Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quick Update/ Thanks to a Crochetville Lady :)

Ok quick update. A lot of women from Crochetville has sent my daughter Nesa some crochet squares that I am still trying to put together for her a blanket. Due to my oldest daughter having a liver diease I wanted to have a special blanket for my daughter for those times that she is in the hossy. So there is this nice lady from Crochetville that wanted to send my little daughter Nellie something so she wont feel left out. Thanks Moomoo/
so much my daughter loves the blanket.

Here goes the pretty kitty blanket :)

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SO cute. Thanks a bunch Lillibet:)
She loves it.

Also I went to a yard sell today came across these small sewing machines the owner said they are in great shape and she was asking for 10 dollars each so I got 2 of them for my little girls.

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Here they go.
They both do work great but, I didn't buy them for me or for them to be used. They came with the foot paddle and the plug part but, I took the plug part out and used them for my girls to play like they is sewing. They always try to do what I am doing when I am sewing so this just made them want to learn more.

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Aint they cute, tring to be mommy :)

Ok I finally got 2 pics of my niece with 2 finish headbands here she go. :)

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Awww look at her aint she so cute. :)

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Awww look at her again :)

There you have it a quick update :)

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Jessica said...

I wish I had cute models right at home. Those tiny sewing machines are just adorable! Thanks for hosting crafty crafters!

Sheila said...

The Blanket is absolutely darling... your daughter is going to love it. How cute your daughters look with their sewing machines. Your niece is just too cute.. love the headbands. Would you believe at my age I still suffer with cradle cap.... but not as bad now.

Wanda Kay said...

The kitty blanket is precious, how wonderful of Lil to do that for you daughter.

The girls will spend many hours pretending to sew, what a fantastic find

Aurora said...

I agree with the first post, look at those BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!! MODELS! I LOVE the kitty blanket, probably the only kitty I could have, I am allergic to them. But great job, and great deal on those little sewing machines, how cute are they.

Anonymous said...

Those machines are adorable! Those girls are even cuter!!!

I'm just learning to sew, your girls might be able to teach me a thing or two. They look so sure of themselves. I, on the other hand, am not! ;)