Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Tuesday (Little Sewing Update)

Ok I got a little sewing done for myself yesterday was sewing up some shirts for a couple of girls that stay by me but, since I was sitting at the sewing machine I decided I need another purse love purses. So I decided to put my crochet hook down for a little while my crochet hook was glued to my hands for a couple of weeks lol.

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Here is the front. A black purse with red lining in the inside of the pocket and inside of the purse.
On the side is a big oversize pocket that closes by velco. The inside closes with a magnet snap, and 2 straps.

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Inside had to put my things in. Look at how roomie my new purse is. LOVE IT DON'T YOU LOL.:)

Ok my hook didn't stay gone to long as you can see here below.

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This is the start of my long V-Neck shirt. Just getting started hoping to finish by this weekend or earlier if possible.

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Here is the close up on the stitches. The stitches is called, "Climbing Shells" Love the stitches. :)

My new crochet project is to work on me a shrap and newsboy cap to match. Need to get back started on my sudoku blanket. I noticed when it comes to blankets I tend to get so excited about starting one but, then sit it aside for a couple of months or so then comes back to it. I do have plans to try to finish it before 2008 so keeping my fingers cross. :)

Oh I also didn't go to my Knit Night meet up last night due to my oldest daughter Nesa not feeling well she had stayed home from school I had to keep a eye on her but, this morning she was feeling better enough to go to school. Just glad it wasn't worster. I told the girls that I couldn't make the Knit Night they understood but, I will surely try to go next week for sure.

Also for my regulary readers my blog as changed just a little bit. I was happy to come across a website that helps you with the codes to add to your blog. I always wanted a scroll on my blog now I have one at the top and to the right on my side bar all the blogs I visit is listed but, rolling at that cool lol. Then I found a colde to get a navigator bar that is up top so now all the places I visit is at the top. Cool huh?

Ok got to go now. Love comments as always and will surely update my blog with my last projects as always. Keep your fingers cross for me to get my big projects done before 2008.

Oh also have a little good news my mom's friend daughter own a shop here selling wigs and hats, scraves, and jewerly. She love my crochet items and asked me if I wanted to sell a couple of my items in her store. Sure I already sell most of my things to people I know. So was thinking about whipping up some hats, scraves and some purses and see where it goes from there. Still thinking about it in away. But, keeping it in my thoughts and see where I can take it from here. :) Just thought I will mention it.


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Christina said...

I love the purse you sewed! That would make such a great WIP bag!!! I'm drooling over here.

So glad to hear baout your good news too! Sell away...your stuff rocks!

Also, sorry I didn't let you know I tagged you. It was late and I was sleepy. Only do it if you have time...I know you are one busy lady.

Gauge before Beauty said...

That purse is great, nice and roomy. I'm with Christina, it'd be an awesome WIP bag! And you be sure to include some of your newsboy hats to sell at that shop, they're SO CUTE!

Mary Sarah said...

Great purse and I love the stitch design on your new black sweater! I think you should make some things to sell at that shop! That's exciting! Way Cool!

Anonymous said...

The whole thing . . . WAAY cool blog. I even provided a link from my Baby Blog (I'm learning).

Thanks so much for being a crocheting presence on the WWW. An inspiration to the lil folk up and coming like myself in this wonderful artform.

CraftyAshley said...

I love your purse. I like you can not get enough of them. Also here is some good luck coming your way to finish your big projects for 2008!

Monica-FC said...

I love that purse as it would make me a nice scrapbooking bage for me.:) Love the colors so nice and bright and cheery. :)

Anonymous said...

That purse rox! (hint, hint) I love what you did with your blog. I'm like you, if I wanted to do any more on my blog, I would need help. Just glancing at HTML stresses me!

April said...

I just peeked at your blog and I love your work! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. And dang you're fast!

naida said...

Hi Lesa, wow, that bag is great. It would for sure make a great bag for keeping crochet projects in...WIP's, yarn, etc.
Thats great that you will be selling your work at the store :o) You make awesome stuff.

HobbyZu said...

I love your bag! Isn't it nice to be able to whip up a little something when you want it? :-) Good luck with your many projects.