Saturday, January 27, 2007

Calling all CROCHETER'S

Well is it me or what why can't crocheting be a show like Knitty Gritty would love that. Ever now and then I will see some crocheting on Knitty Gritty or Uncommon Thread but, shoot crochet is just as well known as knitting. I remember on Uncommon Thread they had a group of women from Crochet Nation and they was great wouldn't mind them having there own show on DIY. They gave a lot of bases that I've been using in my own crocheting.

Like I said, calling all Crocheter's
I was self taught don't really follow patterns can't really get the detail of following it but, watching someone teach it is how I like it. The net became my way of getting all that found a couple of website that show you step by set on how to learn different crochet stitches and if there was a crochert show on tv that would be gravy. Seen a lot of crochet clothes in stores all around why should I spend to buy some poncho for about 100.00 when I can make my own with love crocheted into every stitch awww look at me lol.

Also love when other people want to know where I got my shrugs or my girls ponchos, shrugs when I say I did it they mouth drops don't you love that? I know I do have had my sister's friend ask me to do them some baby blankets since they seen my sisters baby blankets they now want some love all the attention don't you?

Plus I would love to pass my crochet and sewing hobbies down to my girls as they group up. My 4 year old she already be sewing with me helped her make a blanket from left over fabric and she love that blanket now she want to help me crochet her a blanket because I told her I will be making her one next month so now she been bugging me to get started on it lol. I will she getting the bases I mainly have her hands on the hook while my hand is on top of hers while crocheting it's a start. My 1 year old to young she just rather play with the yarn then to sit and watch lol. That's kids for you huh?

Right now have 2 projects that I am crocheting mainly 2 shrugs on of my shrugs ran out of eyelash yarn so can't finish my bell sleeves but, hopeful to get back to that one soon want to wear it out on the 3th friends having a party. Have to look nice don't I?

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