Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just Hanging Around

Well now it is summer vacation for Nesa. She is happy to be out of school. Now I have 2 to drive me crazy lol. But, hope everyone is having a great weekend. So far so good. Me and my girls plan on going to the zoo sometime this week. They more want to go to the water parks to get wet. Our weather here in Milwaukee is to confusing for me to have them going to get wet.

Nesa have another surgery coming up this Tuesday so I wanted to update my blog this weekend because aint not telling when I will have time again. But, I do get to get in some crocheting from time to time.

I was supposed to had put my hook down for awhile, while I worked on some sewing projects but, I found myself picking up my hook again from time to time at night while watching tv. I guess I couldn't keep the hook out of my hand to long.

So here are my latest crochet projects. Have to say I totally loved how Nellie outfit came out.

I made her a belly tank top that ties around her neck and tie up down the back. I liked what I did to her other tank so I decided to do another one but, a little different as you can see. Oh also made her a skirt.

Awww look at Nellie.

Skirt, tank top
Started on skirt on May 30, 2008 Finished June 7, 2008. Took a couple of days of brake for this.
Started on tank on June 8, 2008 Finished June 10, 2008. Again took a brake from time to time.
Both done with a H hook
Done with single, double and treble stitches
Yarn used was Caron Simply and Soft in purple and white


Close up on skirt

Close up on belly tank

Now I decided to do me another outfit. Wasn't so glad about how the shirt turned out I know next time not to use Sheer fabric again. But, I worked with it hoping it paid off and it pay off ok. I changed up the sleeves a bit then what the pattern asks for. I cut if father up I liked it that way more.

Midnight sewing/getting my sewing on while the girls are sleeping.

Pattern used for shirt


Front of shirt and capris, no pattern used for the capris
Shirt took about 2 to 3 hours worked on it on and off this shirt gave me a hard time.
Fabric sheer for shirt
Fabric for capris double knit
Time on capris was about 1 hour or so

Front again


There you have it my latest projects, sewing and crocheting. I have another sewing for myself hoping to get started on it sometime Sunday or Monday. First hoping to make my dressform since I haven't been able to buy one that I like. I decided to make me one. Duct tape is the key lol.

I have a couple of small projects to do while I am at Nesa's surgery something to keep me busy doing that time.

Other words hope everyone have a great weekend. Take care.:) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
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Christina said...

I love Nellie's outfit! Your outfit is great too! I love how everything is coordinated. It looks great on you. I'll keep Nesa in my prayers for Tuesday. She's a brave kid!

Laurah said...

I love the purple top! I've actually seen a knit pattern sort of like that, but I like your crochet one much better. The back tie is really neat. She looks so happy in her new outfit!
I can't believe you made capris in one hour with no pattern. You've got some serious sewing skills! Love the outfit. I like that goldish color.
Sending good thoughts to your daughter and her surgery!

Laura said...

Wow, Nellie's outfit is just gorgeous! Great job!

Your outfit looks great too!

I hope Nesa's surgery goes well. I feel so bad for her needing so many surgeries.

RecycleCindy said...

I will be praying that Nesa's surgery goes well for her. Take care,


Lavahlo said...

CP member here. You did a great job! I love both out fits!
And the capris' with n o pattern! WOW!
Great work!

Zuleika said...

Nellies outfit is adorable!! You did a great job as usual. Love your outfit as well. :-)

I pray that Nesa's surgery goes well without any hitches and she recovers in no time. Will be thinking about you all. :-)


Sheila said...

Nellie's outfit came out really cute. Sheer fabrics are a pain to work with, but glad the end result was to your liking.

naida said...

the outfits are great as usual Lesa. I am praying for Nesa's surgery.


gold said...

The outfits you made for you and your dd are very nice!
I will be praying for Nesa!

Cennetta said...

Lovely work, girl, especially the outfit for your dd.