Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daughter's Charity Blanket Update

As some lovely ladies from the CVille and friends from the blogging world donated my daugther some cute crochet and knit squares. I put them together as they come in the mail.

So far so good. It's coming along great. Loving all the squares that is being donated. My daughter Nesa is so happy as more packages roll up and she get to see all the cute squares. She sits right by me while I put the squares together asking me when can I have it. lol

Hoping to be done with her blanket/afghan by the 20th so she can take it with her to her next surgery on the 23th.

I would like to thanks so far for the squares that we got from Cindybmv2004, Jessicagal, MarleenCrochets, Peggy85225, Pat54 all from the CVille. Thanks ladies.

Here go the progress so far.
So cute aint it?

So far so good. As the squares come I been putting them all together. Will keep updating my blog on how the blanket/afghan is coming along. As you can see Nesa love Mickey Mouse.

While making this blanket made me think back to when we had went to Disney World for Nesa's "Make A Wish" At Give Kids A World.

Here go a couple old pics for our Disney World trip.

Nesa had a ball.

When we first got there Nesa was happy to get Mickey and Minnie Mouse:)

And here she goes. Taking pictures with the characters from Lion King sorry don't remember there names LOL:)

And with Tiger:)

and with Winnie The Pooh.

This was back when Nesa was 3 but, she remember it. She keep asking when can we go back to Disney World.:) So for her "Make A Wish" It was free I didn't have to come not one dime out of my pocket but, one day one day hoping we can go back.:)

Really haven't been doing a lot of other projects. Getting Nesa blanket has been number 1 lately. But, a couple of future projects has got started a little bit. That is another afghan but, for me. Didn't know how much easy it would be to do a afghan never done one bigger then a small baby blanket so decide to do one for me to throw across my bed. Also another afghan for Nellie. So so far have 3 afghans to try to do all at once.

Also hoping to start working on a cardigan for me. Waiting for some yarn I got from Ebay to come. OMG I can't wait until all this yarn I got come I want to take pictures because it's a LOT. But, I already have plans for most of the yarn and I havne't got it yet lol. So when that come in want to start whipping me up a cardigan. I want one due to when Nesa is in the hospital it tends to get cold to me and thought instead of walking around with a blanket around me I could have a cardigan to wear around the hosptial. Something not to hot but, can keep me from being a little cold.

So that's that for now.

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gold said...

I would love to make a square for Nesa!Let me know what size and what colors I can use!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, that blanket looks gorgeous so far! I LOVE the Mickey Mouse blocks, and the one with Mickey that says Nesa! How cute is that?! Is that one crocheted or sewn?

Those are great pictures from Disney World! My parents drove cross-country (from Ohio) to California to Disney Land, with me and my brothers and sisters when I was about 2. I remember only the tiniest bits and pieces of the trip. There were 9 of us (my parents, me, my 5 brothers and sisters and a foster sister we had at the time) crammed into one car - the youngest (my youngest sister) was 1, and the oldest (my oldest sister) was 16 or 17. Can you imagine driving all that way with all those kids, ha, ha?! The farthest my husband and I ever drove with our kids (and there's only 2) was Chicago, and they had me ready to pull my hair out a few times, LOL!

Christina said...

Wow! The blanket looks amazing! The black, red and white theme is really pretty! The kids look like they had a blast. Pi went to Disney with my parents in 2006 and had a blast! Its a great place!

Laurah said...

Wow, that trip to Disneyland sounds like fun! I lived in southern California for two years when I was a kid and I got to go a few times. So much fun!
I love how the blanket is turning out! The Mickey Mouse colors are really turning out great!

Cami said...

The blanket is coming along really nicely! Love the colors.

Zuleika said...

That blanket is beautiful! It is such a blessing that so many kind people have been helping with that. Crafty people are so generous aren't they!? :-)

I love the Disney pics, I hope she gets to visit again soon. :-)

Katrina said...

The blanket is turning out great Lesa! I would love to make something for your lovely daughter but I can't crochet yet. I did pick up some stuff today to make something for her that I think she would like and would go with her blanket. I hope to finish before her surgery date. I'll let you know and will be asking for your address.