Monday, October 29, 2007

Hey Blogger Friends

Well it's Monday weekend is over. I have alot to do today at my daughters school so wanted to post on my blog before I leave because I know I wont be able to get back online probably into tomorrow. So here goes.

I did my daughter Nesa a shrug I sewn it love the fabric I found at Walmart for 1 dollar a yard so I got 4 yards. After finishing up her shrug I felt it was to plain need some jazz to it. So being the crocheter I am I had to do some crochet edging on it.

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Dont mind her Winnie the Pooh grown I had her try this on last night when it was time for bedtime but, you all get the picture.

I also have plans to use the rest of the fabric to make a matching shirt to go under her shrug with some crochet edging at the end of her shirt. Update on that later in the week.

But, until then more shrug pictures, I use yarn by No Boundaries love that yarn so soft.

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Close up.

Ok I had a doctors appointment so while sitting in the doctors office and in the WIC office I had to take my yarn and hook with me and get some crocheting done. But, I wanted to do a quick project something that don't take up to much room while doing it. So I whipped up this hair rap for me today.

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Side and back

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Side, oh don't mind my hair need to get a lining but, you all get the picture.

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Back around ponytail

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Close up

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Close up on the straps that goes around the ponytale.

A quick and easy project.

Chain 200. I have lots of hair and need the long straps to be able to go around my ponytail a couple of times. Mainly was done in single and double crochet with lots of decreasing to help it rap around my head giving it that head like shape.

Mainly of choice this was done by trial and error again. I just mainly used myself as the model since it was for me to keep testing it out as I crocheted.

Got a lot of people in the WIC office looking and watching me saying WOW you do that quick. Or asking how you learn? Who taught you? so on and so on mainly the same questions I always get when in public.
One woman at the WIC office said, dang girl you able to look at me and talk while you do that. I laughed because I so forgot I was crocheting because me and her was so much into our conversation. I said, yeah I am able to do this in the dark while using the tv as my light. :)

Always get lots of people wondering things when I be crocheting in public. :)

So that's my Monday ready to go get my girls dress so we can go. Everyone have a great Monday:) So what you all think of my latest projects?

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Christina said...

That shrug is so cute! Your projects make me want to learn to sew so much! I need a sewing machine! LOL

Love the hair wrap. How do you wrap it around your hair? I've seen girls wear them but never knew how to wrap thwm around your head.

Lesalicious said...

Thanks Christina. Yeah go ahead girl go buy that sewing machine. It aint that hard to learn.

Ok about the hair rap it's so easy. Since I chain 200 it gave me enough of the yarn to be able to rap around my ponytale. Have to have a tight ponytale tie the rap in the back then take the rap pieces and keep rapping around the ponytale then tug it into the ponytale to hide the ends of the rap.

If you look at the last 2 pics of the rap the second to last picture is the part that goes around my head the last picture shows the straps to the rap that is to be used to rap around the ponytale.

Sorry if I don't have a pattern I mainly increse and decrese when time is needed while trying it on and off it helps me to figure out where I need to increse and decrease:)


Riohnna said...

I LOVE that hair wrap!!! (insert drool icon here) Excellent work!!!!

Monica-FC said...

Love what you made for your daughter. I love it and wouldn't mind one for myself. If I only could crochet.!! lol.

you have been tagged my friend. look on my blog for what to do. Monica

Christina said...

Thanks for the explanation Lesa! I'm going to have to try that!

Sheila said...

An adorable shrug and the head wrap looks great on you.

Gene said...

great idea on the hair wrap! I have long hair too and always have a hard time keeping the bun.