Friday, January 19, 2007

Daughter Shrug (Crochet)

Daughter Shrug (Crochet) Did my 1 year old daughter a crochet shrug. Been crochet for now about 8 months and loving it. I started out sewing for many many years but, wanted to learn something new and crochet became my new hobby that has been helping me to earn some extra money here and there for me to make things for me and my girls that I don't see on other people. I love making baby blankets, shrugs, ponchos, scarfs, hats, purses and more still learning day by day. But, wanted to use my blog for all my hobby creative ideas from my sewing to my crochet work.Digal may not be just right right but, bare with me until I get me a new one.:)

A half double crochet stitch for this shrug.
Multiple color dark pink, light pink, dark purple and light purple.

Back of Shrug

Front of Shrug

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Whitt said...

Hi Lesa! I just went through your blog and I love the blue tie front bolero you made for yourself, the blue shroat for your daughter, and I really like this shrug you made your 1 yr. old. Do you have any pattern written up for the shrug??? THANKS!