Monday, October 22, 2007

My First Cross Stitch Pattern Used As Crocheting

Well gave it my all and have to say I like it. Been working on this on and off for 2 days would have been down sooner but, had some sewing to do for some friends but, here is my progress.

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Haven't yet decided if it will be the center piece of a blanket or a pillow but, wanted to show off what I have so far. Have to say it turned out ok. I like following grid lines to come up with a nice crochet center piece. I liked it so much that I came up with my own design to do a Sudoku blanket. I know I know that would take some time lots of time but, I want to give it a shot and go for it to see how it comes out. I have plan to get start on it tomorrow at least start it off.:)

But, this is the design I followed:
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Sorry I took a picture of the paper upside down but, you all get the picture of what I did. I also didn't do so well with the red in the center but, I gave it my all and I like how it turned out. I have many more designs I like to do one day but, so you have it.

What do you all think?

Also should I just stop now and make it into a pillow?

Or should I keep going and make it into a blanket?

Haven't yet decided but, I am open for others opinion.

So thanks for stopping by to read my blog have a great night or day depending on when you ready this.

Take care.

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dianne said...

Hi, saw your post on Crochet Partners so thought I'd come take a look. You did a great job using the cross stitch pattern!! I like all of your crochet work!

Christina said...

Lesa, I love love love that! I would have never thought to use a cross stitch pattern for crochet! That looks awesome!

Lesalicious said...

Thanks Dianne for droping on in.

Thanks Christina I always get great responds from you. Thanks:)

vacrocheter said...

You did a fantastic job!!! Love it!!!

Mary Sarah said...

I never thought of crocheting a cross stitch pattern! What a great idea and your creation is amazing! I think a pillow would be really nice, but it would also look great as the center of a blanket! Can't wait to see your finished product!

gold said...

I love it!!You are doing a good job!!

Tracey said...

Hi Lesa,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know how I missed yours, but I have you on my list now. Unfortunately, I can't see any of your pictures on my computer here at work, but I will be checking them out when I get home. I love making new e-friends.


Sheila said...

That is so unique... using cross-stitch with crochet - you did a fantastic job. I would like to see a pillow, but a blanket would be just as nice. Again great job :)

Brown Berry said...

Hi Lesa! What a treat to be introduced to you out here in blogland :) Your blog looks like a great place for some crafty inspiration. I look forward to keeping up with your projects!

Kathy Adkins said...

That came out really nice! I like it.