Friday, July 20, 2007

More Charity Squares

Keep coming across some very nice ladies on the net. Received these today and have to say I love the squares there is one of the squares I love a lot and I sent her a message letting her know I wont put it on my daughters blanket I want to put it on her backpack because the yarn and color is the same as the yarn and color I will be using for my daughters backpack.

Aint they all cute:)
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Been very busy trying to get my online forum moving along. I haven't been crocheting like I normally do I also haven't been sewing in awhile which I will get back to that due to a lot of people wanting me to do purses for them. I know a couple of women that want me to sew them up some halter tops. I have to say need to make my money lol. :)


Nan said...
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Nan said...

I had commented before I read more of your posts, once I read them, the comment didn't fit, I mistook the heading and the crocheted squares to mean you were making an afghan for charity, now I see it's for your daughter, thoughts and prayers will be with you in your wait, and the afghan will be beautiful, pink and purple are my favorite.

Wanda Kay said...

Love the new look on your blog, great.

Hope everything is going well on your daughter's afghan, The squares all look beautiful.