Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Finish Projects At Least No Just Yet!!!!! :(

Have been so busy with kids and all that I haven't yet to finish a project in a minute I am working on a couple projects I find myself starting more when I haven't yet to finish others. But, getting around to finishing most of my projects soon. But, here is a up to day on most of my project.

I started on a off the shoulder burgury crochet shirt for myself so far I am now working on the first sleeve then I noticed that I am now running out of burgury yarn so there I have to get more but, here is a updated picture on that.:)

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It is going to fall off my shoulders. Since it is opened double crochet stitches with a chain one that means I will wear like a tank top under it.:)Can't wait until I finish this one. Hopefully the next picture on this top I will be wearing it.:)

Now you know me had to start something else. Came across this yarn called Zebra by Red Heart that I loved so I had to get it. I decided to make a bolero that ties up on the side.:)

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Here is the start so you can say I am 75% into it have started on the first sleeve and just started on this bolero yesterday so it was a fast progress.:)

Ok with my sewing I have been behind on that well here is my excuse lol. The weather here in Milwaukee really for the pass couple of days haven't been fall weather we have been up in the high 80's and early 90's for days and when it is like that I tend to stay upstairs in my house where my air condition is at. My sewing area is downsstairs and I just couldn't work under all that heat and that dang fan wasn't cooling me off at all. lol But, I got to bring some of my fabric upstairs and start cutting out patterns for some shirts I like to do for my oldest daughter Nesa.

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Here go 2 shirts I would like to get started on for my oldest daughter Nesa. The blue one to the right I want to use that blue thread to do some crochet edging around the sleeves and around the bottom of the shirt for a little bit of more design. Plus I would like to try the crochet edging to see how it looks. :)

Now that the weather is starting to become more of fall weather I can now get to sewing all my sewing projects. I also have some recons I would like to do hopeful this week or this weekend coming up.:) so look for those soon. Thanks to all my blog readers for stopping by to check out my blog. :) Everyone have a great night or day.

Take care.

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Wanda Kay said...

You've been a very busy lady. You'll get all your WIPs done and they will be lovely.

Monica-FC said...

You have been busy. I love the black and white one you are working on. I don't crochet well or should say my mine SUCKS. LOL> so I quit crcocheting and leave it to people who does it well and great. Like my twin sister and my mom. only problem is when i love something it takes to long to get something. lol. especially from my twin. lol.

Christina said...

Your WIP looks great! I also love the black and white one!

Anonymous said...

OOO,,, Lesa! I got a bar of cocolate made in France, didn't get any limoncello, but I did get a bottle of melvasia, a Cicilian licquor. I will blog it either tonight or tomorrow, depending on booger-butt. I love that zebra yarn!

Regg said...

I have to say U R a very talented lady!
It is ok to have a few UFO around.. I guest most of the crafters too( I am one of them) hahaha..
Good luck on the new sew and I am looking forward to see the FO of zebra bolero :D