Sunday, January 28, 2007

WIP in progress/finish projects (Crochet)

WIP / Shrug crochet
This is my shrug haven't yet to go get my eyelash yarn that I need to complete it but, will do before the 3th want to wear it out on the 3th. Love this shrug. I have to complete the other arm making it bell like sleeves so have to keep decreesing in every roll. Plus I want to run the eyelash yarn back around the middle around the opening of the shrug in neckline and below the shrug.
Working with a N hook and single crochet stitch that's on the black yarn (Red Heart) the eyelash fun fur (Lion Brand) is also a N hook but, done in triple stitches to make the rows taller for the bell.

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This one was a quick project with some leftover yarn. Did shell stitches using a M hook
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This was the baby blanket my sister was so happy I finished took awhile was working on this one and another big blanket for her at the same time. Done with a K hook have single and triple stitches.
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There you have it:)


Wanda Kay said...

The shrug looks terrific, did you make it for yourself? If you did you'll have lots of where did you get that when you wear it.

The blankets are very pretty.

Lesalicious said...

Thanks Wanda Kay yes for me will be wearing it out this Saturday going out with the girls barely do that but, will do this weekend. Will wear it with a black tank top and some dark blue jeans.:) Thanks again

Peg said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful work, well done on teaching yourself and achieving so much :o)