Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Started my own forum (Crafty Chicks)

I have a lot of reasons why I started this forum.
Ok I have a couple of hobbies and I find myself going to 3 or 4 boards just to get that advance I need in my hobbies. Plus to many admin on board and groups complain to much about what should and shouldn't be posted and so on. I say don't give out your information like real name and address then you is ok. That's what I say. But, it was to much controling when it came to groups and boards I posted on so I felt ok I can do my own forum open up this forum for all hobbies not just one or 2. So that's what I did. I also asked everyone to give me feedback on what they think should be added to the board. That's the only way everyone can be happy that's how I see it. So here is my link to my forum come in and register and make yourself at home. I am the Admin so you will find me under Lesalicious :)
At this point I have 42 members on the board WOW amazing when I just started the board yesterday. I also listed my board to show up on Google and looking to find sites that is able to list my board so I can get more people to join. :)

Hoping to get my board out there and well known to other crafters out there that just want a place to hang out at and call home.

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NannDee said...

Congratulations on starting your forum! I joined and will encourage others to join. I belong to Crochetville and Black Purl as well, but will help get your forum out there. I only crochet, but I have many creative outlets. Thanks for inviting me to join your forum!