Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weave Away/Crochet WIP

Totally not talking about hair weave. So this is what I have been working on.

I decided to try something new yet different with fabric. I've always liked how weaving looked in baskets. But, I yet to give it a try. So I cut up some stretch denim into strips

As you can see here:


I cut a lot of strips.

So now work with me so you all can see what is this going to be.
No not a basket lol.

Here I laid it out into the weaving order.
Pinning it into place and top stitching over it to keep all the strips in place.


Still wonder hummmm what am I doing.

Here I then cut out the pattern I wanted. Can you tell what it is?


Now you can see what it really was.


See some capris shorts whatever you like to call them lol.


Cute aint it.
Started on June 23, 2008
Finished June 24, 2008
Took some brakes in between time but, got to finish around 1 am
No pattern followed
Use stretch blue denim


I just was trying something new yet different. Liked how this turned out. But, now I would like to give this a try again but, with like 4 or 5 different color denims to make me a short denim skirt. I thought that would look oh so nice.

I did get this idea from watching way to much Project Runway can't wait until the new season starts next month. :)

I did have to put in linning in the inside of that one weaved part to keep from seening my skin though the gaps in between the weaving.

But, this did come out nice. Liked how it turned out.

So what you all think?

Also a quick update on the WIP on Nesa's blanket so far. I got the center piece done.

See here: Photobucket

Also got to do some squares

See here:Photobucket

Now have more squares to do and waiting for some lovely squares from some lovely ladies from the Ville.:)

There you have it.

Everyone have a great week. Take care. Thanks everyone for the love and support you all have given. Thanks.

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Christina said...

What a neat idea for the shorts! The center part of Nesa's blanket looks awesome so far!

Laura said...

I agree, that's a really clever idea for the shorts, and a great way to use up fabric scraps! I think a multicolored woven skirt would be really cute!

Great job on the blanket! I'm amazed at how you were able to crochet all those words - I have the worst time with graphs. : ( I'd love to send some blocks for your blanket, but I don't have any Red Heart yarn at home.

P.S. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

Sheila said...

OMGoodness!!! the shorts are totally awesome.

The center piece for Nesa's blanket is sooo nice. I will start working on my squares this weekend.

TurquoizBlue said...

So talented!

gold said...

What a great idea!!You are always thinking of something clever to do!

TJoi said...

Hi Lesa...I love the blanket (so far). I have made a few squares for you but I never received your mailing address. Please email me at tjoi527@gmail.com

Katrina said...

You did a great job with the shorts. I actually was trying to think of something similar the other day. I have about 7 pieces of denim straps left from when I was making the Bratz purses and decided to make longer straps. I was sitting on the bed and laying them out weaving them through each other. It's not enough but I figured I could do the front of a small purse or something. I was wondering would I have to sew it ontop of a piece of fabric. I see that is what you did for your shorts so you can't see through it. Maybe I'll go for it at some point. Yes, you are indeed very creative!!!!!

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