week been done with it for awhile but, kept forgetting to take pictures.

A small black and white pillow just a small pillow to throw on my futon.:)


I used a cross stitch pattern for the small design in the middle of the pillow.

Also to my Swap Swap Gals our February swap theme is "All About Hearts" sign up for that is on our blog.:)

I've been hunting and hunting to buy yarn but, I am very cheap if you ask anyone. I am that type that just can't buy yarn that cost way to much for 1 skein I like to look for bargins. But, at time I want to step away from buying the same yarns over and over so and try some new things so I went looking around the net and found this website called Smiley's Yarn and checked it out seen a lot of the yarn I do buy and some I always wanted to buy but, due to it costing so much so after reading everything on there website and checking out the prices I so liked it. They yarn starts from 1.00 to 3.99 a skein they have so many yarns like Lion Brand Suede, Red Heart TLC Wiggles, Lion Brand Chenille, Bernat Miami Ribbon Yarn, Bernat Caress, Cervinia Amalfi, Red Heart TLC Heather, Cervinia Genova, Jamie Classic, Bernat Galaxy, Patons Brilliant, Cervinia Softer Mohair, Paris Mohair and lots more yarn also crochet books, hooks and knitting needles.

But, there is one rule to there website you have to spend 40.00 or more but, the good thing is that the shipping and handling is only 12.95 for ever order no matter if you spend over 100.00 on there site your shipping and handling will stay 12.95. The good thing about it is that I brougnt 47.84 worth of yarn after counting the skeins of yarn I was amazed at how many I got. I got 52 skeins of yarn for the total price of 47.84 amazing huh. I know it is to me because from the yarns I brought most of those will cost in stores from 2.99 to 10.99 a skein so you have to say that was a bet. So for those that love yarn like me go check out the site.:)

So other then me finding great yarn bargins and searching for good sewing patterns I have been cleaning my butt off for new things that I am getting. Soon as I get my sewing machine and serger you all will be the first to see what amazing work they both can do lol. :)

So everyone take care have a great weekend. I have to get crocheting. I think I will do a couple of small purses and wait for my yarn order so I can get started on some of my swap gifts.:) Again have a great weekend. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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CraftyAshley said...

I can't wait to see your yarn you ordered! I think that sounds like a great deal. You made me and hubby laugh about your comment you left. That is so funny about Nesa! I hope everything works for you. I probably have to sit out this month for the swap but you can count on seeing me again for the swap swap. Have a great day!

Christina said...

Holy cow! That's an amazing deal! Smiley's Yarn store is here in NYC. I've yet to go and check them out though. I'll have to do that soon.

I'm so excited about your new sewing machines! The pincushion is very cute and practical too!

Sheila said...

The pin cushion is just too cute. You are so creative. I've heard of Smiley Yarn and get their yarn sale newsletter, but have yet to buy from them, better yet I just need to take myself to the store and save on the S&H.

Laurah said...

I know what you mean about needing a small project after doing lots of big ones. The pin cushion is really cute! All those colored pins make it look like a purple cupcake. The cushion reminds me of a sea monkey watch you can buy. It's this tiny little seamoney bubble smaller than your pincushion and you can travel with your sea monkeys on your wrist. I had sea monkeys, but you had to pay extra for the watch.
Anyway, the pillow is also great. I love how you put cross stitch on it. I'm a fan of cross stitch, and I think the embroidery really pulled the pillow together.
I will have to check out this Smiley's Yarn. That is a really good deal! When I buy yarn I try to think of the $/oz rather than how much per skein.

Caroline said...

Good tip about Smiley's, I'll have to check them out. I too, am a big bargain hunter. Most of my projects, the yarn is found first(on slae) and then it speaks to me and I design.

Terri said...

Love that pin cushion. So cute. I need to make one of those. lol

Laura said...

Very cute projects, especially the pillow! I've never ordered from Smiley's before, but need to do it too!

naida said...

very cute pin cushion Lesa, and nice pillow too. I luv yarn shopping, especially when you ge a good deal.

Zuleika said...

What a great deal! You lucky sight you! :-) I love the pincushion, it's so cute. The pillow is really nice as well. As always, lot of goodies to see on your blog! :-)

Monica-FC said...

those are just to cute. I love the pin cushion and the pillow. Boy, can you crochet fast. :)

gold said...

OOOOO that pin cushion is too cute!!
I love a sale.I will be checking out that website.

Anonymous said...

nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.