Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Finished 2 of my WIP Crochet

As you can see by now if you been to my blog a lot you should have noticed I love black. lol. New black shrug. I did in single and chain stitches to make the hoops in every row. Also used a M hook. The first row of stitches is triple stitch. The sleeves at the end is short on one sid and long on the other side on both sleeves to make it flare out. Love this shrug.

I love how quick and easy this was love how the hoops is and thinking about doing some living room curtains in this same style.:)

My handbag I quickly did last night. Can't make up my mind if I should add crochet stitches to the handle or keep it like it is it's cute no matter what but, thought I would ask some ladies in a crochet group I am in to see what they all thought. Done this in half double stitches with a M hook.

Finished Black handbag.:)
What you all think?
My WIP list is getting shorter so need to come up with some more things to get crocheting soon going to be starting on my big crochet list mainly a lot of things for the home.:)

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Kristen said...

I love your shrugs! I am really wanting to try to make one soon. And your daughter is a QT Pie!!! She looks darling in the poncho you made her!