Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday/Sewing Update

June 10th was my baby girl Nesa's bday she is now 6 years old. Awwww. My baby is growing up so fast.:)

Here go Nesa's cake aint it cute.:)

It says Happy Birthday Anissia, Anissia is Nesa's first name:)
Nesa picked out her own cake.:)
She had a little bday party at school with her friends.:)

There she go and Nellie sitting right next to her big sister. They both in there new outfits I made this pass weekend.


So now on with my pass weekend projects.:) Sewing projects.

Here go Nesa cute little Tinkerbell dress I made for her and a matching one for Nellie.



Now here go Nellie



Now here go another outfit I made for Nesa.

Skirt and shirt
Started on June 8, 2008
Finished on June 8, 2008
Worked on both on and off


Close up on shirt
The shirt has ribbons for the tie on the shoulders.

Close up on skirt
Skirt has a little ribbon around the skirt at the bottom for a little design with a bow.:)

The pattern I followed for both of these I can't find a picture of it on Simplicity. That must means it's a old pattern or something.

But, other then that. I am sewing a couple more outfits for Nesa and Nellie. I started cutting out a pattern for me another outfit. I also been picking up my crochet hook from time to time at night when I am curled up in the bed with a good movie. I am working out a little some some for Nellie. Hoping to be done with it by this weekend or say.:)

So there you all have it my latest update. Everyone have a great week.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Christina said...

Happy Birthday Nesa!

Great outfits you made them. I especially love the tinkerbell dresses.

Andrea Moberly said...

Aww, Happy Birthday little one! Your girls are so cute. I am inspired by your sewing skills! Hope to be that good one day :)

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to your lil Princess and cute outfits.

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Happy birthday Nesa! Very pretty cake (I love the hot pink trim!). The Tinkerbell dresses came out so cute! I can hardly persuade my daughter to wear dresses anymore - she just doesn't like dresses. : (

I have a younger sister, who's about a year and a half younger than me. I remember our mom used to dress us in matching outfits, and I used to get so mad about it, ha, ha!

It's funny that now we don't dress anything alike - we have such entirely different tastes - my sister prefers jeans, t-shirts, nothing frilly or ruffly and nothing with bright colors or large prints, and her favorite color is green. And her I love pink, and ruffles and frills, and bright colors and loud prints.

My daughter reminds me of my sister more and more every day with her personality and temperament. I took her to the Children's Place last week to buy some clothes, and she refused to buy anything pink (she informed me that she doesn't want to hurt my feelings, but she really doesn't like pink much anymore), and she turned down a bunch of things I picked out because they had "frills" - yep, she actually said frills (!) and said who would like that stuff anyway (well, I do!) Like aunt, like niece, I guess!

Zuleika said...

Happy birthday big girl!

I love the outfits you made them Lesa. The tinkerbell ones are my favs I think. :-)

Caroline said...

Cumpleanos feliz Nesa! The dresses are darling! What a talent you are Lesa!

Laurah said...

Happy Birthday Nesa! She looks like a model in that first picture with that pose. Gorgeous dress! It sounds like she had a really nice b-day patry and that cake looks yummy!
Can't wait to see what you've been crocheting!

Anonymous said...

Happy late Birthday!! I LOVE the tinkerbell dresses! I can see ME wearing one of those!

Mimi said...

Cute girl outfits!
Happy Birthday Nesa!

Lavahlo said...

LOVE the dresses! You do great work!!