Saturday, January 20, 2007

Crochet Projects

Couple of my crochet projects that has finally been completed.

Here go some crochet projects this black one is a shrug my 4 year old daughters shrug couldn't take pictures while she had it on she's not here gone for the weekend. But, you have a good idea what it is.
It's half double stitch with a P hook.

Close up on the stitches.

Back of the shrug

Black 4 year old daughters shrug.

Rainbow shrug this is also my 4 year old daughters. Done with a N hook half double stitch. Loving that half double lol. To make the part for the wrist I did the triple stitch.
Below is the front above to the right is the back to the left is a close up on the stitches.

A baby blanket I made for my little niece that will be born in April. I worked at least 3 weeks and more on this blanket with a K hook. Tripple crocheting. Pink and white yarn. At the boarder there is a color white with pink, blue, purple in the mix of yarn. Then I laced around the blanket machine stitching.

Whole blanket.

Lesalicious :)

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